Jazmine Sullivan

If you are a big fan of music then by now you must have heard of the 21-year-old singing sensation who is hitting the airwaves with her first release ‘Need U Bad’. Since being discovered at the age of 13, Jazmine has mastered her talents and been able to do what thousands of young artists could only dream of: writing a number one hit song.

Lil Miss Reporter: Jazmine, is this your first time in the UK?

Jazmine: No, it’s my third or fourth time, I was here when I was 16-years-old and performed a Gilles Peterson live recording. I also sang at Cargo in Shoreditch, the Jazz Café, and even at a place in Maida Vale, so it’s not my first time.

Lil Miss Reporter: Have you managed to see the sights as yet?

Jazmine: We went to Carnival which is just crazy but I’ve been doing a lot of promotion, so I haven’t really been out sightseeing. This is still exciting because it is my project coming out and I have my single, so it’s totally different from when I was here before.

LMR: So are you excited?

Jazmine SullivanJazmine: Super excited! I can’t even express it as I’ve been trying to do this for so long and now that everything is finally working it feels surreal.

LMR: What do you like about the UK so far?

Jazmine: I love the fashion; it’s so cool over here. It’s very different in the United States, maybe not in New York but the fashion here is very similar to Europe. Everybody is free and liberated, especially at Carnival where they are just dancing and having a good time.

LMR: For the Carnival were you with a band or float?

Jazmine: I was on the Rampage stage, where most artists were performing. I had to climb up a ladder to get to the top and had never done that before. For the Carnival we did a lot of walking, it must have been for at least five hours.

LMR: Do you listen to a lot of Soca music?

Jazmine: Not really, but this is my first time singing over a Reggae beat. Missy Elliot and I didn’t know how it would sound in the end but we took a chance and thought ‘let’s just go with it’. It had such a great vibe, that everything came together naturally and Pepa who is Jamaican did the Patois. It’s such a feel good song that everyone wanted to be a part of it.

LMR: Did you have a lot of input in the album?

Jazmine: Yes, I wrote all the songs on the album.

LMR: When is it released?

Jazmine: September 23 is when it is released and it’s called ‘Fearless’. I’m not afraid to take chances and be different, which is evident in the first single. My album is not like everything else out there and that’s what it’s all about, being you.

LMR: What can we expect from ‘Fearless’?

Jazmine: It’s very colourful, fun and serious which is what life is like. It is full of ups and downs which is embodied in my first single release ‘Need U Bad’. I didn’t want to limit myself or exclude anyone from the album, so I tried to make it applicable to different genres of music. This was how I wanted to represent myself, as the lyrics are real with relatable subjects. I am a very direct, straight to the point person and I believe that I say some things in the album which people really want to say but can’t.

LMR: Your single ‘Need U Bad’ is doing well on the radio. How do you feel about that?

Jazmine SullivanJazmine: It’s number one in the US and hopefully I can duplicate that over here, I’m thrilled that it’s been so well received.

LMR: What experience did you bring to the album?

Jazmine: When I write, I take inspiration from everywhere around me. Not all of the songs are personally from me, as I have taken ideas from my parents’ relationship, my friends or even from TV / Magazines. I just wanted to make it as real and relatable as possible.

LMR: How did you get in touch with Missy?

Jazmine: I’ve known Missy Elliot since I was 13 and we have always had a good working relationship as we both really love music. It was definitely fun working with Missy.

LMR: What advice would you give others trying to get into the music industry?

Jazmine: People should know who they are as those in the industry will try to pull you every which way they can. There will be negative things said about you, but learn from the experiences and keep on going. We need to embrace our uniqueness as we each have something different about us.

LMR: Is there anyone who you would like to collaborate with?

Jazmine: Mary J Blige, Andre 3000, Coldplay, Kanye West or Katy Perry. Anyone who has a creative streak would be ideal.

LMR: Complete the sentence. ‘You know you’ve made it when….

Jazmine: You get invited on Oprah.

‘Need U Bad’ is released 15th September 2008.
Album: ‘Fearless’ is released 23rd September 2008.

By: Cassandra Peters

Jazmine Sullivan

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