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JVF Clique, the group soon to release their album 'Alternative Income', already heard on Certified Banger's 'On The Radar' mixtape and featuring on this months Suspect Packages radio show, got together to answer some of my questions about them. So read this:

Certified Banger: So, where are you coming from? Part of the world? Tell us about it – in general and with regards to Hip Hop, and what mentality do you have when creating the rap music?

JVF: Well we’re from Hinckley town, Leicestershire, The Middlelands, UK. A-past-it’s-best market town where a lot can take place in efforts to stem boredom. Back in the 90's there was a Pirate radio scene but it the DTI squashed it, most of the town now is beer and poppy dance music but there are a few heads that keep a music scene alive. We try to keep our music non-stereotypical and original; we always try and experiment, push the boundaries and find new angles, aiming to give the listener a new viewpoint of reality, and not a load of bollocks about flash cars and jewellery. We have always been very self-critical which can create obstacles but does create a quality end product we are all happy with.

CB: How seriously do you take Hip Hop?

JVF: Most of it not at all, a lot is pure bullshit, there are many quality acts out there but the average listener has to search them out. We mostly try to tackle serious subjects not serious bullshit, but you do need something to make you smile occasionally.

CB: How do things work creatively when you’re working as a group? Is it difficult and do you ever fall out?

JVF CliqueJVF: We used to fall out, but we've known each other since we were at school and been working on music together for fourteen years so we just about know what each other like. We all have our own interests / preferences but also know we can get results by allowing each other room to be creative.

CB: Name five essential things needed for a rap group to survive and succeed:

JVF: Originality, self belief, dedication, an open mind, a healthy sense of paranoia.

CB: You’ve got an album coming soon. What’s it called and what are going to be the best things about it?

JVF: Yeah, the album’s dropping this March, It’s called ‘Alternative Income’. We’ve been working on it a while now. The best things about it? Probably it’s diversity. There are a lot of different beats, rhymes and subjects from new angles. It's a breath of fresh air; it's the arrival of the mothership on the music scene. Hopefully there’s something on there for everyone.

CB: How will you follow the album up? More work, releases, shows…?

JVF: We're already putting together our next project entitled ‘Founders Of The Feast’ EP. So watch out for that! We’ve also got a couple of collabos up our sleeve, including the soundtrack project entitled ‘Fulci Lives’, an UK / Italian / Russian production, but all in good time. Alternative Income’s release is the priority at the moment but we’ll keep heads fully up to date at our website : www.jvfradio.com.

CB: What do you all do outside of Hip Hop? Can you give us a glimpse into your lives so that people don’t get the wrong impression about UK Hip Hop?

JVF: We're just four buds trying to make an average living; you'll hear more details on the album.

CB: How do you see Hip Hop coping with the regression and the ‘credit crunch’? Will there be any effects – positive or negative?

JVF: Hip Hop breeds off bad times, as unemployment rises so will the listening to real Hip Hop, sales will undoubtedly be pushed to new lows but this should affect the majors far more than independent labels, good music will prevail… and it'll be cheap.

CB: When and where will the album be available?

JVF: The album drops in March 2009. It will be available at our website, you can pre-order it now, and all good digi download sites – iTunes, CD Baby, Napster, etc, etc, etc. It will also be available on your local high street, as long as it’s still there! Big shout to all who have supported us!

CB: Any last words?!

JVF: And to everyone who hasn’t heard us, hear what we're all about at www.jvfradio.com.

By: Certified Banger | http://certifiedbanger.blogspot.com

JVF Clique

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