Joe Young

Joe Young from the South has been producing rap since he was twelve. Having released mixtapes on his own Fast Life Entertainment imprint with Lil Chase he made some noise in his own city. Now he has hooked up a UK promotions team and is spreading his game further a field. Check out What Joe Young aka Yung Richy said when he spoke to our reporter Danielle.

Who is Joe Young?

Joe Young: A young fly lyricist with a veteran swagga and a wide ass vocabulary. I just spit on any beat.

How would you best describe yourself and music?

Joe YoungJoe Young: My music is me and what I been thru in life. It's music anybody can relate to.

You have recently teamed up with a UK promo team, how’s that going?

Joe Young: Oh it's Gucci, it's moving like a RV man. I like da whole vibe we got goin’. I tell any unsigned artist to fuck with dem, real talk.

You recently released a mixtape hosted by DJ SMALLZ, what was it like having such a big name DJ work on your project?

Joe Young: Droppin da mixtape with DJ Smallz was a blessin’, major DJ's like dat usually don't reach out to unsigned artist unless dey feel like dey got potential. On top of dat, that's the #1 DJ in da country so it's self explanatory.

What are your views on hip hop today? Who is keeping your ears pinned up with their music?

Joe Young: Hip hop is alive man. It's impacting a lot of countries and that's why it's not going away. Jay-Z is constantly droppin’ hits so if I ain't listening to Joe Young which is like all the time then I’m listening to Jay.

Who has influenced you the most and why? In life and music?

Joe Young: Getting thru da struggles of life has influenced me to do what I do.

What are your plans for the rest of the year? Will there be an album?

Joe Young and DJ Smallz - Gettn Money 101Joe Young: Rite now I’m in da lab all day everyday. I’m working on a lot of shit man and of course I’m working on my first solo album.

What do you think was the sudden fascination with Southern music? I mean literally over night the South was on top and running things, yet the musical presence has always been there, who do you think brought it to mainstream?

Joe Young: Man da industry ain't have no choice but to let da South in da door there was just too much talent down here, real talk. I say Master P played a major role in dis shit, he launched his campaign and everybody else started getting noticed.

Do you have any plans to maybe release and chopped and screwed projects?

Joe Young: Oh yeah, I fuck wit a lot of Texas DJ's so that's gone be on da agenda and I’ma make it happen.

Where can the fans contact you?

Joe Young: Dey can get at me

Any Shout's?

Underground PromotionJoe Young: Shouts out to Danielle at UPUK, Nina at RVPR, Kaotic Productionz (my producers) da whole SIP, and all my real DJ's, YIZZO!!!!! Foreign Car SupaSTAR.

By: Danielle Fear
Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.

Joe Young

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