Michael Joseph a.k.a. MJay is a young, fresh and vibrant London born and raised young man with one goal, to succeed! Having been influenced by music from an early age it is no wonder that MJay is today stepping into the world of music and focussing on a long and successful career.

MJay although still fresh to the scene has already gained charting play on several underground website stations and received positive feedback from many of his peers. He has plans for a long career in music as an artist but is also hoping for his own radio show and merchandise range.

MJay is thinking bigger and outside the box and is more than prepared to show the world what talent he is made of. With work progressing on his debut LP Danielle got in there to find out more.

Who is MJay?

MJay: I am a young upcoming R&B / Hip Hop artist, I am ambitious, hard working and determined to succeed. "I am married to the mic, in love with my pad and my pen shows me love". Haha. Music is my life. But apart from that I am real humble dude.

You are still very young yet venturing into the music industry like you've researched the in's and out's of business, what makes you so confident?

MJay: I have knowledge on the industry and I know that a lot of artists in this game are selfish and I respect everybody who is on their grind but in this industry you have to show love to everybody showing love to you and that's my motto, also I am going to interact with all my fans, and everybody supporting my music. I am confident that people will love my album I have put a lot of work into my projects.

We are all influenced in life but who do you feel has influenced you both within your music and in your personal life?

MJayMJay: Has to Be Jay-Z. I Just Love how he built his empire from nothing, he has been a major influence in my career and me starting out in the music industry, another major influence in my career has to be my family, the crazy thing about it, is just how much love they show me, my dad even has one of my songs on his phone as his ringtone, my mom took me to all my shows around the UK when I started out, so its a blessing to have my family as support.

What is your most successful recording on a personal level to date?

MJay: I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise but there’s a few projects that I am working on right now that are going to definitely show my versatility and style as an artist. But my most successful recording to date has to be "Magic". I had a blast working on that single, shouts to Kid Flash for that single, the first time I heard it I knew it would be a great single and me and Shavana got in the studio and just put the work in, and I hope people appreciate the single.

The current single Magic is something a little different from what else is out there right now, how would you define the track to someone who maybe has not yet heard it?

MJay: Well it was nuts working on that single to be honest, I wrote it before speaking to the producer, haha. So it was kind of Magic. If you’re a person who hasn't listened to the single yet, all I’ve got to say is listen to it, it’s a real inspirational track. Basically I am really expressing my views on how I came up in the music industry. The chorus goes, "Was it magic how I came up in this game, was it magic now they calling out my name". I came from nothing to something and if you support real music then you need to support MJay.

What other plans do you have for 2010?

MJay: Well this is only the beginning, I still got a lot of work to do, got the album to work on, I am looking at putting out some clothing, doing some music videos, and doing a lot more performances, so if you’re looking for 2010's new talent then I am your dude, I got a lot of work to do but I am focused and ready. Just want to focus on me and everything I am doing, it’s a hard industry but I am focused and ready to put my footprint in the game.

Like I mentioned earlier you are young and with such a long career ahead if you, what area's of business would you like to conquer over the coming years? Any plans on clothing lines etc.?

MJay: The future holds a lot for me, and I hope that people stand behind me and we can break through the barrier together, I plan on building a successful empire in the future, hopefully signing my first record deal and just working hard, putting out music people love.

Any Shout's?

Underground Promotion UKMJay: Shout out to Danielle and the team at Upuk, shouts to my bro Blingtikez, RC Productions, BB Manik and the Raw Riddim Team, Daron and the team at Notorious Ent, Izzy, my homies Navaro, Status Blak and everybody grinding and putting in work, but mostly shouts out to everybody supporting my music. 2010 let’s make it a good year.

By: Danielle Fear
For British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.


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