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Ms Re, who is she you ask? Well in short MS RE is a female rapper in the state of Texas making major moves within HIP HOP and also being a devoted mother of 2 girls. There are few Female MC’s out there who rap about things other than sex or without the need to flaunt their sexuality, MS RE is on the next level!

Real talk from real streets where life is hard but making the best of it is even harder! With one successful mix-tape behind her and work for an album under way I decided to introduce you all to the lyrical genius who is determined to succeed and destined for super stardom worldwide!

Who is MS RE’?

Ms. Re: Ms. Re’ is a woman who represents the majority of the women in life. Strong, creative, determined, down to earth… Oh, and SEXY!! LOL I’m just a regular person who’s got a gift and sincere love for the arts and is hoping to maintain a career in the industry.

When did you decide music was your calling in life?

Ms. ReMs. Re: I accepted my calling almost four years ago, after the birth of my 2nd daughter. I’d had a love affair with music all my life, but ventured out into almost everything else. After the kids, I knew it was time for stability. I realized that my love and desire to create music was the only consistent them my entire life. So, I stopped fighting and focussed!! Now I combine my creativity with my life’s lessons and I’m loving every minute of it.

How do you manage to juggle motherhood with your career?

Ms. Re: I manage motherhood and music by involving the kids. I was raised by entrepreneurs who had us involved in everything from planting fields, arranging flowers, building houses, to skinning coons… LOL. It’s all a part of my life’s work. I’m responsible and accountable to both my dreams and my family. It takes me a little longer to do most things because I’m always multi-tasking, but at the end of the day I’m always productive. 2 birds – one stone.

How do you make a living outside of music?

Ms. Re: I hustle. Just like my grandparents and mother. I use my other talents to keep the lights on. I have home studio equipment, cameras, camcorders, a pen, and a voice – I use all those things to make money as well as build my ‘brand’. I do marketing and promotions for others, as well as video hosting. I guess that’s still kinda ‘inside of music’. Bottom line, I hustle.

Is there enough help out there for up and coming artists like yourself?

Ms. Re: NO!! Not without money! That’s one of the reasons I’ve learned so many trades. There aren’t many people willing to invest time or money into someone that is not already a success in some right. You HAVE to help yourself!! Don’t get me wrong, ever so often, God will send an angel… in the mean time, you betta be bout it!! By the way, this IS a ‘real’ job.

Your first mix-tape release “Street Sweeper” was a massive street success, did you expect it to be as recognised as it was?

Ms. Re: Yes and No. I had a gut feeling. I’d put so much work into it. I engineered 90% of the tracks myself. I was VERY hands on. It was “My Baby”. I believe that what’s from the heart will reach the heart… so I expected it to be felt. On the flip side, I didn’t expect people outside of my region to respond so well. I’m a southern (US) girl, I didn’t realize that my struggles were so universal… it’s awesome!!

Tell us something about you we would not be able to tell just by looking at you?

Ms. Re - Da Street SweeperMs. Re: I’m crazy!!!! LOL.

Your most recent release “Walk Like A Model” is a great ladies anthem, where did the idea for this track come from?

Ms. Re: I was collaborating with Bayou Boy from New Orleans who actually had the concept in mind for me. We threw the melody around a few times over a Phil Moore track and POOF! I just threw my own swag in the mix and did something different. It’s much different from some of my other work, but this is definitely a Boss Baby joint.

What is B.B.E. TV?

Ms. Re: B.B.E. TV is my very own television station. Broadcasts 24/7 worldwide, via… How ya like me now? I decided to broadcast myself via the internet visually when I realized it was my only way to become somewhat competitive in this male / money dominated industry. I had a friend tell me that the internet was my radio AND TV. He was right!

I host most of the videos, and use them as outlets for myself and others. I put a little of everything on there – interviews, performances, random blogs, whatever. I’ve been getting a great response… there’s talk about my own local show, never know!

Tell us about the MS RE’ team? Do you have a team behind you?

Ms. Re: My team is awesome! I have some of the most talented producers, promoters, graphic artists in the world that no money can buy! God has sent a literal dream team to me of people like myself who are gifted and are able to not only see, but share my vision. Shots out to Walter, Polo, Lonestar, Jae Jo, Desiac Music, Fire, Heartbeats, Walter King, and Dani – my sister in the UK. International Baby!!!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

Ms. Re: Doing the exact things I’m doing now, just on a MUCH larger scale. I’m already living my dream. I have a family, career, friends. I’ve started researching my non-profit organization… In 5 years, I hope to be changing lives globally thru the arts.

Ms. Re

Your Myspace has 20,000+ friends what reaction have you been getting from your fans?

Ms. Re: They love me!! They’re crazy too… LOL. My Myspace friends mean the world to me. Some of them have NO idea how much they keep me going. Shouts out to Texas Tee, Riddle, Sugur Shane, Keith, Darrius, Shyima, Big C, Band Man… now, I’ve started something!!!

Who would you most like to work with given the chance and why?

Underground Promotions UKMs. Re: Akon, T.I., Ludacris, Kanye West… on an on. Oh… and BEYONCE!! The kids LOVE Beyonce!

Vote for MS RE at the Southern Entertainment awards!

By: Danielle

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Ms. Re

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