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Micall Parknsun the 'working class dad' has just dropped his latest LP entitled Me Myself & Akai on YNR. Its a banger and stands out as something special. Parky has put this together doing both the beats and the vocals and has excelled on both counts. Max Weldon caught up with him to find out more and dropped a few questions in Parky's direction. Read on to find out what he had to say.

Tell us about your new album Me Myself and Akai?

Micall Parknsun: It's An Album Produced Entirely by Myself on the Akai MPC 1000, hence the title.

You're doing all the beats and most of the rapping, is this the most personal album to date?

Micall Parknsun: Yeah Most Definitely, I deal with a lot of my personal demons on this album and a lot of the subject mater is stuff I haven't really done before.

I first heard you on Tha Shit 12 in 2004, you've released a good amount of material since then, what records are you particularly proud of?

Micall Parknsun: I would say all of them cause their all things I've left behind for everyone to hear. I just hope I get the chance to leave more music behind before I pass.

Micall Parknsun

How does a man find the time to be so good at rapping AND making beats?

Micall Parknsun: I don't know about the good part lol, but to me I see it as one of the same thing. I rap so I'ma need beats and beats what I like to rap on, so why not do both?

Your shows are quite high energy, do you rehearse and work on them or just get out and do it?

Micall Parknsun: I do rehearse once in a while with the team, but I'm just passionate about music and what I do. I just feel I have to put my passion in everything I do in making music, especially performing it.

What's your creative process like?

Micall Parknsun: I don't know really, it varies down to what I'm feeling at the time, down to what I'm smoking as well, lol, only joking haha. Sometimes it can just start with an idea like a title for an album, like I did with Me Myself And Akai and everything just falls into place after that.

Micall Parknsun

What equipment do you use for your production?

Micall Parknsun: For This Album I used the Akai MPC 1000 to produce the beats for the entire album, but I also own an MPC 2000 and an MPC 2500 as well.

How has the scene changed since your first release?

Micall Parknsun: I haven't really paid attention; I've just been stuck in my own little bubble to be honest.

Who are you rating in the UK?

Micall Parknsun: I like a lot of artist to be honest, I like: M9, Genesis Elijah, Rewd Adams, Kashmere, Kinetik, Theme, Onoe Capono and many more, too many to mention.

By: Max Weldon

Buy Me Myself & Akai at YNR now:


Micall Parknsun

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