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With Midas finally out of the ‘Musicool‘ house, I managed to catch up with the UK music artist to see how things are since leaving the modern day musical experience. With his album titled ‘It Only Takes One Moment‘ and his video ‘Wile Out‘ hitting the airwaves, we are going to be hearing alot more from Midas in the near future.

What’s happening Mr Midas, How are things going with you?

Mr MidasMr Midas: Boy, everything is going really well, just working hard right now. Just got out of this ‘Musicool’ house and getting my projects moving, it’s probably the best time of my career right about now with all the press and exposure, it’s all going well.

You have a new album coming out titled ‘It Only Takes One Moment’, what are we going to expect from this album?

Mr Midas: Magic, loudness, emotion, experience… everything, like this is what ‘Mr Midas’ does, just bringing energy, vibes and the entertainment man. I’m here to entertain the masses, letting the people enjoy what I do, you get me?

You were one of the finalists on T4’s ‘Musicool’. In your opinion, what was the whole experience like for you?

Mr Midas: The reaction from the show has been nuts! The versatility of the reactions has been mad, like I get people telling me they been watching me from prison or they’ve just come out of prison or they’re watching the show in jail and how everyone in jail loves it, and then I get mumsy stopping me on the road and they wanna hug me and tell me how I’m an inspiration to their fam and how their son can look up to me and see a black role model doing his ting.

The Rock people are going crazy and telling me they want me on Rock tracks so its nuts man, the versatility of the fan base and the exposure I’ve got out of the show is like nothing I’ve ever experienced in my life.

So does this mean that we will be seeing you on stage performing more modern day musicals!?

Mr Midas: Yeah don’t get it twisted, man is bang on the musical ting like as long as they ain’t gonna get me to sing like no sweet boy R&B dude its on init, I do what I do. I’m so versatile as an artist and this has jus made me more versatile as a person so I’m not afraid to do anything. Anything ‘Mr Midas’ The Entertainer can do I’ll do.

Blending your dancehall roots with Hip Hop, in your opinion, do you think that this gives you more of a unique sound?

Mr MidasMr Midas: Do you know what, me blending in Dancehall and Hip Hop wasn’t even a choice its not even like I thought lets blend these 2 genres to make a better sound or different style it was just what happened. I listen to a lot of Hip Hop so a lot of the time I was spittin the versatility of wordplay, I really like wordplay and I was listening to people like ‘Jay Z’ a lot so I just got more excited into wordplay and that’s how I started to blend it. Most Dancehall artists love spittin over Hip Hop, peeps like beats from the likes of Missy Elliot’s ‘Get Your Freak On’, that shuda been an Dancehall track because Dancehall fits on it so well. I jus do what I do init, I’ve never really tried to be different I’ve just been myself.

What was the idea behind the video ‘Wile Out’ featuring Blemish Blackstorm?

Mr Midas: Boy, don’t even ask! That video was almost a nightmare to do at the beginning, the main essence of ‘Wile Out’ just means party and have fun init so that was the main concept. It was just to make the video partyish, to Wile Out yourself you get me?

It started like that but then there was some complication and I had to shoot the video again and I then had two music videos. I was on ‘youtube’ and watching sum old Batman episode and when the Batman beam spins and I was like RAH that’s mad and I thought of using that concept 2 mix in between the 2 videos.

Any more new projects lined up for this year?

Mr Midas: Yeah man we’ve got ‘Wile Out’ dropping, we’ve got the online release on the 1st June and the video is gonna be out soon followed by th album ‘It Only Takes One Moment’, I’m also doing a single with Rock group ‘Trash Fashion’ which is one of the Rock groups I performed with during ‘Musicool’, they’re really blowing up right now and I’m doing a remix with ‘Darren’ also from ‘Musicool’ to a track called ‘Same Old Story’.

I’m looking into getting into presenting, acting… I’m looking to take over the world you get me! I’m gonna get ‘Mr Midas’ vision all over the place, being myself and allowing people to be entertained doing what I do. Look out for all the future projects man, ‘Mr Midas’ is taking over JEEEZZ!

Any shout outs?

Mr Midas: Shout out to all the fans, got so much love to all the fans more then anyone and to everyone who has supported me like my family and everyone who’s supported from day one.

By: Leon B

Mr Midas

By Leon

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