The 24 year old man they call the “Super Producer extraordinaire” is introduced to you as Jayo. He is set to become one of the most popular UK Hip-Hop producers on the circuit. Working with an array of artists he is ever expanding his portfolio. He is a man of many talents but his first lady and love is Hip-Hop but can set his magical hands to r‘n’b and grime as well.

Well after that rapturous introduction I’m going to let you introduce yourself in true britishhiphop style. What is your background? (Tell your story)

Jayo: I’m a 24 year old co-owner of Lossol Entertainment Production company / independent label which is home to Def1, Saint B and Kingpin.

Well, what enticed you into the music industry?

JayoJayo: I’ve always loved music as long as I can remember. I know it’s a bit cliché! But it’s always been there, whether at African churches on Sunday, at home with my older brothers, sisters and parents, music is just something I’ve taken to. Oh yeah the fake promise of sex, drugs and rock n roll too. Ha! Ha! Ha!

So J, when would you say you realise your potential?

Jayo: Still trying to. I’m a bit of a over perfectionist sometimes… It’s like I say to people, the year I feel there hasn’t been progression made, is the year I’ll call it a day. Can’t rest on your laurels and say you’ve realised your potential… there’s always room for improvement I feel, that’s how the best become great!

Good answer! So who would most like to work with and why?

Jayo: Probably ‘1 take’ Hova… I hate long vocal sessions lol. Ermm, Talib, Kweli, Saigon, cause I’m a fan; I’d like to work with Dr Dre for like a year to learn more producing techniques off him.

Producing can be quite exhausting, especially when you have those days when you just have no motivation to do anything. So what are the things that keep you going?

Jayo: My team keep me motivated and focused for one; Benji and Saint are honest so I totally trust their judgement which is essentially in an industry where every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks their opinion is right.
The over hyped ‘riches dream’, 1 hit can really change your life forever; it’s like a lottery.
The little things like when genuine fans (not artist) get at you and tell you how much they love your stuff, you know recognition in any form is a great motivator, plus I really love doing this, I’ve made some of my hottest stuff when totally pissed off, its like therapy I swear down! You couldn’t pay for that kind of therapy at the Priory!!

J, can you tell me about any recent projects you have worked on?

Jayo: Wow…we can go on for a bit, I’ve been a busy boy. The Govnors Compilation was the first compilation by 1 producer to feature reputable artist throughout the UK. We are currently putting together the highly waited sequel. I’ve had artist getting at me like “Bruv I’m on the sequel so make sure you holla at me”. It’s gonna be special!!! The Vulture is out there, my boy Saint B Baby killing em out there with the two mixes, I did a lot of work on Def1’s ‘Love Me Or Hate Me’ street album out January 29th 07, Kingpin’s Album out mid 2007. I’ve got a series of EPs hitting the street in 07, Triggs Vega, Skrilla Kid Villain.

So after all of that, what’s next for Lossol?

Jayo: What we always plan to do… TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!!!… My ambition is matched by my partners and by artist on the label so if everyone is focus the rest is history really. The music is strong, the determination and work rate is there, so we’ve just got to be patient for our time really.

What have you got in store for us in 2007?

Jayo: Street Narrator by myself and Triggs Vega, and some funky house!!!


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