Ne-Yo's Sister Nikki Smith

R&B singer Nikki Smith discovered her singing and song-writing gift at a young age inspired by ledgends Anita Baker and Sherily Merdock. Nikki also made her own tunes with her mother on her grandmother's piano. In Las Vegas at the age of nine she began to realise that her music talents were superior. She along with her older brother NE-YO joined a family non-profit organization called "Kids For A Better Society" which was started by her uncle.

In addition, to taking vocal lesson she also began to perform live. Shortly after Nikki decided to pursue music and chose to attend the Las Vegas Academy For Performing Arts majoring in classical music studies.

As a member of a group called "K.N.I.A" a group that consisted of three female members they performed several times. Nikki became the lead singer and songwriter. With the help of Mary Wilson of "The Supremes" on her vocals and working with Quincy Jones JR the young diva was on her way to glory. In 2003 Nikki prefered to go down the independent road where she could focus more on her song writing skills.

Nu'Linx had a chance to catch up when the fast pace superstar while driving through Las Vegas with her Grandmother and Mom on their way to have dinner to celebrate older brother NE-Yo new album "Year Of The Gentlemen".

Nu'Linx: How you doing Nikki?

Nikki SmithNikki Smith: Hey what's up Nu'Linx?

Nu'Linx: Where were you born?

Nikki Smith: I was born in Camden Arkansas.

Nu'Linx: So is this true that you're the sister of R& B superstar NE-YO?

Nikki Smith: Yes I am his younger sister.

Nu'Linx: So when did you first get into the music?

Nikki Smith: I started to pursue music at the age of nine when I moved to Vegas and discovered my talents me and my brother joined this non profit group started by my uncle called "Kids For A Better Society" where kids could discover there talents we performed at parties and graduations.

Nu'Linx: So how are you able to continue to create new styles so that your fans keep coming back?

Nikki Smith: Well I've been doing music so long that when I hear the beat I go with what the track saying. My overall love for music makes it easy for my fans to keep coming back for more.

Nu'Linx: Being the younger sister of a superstar like you brother do you feel any pressure that fans are going to expect the same or more from you?

Nikki Smith: There is no animosity toward my brother. I definitely feel that I'm my own person at the end of the day. I bring my own style so I feel no pressure and would not compare myself to him.

Nu'Linx: Have you and your brother been in the studio together or made any songs?

Nikki Smith: We were in the studio when we were younger and did music but as we got older we went our separate ways he moved after he graduated.

Nu'Linx: What the biggest advice your brother given you so far in your career?

Nikki Smith: Never give away you publishing and watch your back that's why I have my lawyers look over everything with me (Laughing).

Nu'Linx: Explain your journey to the people who don't know too much about you?

Nikki Smith: My journey has been a long one I started off in a family organized group until we got a little bit older to make our own decisions. I've probably been rejected in every way possible. In 2003 I was on the MTV show "Uncut" I have worked on projects with the lights of Dr. Dre, Alonzo Jackson and Tiffany Villarreal of Aftermath and the list goes on.

Nu'Linx: So what the name of the Album going to be?

Nikki SmithNikki Smith: The name of the new album is going to be called the Nikki Smith Project.

Nu'Linx: What can your fans expect from this debut album?

Nikki Smith: Fans can expect a lot of energy from the Nikki Smith Project. They can also expect a lot of clubs songs and eighty music because I'm an eighty baby. I want fans to know the album as a party girl with class.

Nu'Linx: Who Featured on the Album?

Nikki Smith: Well were trying to get N.O.R.E. on the album, but besides that myself and producing wise we got the Trackmasters and of course Kyze Beats.

Nu'Linx: Some People are comparing you in same category as Cira and Rhianna how does it feel to mention in the same breathe as these two superstars?

Nikki Smith: It's an honour to be mentioned in the same breath as Cira and Rhianna don't get me wrong those two artist are hot. But I feel like the only thing that's different about me is that I'm coming into the game with what I want to do as far song writing and etc.

Nu'Linx: So what Advice can you give young females who are trying to make it like yourself in the music industry?

Nikki Smith: One is never give up! Second keep god in your heart because if you got a good heart you will get what's coming to you in life.

Nikki who currently in the Studio with producer KYZE feels that this project is more personal to her with a lot of growth an maturity Nikki has seen her brother career blow up with all this she continues to work hard and express herself through her journey is something that words could not explain.

By: Nu'Linx

Nikki Smith

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