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Winner of One Stop Beat Battle, Aussie producer M Phazes draws inspiration from Dilla, Premier and Kanye West. Working with a variety of underground artists, his reputation is steadily growing across the globe. Read on to find out what he had to say to Lady Jay UK.

Lady Jay UK: When did you get into hip hop, and what was it that inspired you?

M Phazes: I got into hip hop when I was about 12-13, I heard stuff on the radio a bit but not much, then some friends that lived across the road from me had some older cousins and they use to play Ice-T, Public Enemy and NWA tapes so that’s when I started getting into it.

Lady Jay UK: And when did you start producing?

M PhazesM Phazes: I started messing around with actual production about ‘96 I think, before that I was looping on tape decks and playing the drums, but around ‘96 is when I got my first computer so I started to multitrack and dabble in actual producing, I  was real wack back then though.

Lady Jay UK: What’s the hip hop scene sayin’ in Aus?

M Phazes: Its good, its growing steadily, getting a bit of commercial play but not much. We have a diverse scene, there’s something for everyone and the majority of artists are pretty cool down to earth people.

Lady Jay UK: Give us an idea of some of the artists you’ve worked with, and how collaborations came about…

M Phazes: The main guy I worked with was Supastition out of NC, USA. A mutual friend, Muneshine, put him onto me and vice versa, we liked what each other was doing so we started doing songs, back and forth, from then I’ve worked with Kenn Starr, Emilio Rojas, most to all of my overseas collabs have been through word of mouth over the net. Australian artists I’ve worked with include Bliss ‘n Eso, Phrase, Illy, Spit Syndicate and all of which I have met in person and built relationships with personally.

Lady Jay UK: And your choice of audio weapons are…

M PhazesM Phazes: I rock the laptop, Nuendo, heaps of plug in synths and effects, Roland monitors, midi keyboard and records, real basic shit.

Lady Jay UK: You won the final at the One Stop Shop Beat Battle in the U.S. Tell me more!

M Phazes: My manager in NY entered me and represented me over there in AZ. It was his idea to rep me and enter me in the battle. It was crazy knowing my beats were going to be blasted in front of my favourite producers, guys I’ve looked up to! And to win was just incredible!

Lady Jay UK: And what’s next for the winning producer!?

M Phazes: I’ma make the trip to NY soon, about a month, get some studio sessions and meetings happening, then get started on relocating there in the near future, that’s my main goal right now.

By: Jay Diamond | www.unityradio.fm Tuesdays 10pm till Midnight | www.myspace.com/ladyjayuk. Check out my podcast for interviews.

M Phazes

Jay Diamond

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