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At the age of 13 most of us have just started tagging out of our own ends. Perhaps beginning to learn how to six step or make some kind of music. However Naz-T has not only recorded and written his own tracks; he's made them heavy with intellect, pure sense and passion. Which is something that the majority of mainstream aged rappers rarely even sprinkle on their platinum selling records.

All this means Naz T will inspire young and old, coloured and non-coloured, rich and poor and he'll do it all before he's even finished school.

As the system continues to work against, and blame everything, from terrorism to hurricanes on today's youth, an increasing number are fighting back with the only power strong enough – the hipidee hop. Naz T is the proof that means you can't ignore and hate on us all much longer…

How did you get into MCing and the scene?

Naz TNaz-T: Through the people around – olders as we call them.

Where are you originally from? What's your take on this whole 'rep your endz' postcode battles shizzle that's going down at the mo?

Naz-T: Me, I'm from Bow, London E3. We can all rep our endz, we are boys; but the gun thing is too much. All boys fight – but we don't have to kill when we ain't lived yet.

Do you ever feel that people are less likely to listen to your tracks and take you seriously due to your age? Or does it work the opposite way?

Naz-T: People make up their own minds. We will see, but if you look at the comments on you tube etc. they're all good so far… for what its worth!

So, your new track 'No Guns Just Roses ft. Bennie Bizzle has being getting some hardcore love. We all know our trigger heavy society is getting worse by the minute. What was it that really made you pick up that pen and mike as opposed to sitting and nodding together with the majority of the 'concerned' population?

Naz-T: My pops really and da producer said do something different so I did.

There's a raw video to go with the track… how involved were you with the production of that?

Naz-T: All the way! It's just how I wanted it to be. They refused to play it with the gun shots, but then they did coz of public demand so you no da youngerz are feelin' dis tune. It's okay to be worried bout getting stabbed or shot…

Do you think the visual aspects of tracks are important to drill your message through?

Naz-T: Oh, for sure. You don't just want the song; you want to see the peeps who sing it. The visuals mean everything.

Are there any particular music vids or pieces of film that you think really get across a strong point and had a hard hitting effect on you personally?

Naz-T: Yeah this car add… The one where the little kid gets knocked over and it says "If you hit me at 30 mph – I'll live". You know, that's one is real deep.

Are you into producing your own tracks themsens aswell?

Naz TNaz-T: Not yet.

Have you been more inspired in your work by big name U.S. rappers or those solid souls closer to home?

Naz-T: Mainly mans like Dizzy from my endz. Wiley, Bashy, them mans really. 2 Pac, Biggy, Dr Dre, it goes on yes…

Which artists are you loving at the mo? Anyone we should check / look out for?

Naz-T: Benny Bizzie and Chip Monk, they're doing it.

These days MCs and bboys alike tend to thoughtfully plan their tricks and lines before hitting the stage. How do you work best personally?

Naz-T: I write my words and spit from paper. Some people just say what comes, but that doesn't always work.

Could you lay us down a few lines to describe Naz-T in a nutshell?

Naz-T: Okay, this is from one of my tracks – I'm 13 trying to keep it clean/ Rip it up and repair the rap sceen/ There's no chance man/ There's no hope/ Keep singing bout guns and dope/ I ain't never gonna break dat seal/ I'm just here trying to keep it real/ Believe me cuz I ain't bluffing when I tell you – age is nothing!

By the way, they're copyright. (laughs)

Do you feel that as one of the younger artists on the scene you have to work harder than your bredrin?

Naz-T: Yessss! They are giving me a hard time, but I'm killing them; I'm on 35,000 hits on youtube… So all the haters out there, you can't stop DA YOUNGERZ. We're the future…

Who's really spurred you on and supported you in getting out there?

Naz-T: I'm not there yet – far from it. But I have got support from my dad, H-Money, Truth, my producers FDM, my boys and Public Demand Records.

Would you say buck honest tracks and homeyard respect outweigh mainstream hits and fake persona's for you?

Naz-T: Every time you spit bad vibes, they follow you. Look at So Solid Crew, they were mahooosiv, my boys. But they chat too much bad and no club. So we just let dem play, so they're just floating. You get me? I'm just STREET AND SWEET. No bad mind, tell it as it is.

As someone repping the British street youth, if you were able to lay down a response to the ignorant and discriminating hip hop haters, what would you tell em?

Naz TNaz-T: Don't hate the players – hate the game. For every fan, there is always gonna be five haters, innit.

What's the plan for the big 08 then?

Naz-T: If I get to Number 1 – you will see a hell of a lot of me. Its up to the youngerz to back me if they want.

Any last words for the British hip hop audience and advice for kids wanting to follow your example?

Naz-T: RED ALERT, RED ALERT… All youngerz it's cool to be scared of getting shot or stabbed. It's our life. We want it back… What manz don't need a reason to kill. Today, like you got a peng phone, jacket, trainers – you don't even need to be caught looking at someone. Trouble is out there. But kids have got NOTHING TO DO.

Blame the police – they have lost control. My Pops says the BNP sell guns to Black people so they kill each other. We are doing their dirty job for them. IT'S A FACT. The youngerz CAN turn it around. If… if THEY WANT TO. I'm street. But we cool. There's always fights. But like I said, when boys pull guns and other weapons on us, that's wrong.


Big up to my Dad, Mum, H-Money, Truth, Jimmy Lowe, Dave Lyon. Bow E3, Loughton Boys. All the Channel U viewers and rap lovers. And all my youngers – remember:

Rule No.1 Make music have fun.
Rule No.180 The music industry is very shady.

Naz T… One luv. I rep da youngerz…

By: Nino

Naz T

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