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Sanita Jassal caught up with Mr Midas ex. Musicool and UMA award winner to find out what he has been up to. last caught up with Mr Midas when he dropped his 'It Only Takes One Moment' LP, so read on to find out how he has coped with fame and what he has planned for the future.

So, best newcomer this year, congratulations! What can we expect from you next year?

Mr Midas: New music, lots of wonder, amazin’ hype… energetic Mr Midas music… It’s just me doing what I do. I’m working with a lot of people right now strengthening the Mr. Midas name. It’s crazy how many people want to get involved with it…

Oh yeah and thanks to every single person who took the time out to vote for me last year… me love every one of you.

Where did the name Mr Midas come from?

Mr MidasMr Midas: Funny enough it came from a girl. Apparently I have the golden touch, but the joke of it is I can’t remember who she is… So if you’re the special lady who gave me that name, big up yourself.

What attracted you to the Dancehall genre?

Mr Midas: It’s what I know and everything about my life has to make sense. I’m not a random guy who just does it ‘cause it was there to be done.

Dancehall and reggae music is what I grew up on so it just made sense to me to follow along this vein of music.

What was your inspiration for your new album?

Mr Midas: Life! Simply that! It’s called ‘It Only Takes 1 Moment’ because in that one moment everything can change… good or bad.

What songs are you most excited about?

Mr Midas: There’s a song called Simple & Plain produced by Nutty P. MIDAS the new single is a banger and I did a tune with P Diddy’s label, Bad Boy South, called Bad Boys.

The title track is amazing featuring Darren Michalanglo Smith from Musicool produced by Richie Rich.

What ideas do you hope that people will come away with after listening to you?

Mr MidasMr Midas: Three things –

1) They forgot about every problem they had that day.
2) The would have taken a journey of musical excellence.
3) It will make them either smile or get excited enough to tell someone else.

If I can get all three, I have done my job.

What has the experience been like for you? (Foot Locker award)

Mr Midas: Wow loads! I did an autograph tour with Foot Locker in the flagship stores across the country. My fans came down and met me and got some free bees which was wicked. The main thing was that people looked at Mr Midas as an artist in his own right and not as that guy from the TV show, not that that’s a bad thing…

I’m doing a few other projects with Foot Locker so look out for those. I’m also presenting the Britain’s Next Urban Superstar Award sponsored by Foot Locker with MasterStepz at the upcoming Urban Music Awards on 15th November which is amazin’ to be able to bring that happiness to someone else.

You mentioned in a previous interview that you wanted to do TV presenting, are you involved in any?

Mr MidasMr Midas: Yes, I’m currently writing my own TV show and going to America to start the pilot early next year.

So what’s the future hold for you?

Mr Midas: Everything. I’ve worked so hard to get here and I’ve come so far from where I started. I still feel I haven’t done everything though so will continue making music and making the most of my success. If I was a baby I’d still be on baby food waiting for my teeth to go!

The sky is the limit.

Do you have any final words?

Mr Midas: Keep the love coming, youtube me, google me, myspace me, facebook me, british hip hop me… look out for the new single MIDAS featuring David B produced by JD aka Dready and be sure to watch me present the Foot Locker Britain’s Next Urban Superstar Award at the UMA’s.

By: Sanita Jassal

Mr Midas

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