Lost Children Of Babylon

If you are following the current underground Hip Hop scene you should have come across The Lost Children Of Babylon. The legacy goes back to Jedi Mind Tricks’ first single, The Amber Probe in 1995, and they have been building, steadily releasing albums both as a group and solo projects, all of which explore new and interesting lyrical themes.

LCOB describe themselves as the ‘creators and protectors of true spiritual hip hop’. They certainly bring a tonne of knowledge in their bars, however I remain skeptical as to why every word needs to start with a capital.

I tried to zoom in on some of the whats, whys and wherefores…

Who are The Lost Children of Babylon?

LCOB: The Lost Children Are A Group Of Mystic Vagabonds Traveling Through The Wilderness Of The Modern Era Who Intone The Voices Of The Ancients To Invoke The Latent Spiritual Forces In All Humans. In Physical Terms, We Currently Manifest As: Rasul Allah 7, Cosmic Crusader AKA Quetzalcoatl The Plumed Serpent, Richard Raw, Atun Sen Geb, As Well As Jon Murdock And Lex Starwind Of Foundation.

You’ve come a long way since the Amber Probe EP…

LCOB: Yes, We Have. We’re Constantly Mutating Like A Virus, To Stay Alive In The Bloodstream Of The Cosmic Man, Maha Perusha.

How did the Hitfarmers connection come about?

LCOB: Through Our International Notoriety, Chiefly Owed To Our History On MySpace And Now Facebook. Many Affiliations Were Facilitated By The Matrix Of Popular Social Networks That Make Up The Nervous System Of Underground Hip Hop Today.

When is the Zeitgeist album coming and what can we expect?

LCOB: The Album Is Scheduled For Release On September 11, 2010. Conceptually Speaking, Anyone Familiar With The Zeitgeist Movies By Peter Joseph Knows What To Expect. If You’re Not In The Know, Go ToWWW.ZEITGEISTMOVIE.COM And Get Ready. Musically Speaking, It’s Our Best Work To Date. The Beats And The Rhymes Are Exceptional, To Say The Least.

What other projects are forthcoming?

LCOB: Well, As You Know We Recently Launched The LCOB Productions Label (WWW.LCOBPRODUCTIONS.COM). We Have Various Upcoming Releases From Artists Like The Hitfarmers, Jon Murdock And Lex Starwind Of Foundation, IllMega, Amos The Ancient Prophet, Decipher, Atma And Others. We Also Have The Tower Of Babel Mixtape In The Making As Well As Solos From Our Own Camp Like Cosmic Crusader’s Long Awaited Debut.

Lost Children Of Babylon

LCOB is now repping more than ten different countries. How was that organised and what’s the strategy?

LCOB: As We Said Earlier, Our Global Connections Materialized From Our Web Presence. Much Like A Secret Society, Like Minds Gravitated To The Content And The Empire Continues To Grow. The Strategy Is To Resurrect The Mentally Dead, Wherever They May Be.

I feel like LCOB should be more well known considering the work you’ve already put in. Any plans to tour in Europe?

LCOB: So Do We. Yes, We Are Collaborating With The Snow Goons To Organize A European Tour As We Speak.

Do you think the multilingual aspect is important to Hip Hop culture?

LCOB: Not Necessarily Important, But It’s Interesting To See The Multicultural Explosion. It Is Important To Us That People Understand The Message Though, So We Recommend Studying Other Languages In General.

LCOB’s lyrics are very deep. Can you describe the writing process?

LCOB: We Establish The Concepts First, Then Each Emcee Delivers His Contribution. Our Lyrics Are An Extension Of The Information We Choose To Submerge Our Consciousness In. The Process Started Long Ago When Each Of Us Chose Our Individual Paths To Enlightenment.

Who is Dr Malachi Z York and what is the Nuwaubu belief system?

LCOB: Dr. Malachi Z. York-El Aka Neter Aferti Atum Re Is The Master Teacher And Central Pillar Of Nuwaubu. The Nuwaupian Belief System Is That Of The Original Ancient Egyptians, A Remnant Of The Culture Handed Down From The Anunaki. Its Core Premise Relies On “Right Translation” Of Various Ancient Religious Texts From Their Original Languages.

Lost Children Of Babylon

What books can you recommend?

LCOB: There Are Countless Books We Could Suggest, However We Recommend The Aspirant Execute Due Diligence On His Or Her Own Accord. We Are Not In The Habit Of Feeding Steak To Babies.

IBMCs has got interviews coming up with Presto and Sick Since amongst others. There is a growing movement of artists who rap about things like 2012, alien gods and project Bluebeam. What’s the LCOB breakdown?

LCOB: We’re Always Happy To See Fellow Artists Expressing Their Speculative Beliefs Through Hip Hop And Poetry.

Canibus has said, “this rap music is a new philosophic movement”. Comments?

LCOB: Obviously Not All Rap Is Conscious But We Agree That Underground Hip Hop As A Genre Is A Powerful Medium For Modern Philosophy. Not Many Other Music Forms Directly Address Political, Spiritual And Philosophic Issues The Way Hip Hop Does.

Who built the pyramids?

LCOB: The Pyramids Are A Message From Our Ancient Ancestors. While We Believe The Source To Be Of Cosmic Origin, There Is Also Weight To The “Lost Civilization Theories” Proposed By Scholars Such As Graham Hancock. Personally, I Believe The True Answer Is A Hybrid Of These Theories.

What’s the future of Hip Hop?

LCOB: Mos Def Said It Best When He Said “We Are Hip Hop”. So I Ask You, What Does Your Future Behold?

What is your message to the world?

LCOB: Wake The F*ck Up.

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