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Lady Sovereign teaming up with Missy Eliot on a remix. Lupe Fiasco inviting Sway to duet with him on stage. There seems to be a growing trend towards UK / US collabs, and it’s no bad thing. The most recent instalment is the radio friendly, mad catchy ‘Masseuse’, warming up the airwaves in these bitingly cold times we’re living in.

Produced by crazy talented Dial Tone of Dipset, the track features up and coming UK crooner J’Amore, as well as NYC rapper Joe Budden, of ‘Pump it Up’ fame.

Joe Budden gave us this exclusive interview, during his recent UK visit…

‘Masseuse’ is a big tune! How did you hook that up?

Joe Budden: The way that track came into existence was that Dial Tone’s camp here in the UK hollered at me. They let me hear the record and I thought that it was a good song and so I did it.

Dial Tone is a pretty phat producer. He’s worked with some heavy weights in the game…

Joe BuddenJoe Budden: He’s an exceptionally talented guy who has a tremendous work ethic and I would definitely like to work with him again, for sure.

You used to be with Def Jam. How comes you’re not with Def Jam anymore?

Joe Budden: There was nothing positive coming out of that from either side. There wasn’t any beef there but it was just like a mutual thing. It had to come to an end, and so I’m doing my own thing independently now.

Would you describe yourself as a ‘stereotypical U.S rapper’, you know the type: into their bling bling, the strippers and that kind of thing?

Joe Budden: I’m not into the whole bling bling thing, the sex, drugs and the alcohol. I’m the total opposite.

Why’s that then?

Joe Budden: I’m not interested in keeping up with the Jones’. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I don’t party much, I’m not out every night, I don’t fuck every girl that I see. I have a special lady in my life, we’re not married but we’ve been together for about four years.

Is it hard sometimes to maintain a relationship when you’re in this industry? Do you have to make sacrifices?

Joe Budden: Nah, I love my woman with all my heart so there’s nothing in the industry that could jeopardise our relationship.

If you were invisible for the day, what would you get up to?

Joe Budden: Well I probably wouldn’t do anything different to what I’d normally do, I’d head to a strip club, not have to pay, and not have to foot the bill. But other than that I don’t think I’d do anything different from normal.

By Anna Nathanson

Joe Budden

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