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The Jazz Spastiks, The Jazz Spastiks! Yes I said it twice for a reason. As soon as I heard their music I knew they were geniuses and wanted to know more about this mysterious outfit and what’s going on generally. They told me stuff, here are my findings…

Who are the elusive Jazz Spastiks?

We are Coconut Delight and Mr Manyana. We have been friends since we were five years old and have been making music as Jazz Spastiks for the last ten years.

Tell us about your amazing new album, the process of putting it together and people’s reception to it so far.

We spent over three years putting the album together and it feels great to finally release it!
The reception has been amazing, to be able to reach so many listeners is a dream come true for us.
We are really thankful to everyone who has picked up the album and to all the DJs who have been playing it.

What equipment do you use to produce your music? Can you describe the musical process of creating a track from scratch?

We use a mixture of old and new, we try to create music which reflects that.
As far as process goes, every song is different.
Depending on where the inspiration comes from we could start with the drums or everything might be built around a vocal hook.
Often we will start with one idea and it will evolve from there into something completely different.

What other projects do Jazz Spastiks have up their sleeve? Is there a live show?

On July 11th we release our new single Dumb! featuring Yesh.
It’s going to be a free download which includes a brand new remix and look out for the official video soon after.
Behind the scenes we are working on a new E.P that we are very excited about and that will hopefully be out at the end of this year.
We plan to arrange a tour to promote the album in the last quarter of the year.
When we DJ it’s usually a mix of funk, breaks, hip-hop and disco.
You can check out some of our hip hop mixes over on mixcloud. http://www.mixcloud.com/jazzspastiks/

Jazz Spastiks

I, and I’m sure many others want The Product on vinyl, why isn’t it?

We’re working on it and hope to be able to announce something very soon!
Meantime you can pick up our 7″ Single of Move featuring Apani B Fly and Frequency featuring Moka Only right now!


Can you recommend 10 great jazz records which the average listener might not know?

While we would never claim to be jazz experts and are always finding great new artists, here are a few albums that we really love.

1. Arthur Verocai – Arthur Verocai
2. Leroy Vinnegar – Glass of Water
3. Cortex – Vol.2
4. Joao Donato – Quem E Quem
5. Dave Pike – Bossa Nova Carnival

Tell us something about spirituality and the meaning of life.

Tough question!
I think that’s something we’re all still trying to figure out.
A lot of people act like they know what’s up as they rush around trying to survive and pursuing whatever ideas they have got into their head as being important, but in reality I don’t think we know anything about anything.
Every other species of life on the planet seems to be here to recreate and try not to become extinct and I think it’s probably a bit arrogant of us to think that we are any different, but I could be wrong!

Jazz Spastiks

If you had a vast budget and could clear any sample and record with any artist you want, what would happen?

We are doing everything we want to do right now and try to not let money be any part of the equation.
Rather than dreaming of having a vast budget, we dream of a future where money has no influence on art.
At the moment we are able to create our work and then reach an audience, that’s all we have ever wanted to do.

What do you think about Hip Hop Culture and it’s global reach? Are the other elements important to you?

Unfortunately I think the hip hop culture has been hijacked and like all forms of art real stuff hasn’t been getting through for years, originality and integrity are seen as weaknesses in the modern day music industry.
Despite that, recently there has been a change, right now is a great time for all elements of hip hop as people are able to create and share ideas on a scale that is unprecedented. I really hope that this freeness in the sharing of ideas continues to grow although, sadly, I suspect the opposite will happen as the internet becomes more controlled and monetized.

Can you tell us a particular moment for the Jazz Spastiks that defines the group and its aesthetic?

Night time!
We are both sound engineers and producers and have always worked in studios during the day on other peoples projects only finding time late at night to make hip hop and create Jazz Spastiks tracks. So every day when the sun goes down, it’s time!

By: Esh | IBMCs

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