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Late is one half of the Villains and along with Tricksta runs Wolftown, one of the most prolific labels out of the Midlands. Now he is branching out and flexing his US connections and is releasing his own mix CDs which he has compiled. Check out what he had to say to Naomi aka Yummyness

Tell us about your new project LATE Presents Underground Exposure Wreckless in Texas – hosted by Chamillionaire.

It’s a mix CD I complied and mixed myself, and features some of the finest MC’s coming out of Texas and Wolftown. I got some of the biggest tracks coming out of Texas at the moment, as well as some freestyles and exclusives and new material. It’s hosted by the Mixtape Messiah himself Chamillionaire.

How did you hook up with Chamillionaire?

One of our contacts in Houston is representing him so I asked if she could hook it up and she did, Chamillionaire smashed it for me.

Who features on the CD?

Late Wreckless In TexasHere is the tracklisting:
3. K-RINO – ‘Loaded’
5. LATE (Feat. SIZE8 & CONMAN) – ‘Ups & Downs’
6. ESG – ‘Guerrilla Music’
7. LIL FLIP – ‘Purple Sprite’
8. BIG SID (Feat. MAGNO) – ‘Straight Off The Porch’
9. ABN (Feat. TRAE & Z-RO) – ‘In My City’
10. GARCIA (Feat. BUN B from UGK) – ‘Weight Of The World’ 
11. LATE (Feat. D.A & 10SHOTT) –’Stay Serious’
12. JOKAMAN – ‘Feel Good’
13. K-RINO (Feat. TRAE, DEVIN THE DUDE & TOP DOG) – ‘Signs Of Hate’
14. LATE, MIAMI MAC & JAI BOO – ‘Who Ya F**kin With’ (Produced by TRICKSTA)
16. TRAE (Feat. DALLAS) – ‘I’ve Been Hustling’
17. MZ. TRINITY – ‘Freestyle’
18. DEEP (Feat. LENNY LENN & SLIM THUG) – ‘What Da F**k’ (JUTTLA REMIX feat LATE)
20. BODAIGA (Feat. LIL JON, BUN B from UGK & WINE-O) – ‘We Don’t Play Dat’
22. TRAE (Feat. FAT PAT & HAWK) – ‘Swang’
23. DEEP (Feat. C-NOTE from BOTANY BOYS & TOO SHORT) – ‘Lac’s N Deuces’
25. BONUS TRACK: LATE (Feat. JAI BOO) – ‘On The Grind’

Even when I look at it, it impresses me; I’m really pleased with it.

Why did you decide to do this release?

I’ve been a Dirty South fiend since around 1987 when I first heard the Geto Boys and I wanted to showcase this style of Hip Hop over here in the UK. A lot of people out here think The Dirty south is just Crunk, I needed to put this straight and showcase all aspects of the Texas sound, from the lyrical to the laid back playalistic sound.

The CD does have and album vibe to it, the way it takes you on a journey it starts off up-tempo and ends laid back. Was that a conscious decision?

I was a DJ before I was a rapper, so I am used to making things flow. I haven’t just put a load of tracks together like some DJ’s.

Wolftown always come up with good concepts, you were the first to do a track with 50 MC’s on it. Now you’re the first rapper to compile and mix a mixtape as well as collaborate with Southern artists. Tell me what inspires you?

Late from WolftownLots of things really, like when I hear an MC like K-Rino I think to myself this man is one of the best lyricists of all time and he’s still grinding on the underground, what can I do to get people to hear him out here? I get inspired by Hip Hop entrepreneurs like, J Prince and Master P. My Wolftown people inspire me, I don’t think there is a crew like us anywhere! Artwork inspires me, on most tracks I get the artwork done first and I just stare at it for hours until I hear the music in my head than I go and make it.

Do you have a myspace page?

Yeah I’ve had one for about a year my address is:

I see that you got a track on your CD that is produced by yourself and Tricksta. Is this your next step producing?

I’ve only ever co-produced 3 tracks it’s not really something I’m focusing on at the moment I will leave that to the experts Tricksta and Juttla.

I have noticed all the tracks are produced by Tricksta and Juttla. Who is Juttla?

He’s our new signing; his CD drops straight after "Wreckless in Texas". He’s a producer, his CD is massive! It features 2pac, Biggie, The Game, JT Tha Bigga Figga, Inspectah Deck, Garcia, Pitbull, Bun B and Wolftown, just to name a few!

For those that don’t know, who are the artists on the cover of Wreckless in Texas from left to right?

There’s Lil Flip, K-Rino, Chamillionaire, myself and Bun B.

What are your hopes for the CD?

I’m hoping people will pick it up and enjoy it. Then they should go out and support the artists who are featured on it by purchasing their albums.

Is Wolftown Recordings still using the same website?

Yeah it’s still

You have worked with a lot of overseas artists; some people in the UK seem to think that British Hip Hop should remain British. What is your take on this?

Late from WolftownThat sh*t is stupid! I sell records worldwide. England is where I live, I rap in my own accent use my own slang and rap about my life, but I sell records all over the world. I make a lot of links and act on those links, along side Tricksta we own and run Wolftown Recordings. I haven’t got some guy in a suit saying "Oh I don’t know if that will work in the UK". If I do a track with someone and it’s sick it comes out. I love all aspects of Hip Hop I embrace it all; I’m not a hater I’m a collaborator. There are enough people hating on our culture already, we don’t need people in our culture hating on each other.

I’ve noticed that with Wolftown you show a lot of love with things like Rago Magazine, why is this?

It’s easier to love than to hate, we’re all about moving forward, taking sh*t to that next level pushing it all forward.

What are you working on at the moment?

Myself and Tricksta are going full on this year, we dropping a CD a month. After Wreckless in Texas we got Juttla’s CD ‘Bass, Kicks, Snares, Spits’. Then we got ‘Late and Tricksta presents Hustlers, Ballers, Shotcallers’ which features some big big names. Tricksta is dropping ‘UK Runnings – National Anthems’ which features the cream of the crop in the UK. Then we’re dropping How We Do it On The Westside, which is a West Coast mix hosted by Bigg Steele. We got Wreckless In Texas 2 hosted by the legendary Trae. I could go on but I can’t give too much away. Oh yeah I’m working on my new album Street Science. You can read more about these releases and see the full tracklistings at this direct link

If people want to get in touch with you how do they do so?

Late Wreckless In TexasYou can always hit me up on also through our sites check out and

Any last words?

Thanks to everyone who has been supporting me and buying my releases since 1999. Big up to Tricksta and my Wolftown family, respects to Dom, Reemington Steel, Fourth Boy, Nancy OGPR, Matt Sonzala and everyone that contributed towards ‘Wreckless In Texas’.

By Naomi aka Yummyness

Late Wreckless In Texas

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