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Hailing from Brixton; Logic aka Cigol has been causing a stir in underground circles for some time now. However unlike some of his South London counterparts, Logic’s music paints an alternative picture. His music for the most part is positive; he combines gritty story telling, reflective life observations with a heartfelt message. He describes himself as a speaker- a spokesperson, possibly for a disenfranchised generation or maybe just for himself.

Either way, Logic is hoping to brake down some barriers with his latest offering ‘The first stage of a Gaberlunzie’ and if you don’t know what that means don’t worry, the logical one is about to break it down to Britishhiphop.co.uk…

So how long have you been rapping for?

Logic aka Cigol: About six years, been writing for about ten though.

When did you discover that you had a way with words?

Logic aka CigolLogic aka Cigol: Boy… probably from when I started spitting, I was hesitant at first I wont lie.

Why were you hesitant?

Logic aka Cigol: I just needed a confidence boost.

Your rhymes can be quite social and political, what inspires your music and lyrics?

Logic aka Cigol: Everything, my life, my family and the world around me.

Your from Brixton which you rep proudly. Do you think your area can define the type of music you make?

Logic aka Cigol: Of course, your environment moulds you as a person. You learn from where you live and this is exactly what should be in a true rappers music. Even if you live in Cornwall on a farm milking cows all your life, if that is what you put in your lyrics, then you’re a real rapper.

What are your thoughts on the UK ‘urban’ scene at the moment?

Logic aka Cigol: Well… for a start the word ‘URBAN’ doesn’t really do it for me. Its blatant and  simple what the reason is behind it and I don’t agree with splitting up our music, and labelling it so its ‘nicer’ for marketing purposes… moving on though. The UK Music scene is moving in a positive direction from what I can see. I’ve always said, from when Channel U first started playing any old wallys, that over the years the industry would filter out the half hearts, and leave the thorough breds and that’s kind of in effect right now… even though a lot of wallys are still out there.

So do you think there is space in the UK ‘urban’ market as it stands right now for an mc like you?

Logic aka Cigol: I think the industry needs a spokesman like me to set boundaries and raise the bar and that’s one thing that a lot of artists who make it don’t do. To me, they get known, and get lazy.

So tell us about ‘The first stage of a Gaberlunzie’, what inspired the album title? What were the motivations for the tracks?

Logic aka Cigol - GaberlunzLogic aka Cigol: Well, the Gaberlunzie is a project or a journey i’m on at the moment. In total I made about 80 tracks for the album which is split into 2 parts: ‘the first stage’ which is out now and ‘the last stage’ which is due for release later next year.

…and the title?

Logic aka Cigol: The term ‘Gaberlunzie’ is something for you people (the readers) to research. Filter bullshit from facts and once you find the meaning, you will be able to tell how I use it as a metaphor to explain my journey so far.

What artists have inspired or influenced your music?

Logic aka Cigol: Nas, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Ghost face, Common etc. Most conscious rappers have helped me along.

What UK artists are raising the bar for you?

Logic aka Cigol: Well no one really at the moment is really doing it for me… there’s a lot of talent, but as for as raising the bar – I think most are just playing safe and maintaining.

Is there a message you are trying to convey via your music, for example with tracks like, I Have A Dream?

Logic aka Cigol: Stay positive and pray days change is the overall message but I don’t need to preach goodness because we all know what’s good. Even the ones that do bad know what is good. It’s all about people choosing right, my music is my thoughts so you will hear me say exactly this.

You don’t seem to concentrate your music on the stereotypical hip hop subject matter, Such as guns, hoes, money etc- is that a conscious choice?

Logic aka Cigol: Not really. In a way I suppose it is but whatever I write has to be real to me and my life. My life isn’t all about those things so you won’t hear me always talking about them.

So what’s next for logic? Where can we go to see you perform?

Logic aka Cigol: I got a couple of shows coming in November in Liverpool. Hit my myspace to stay up to date.

Any future collaborations coming?

Logic aka Cigol: Yeah of course, but if I told you, it would take the sting out of the track!

Finally where can we go to cop that album?

Logic aka Cigol: www.myspace.com/chosenlogic. I have no distribution right now but it’s coming, then it will be everywhere like 50 Cent.

By: Michelle Adabra

Logic aka Cigol

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