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The Kidz In The Hall are currently on tour with Murs and have dropped their sophomre LP on Duck Down Records. It has been quite a while since spoke with them, so check out what they had to say to Rebecca Lindsay about life on tour, recognition and working with Estelle.

BHH: Since you joined Duck Down Records in 2007 how have things been for you?

KITH: On The up and up. It's been a great experience thus far and perfect timing for us to really make an impact in the industry.

BHH: Has being on the record label got you as well known as you thought?

Kidz In The HallKITH: I think our grind has got us the notoriety more than anything. Part of being in this game is to have a certain level of success. In order to do that you have to properly package your talent, story and personality then shove it down peoples throats till they get it. Lol.

BHH: What's it like working with Murs?

KITH: Murs has been great. He is a vet in this game at both independent hip hop releases and touring. Being able to be on the road and pick apart his brain has been an excellent experience.

BHH: Do you have a good relationship with Murs out of work?

KITH: Out of work? This isn't a 9-5 job. Music is our life. Whether I wake up on a tour bus or in some girls bed I am an artist full time. So yes in life we have a good relationship.

BHH: You did the Barak Obama campaign is 2007 how did you get involved in that?

KITH: We created a song called work to do about a month after School Was My Hustle dropped. As we kept working on it, it kept getting bigger and better and the message aligned with what Barack's campaign was championing. So we did some edits and sent it to the campaign. They liked the record I don't think they fully committed to supporting hip hop yet. When we showed them the response by leaking the record then they jumped on board.

BHH: Also are you happy that he won, do you think bringing hip hop into the campaign helped?

Kidz In The HallKITH: Very happy he won. I think relating to the hip hop generation was key in getting awareness to communities that had previously been closed off from the political front.

BHH: The single 'Driving Down The Block' exploded do you think you now have received the recognition that you deserve?

KITH: Well "recognition" comes in many forms. Being able to perform it and people know the words is honestly recognition enough. I would love to get a Grammy because I think our album is one of the best this year but that is a whole other bag of worms we haven't unlocked yet.

BHH: Your latest single 'Love Hangover' features Estelle, she is a big artist would you say this is going to help you become more known?

KITH: I think so. It is our first ever video added to BET and probably the first video in our genre of music that has been added to BET in a long time. In places like the UK she is HUGE so I think it will take us further in those regions as well. Our story runs deep in the UK because the fans there know us well from the first album so they have seen and hopefully appreciate the grind of both Estelle and us.

BHH: What was that like working with Estelle as she is very big at the moment after just working with Kanye?

Kidz In The HallKITH: We decided to work together on the set of American Boy. She is very down to earth and her circle isn't that much different than ours. Our first deal was through Kanye's manager John Monopoly so we've known them for a few years and I went to college with John Legend so I've known him for a while. In some way we would've worked together. I am very happy that Estelle and us could connect the dots and make a great

BHH: The latest album 'The In Crowd' made a big impact, is it still going well know?

KITH: We still have work to do. Lol. We just dropped the second single so we have to work it for at least as long as driving.

BHH: Will we be seeing a new album in 2009 with more collaborations, or big names starring on the album?

KITH: You will see a few new projects in 09. Some solo work and a new Kidz album late summer.

BHH: Is the tour going as well as you anticipated?

Kidz In The HallKITH: Moreso. You go to a lot of places thinking there are no fans there and find out there is a whole pocket of people who love your work. I am just appreciative of the opportunity.

BHH: Where is the best placed you have performed so far / where are you looking most forward to performing?

KITH: The Czech Republic for the Hip Hop Kemp festival was great. Our album release party was amazing in NYC because all our friends came out to support and probably Chicago and Nashville are tied on this tour in terms of energy.

BHH: Are you planning on touring in the UK at any point?

KITH: We love the UK so we definitely want to get back there to tour soon.

BHH: What else is in the pipeline for 2009?

KITH: More, more and more KIDZ!!!

BHH: Finally do you have any shoutouts?

KITH: K peoples… Phillip Mylnar, HHC, DJ Semtex, DJ MK, Jo and Dan Greenpeace, Sway, Shamless, A Cyde, Yo Yo's, Harry Luv, Sef, Estelle, Daniel Merriwether all the lovely multicultural London ladies. Pinky's Up!!!

Thank you for talking to Britishhiphop.

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Kidz In The Hall

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