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Kat is a comedian who has been making people laugh across MTV and Choice FM networks. Kat has an enormous following and is best known for his antics on MTV Base, The Lick Parties (with Trevor Nelson) and the Request Show. He is set to perform at the Real Deal Comedy Jams in Birmingham and Nottingham at the end of February and Rashmi Shastri caught up with him to find out what he is up to…

How did you start your career in the entertainment industry?

Kat: I didn't know I was, I just went on to stage and started talking, people found it funny AND I got paid for it!

What has it been like to work for companies like MTV and Choice?

Kat: Great, get free music, get sent around the world for free, go to free celebrity parties, get free phone numbers, my passport is my oyster card. Down sides? Always getting stopped at customs as you leave the country too regularly! The plus side to this is of course being strip searched if you catch my drift…

Do you miss the Kat and RB show?

Kat BKat: No, we still see each other regularly, meet up at gigs, eat food together, cuss each other, swap music and Richard is still hiding from me when I challenge him to play computer games.

Are you a comedian, actor or presenter foremost?

Kat: I am an entertainer, just being myself!

Who has been the nicest celebrity you've met?

Kat: Everyone has been really nice and supportive so that's a hard question.

Tell me some recent celebrity gossip.

Kat: Kat's happy.

Has a celebrity ever tried it on with you?

Kat: What I do to myself in my own time… Oh you mean other people! No not in that way.

What is your proudest moment in your career?

Kat: I have enjoyed all moments in my career, I have to say now!

What's your advice to someone wanting to be in the position you are?

Kat: Be ready to cry, to laugh, to take more knocks than praise. Make sure you always leave yourself some 'you' time, do not compromise yourself. Remember the only limits to what you can do are the limits of your imagination!

Where can we catch you next?

Kat: I’m at the Red light district in Holland and on the breakfast show on Choice 96.9/107.1FM 6-9AM Saturday and Sunday, www.choicefm.com. Watch out for my DJ Takeover on MTV Base coming up soon. Try also adult channel pay per view, you never know what you might see. I will also be performing at the Real Deal Comedy Jam on 29th Feb, Nottingham & 1st Mar, Birmingham.

By:  Rashmi Shastri

Kat B

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