Like him or hate him, you have to admit that Necro is one of a kind. Being far from your average gun-slinging, brandy sippin’ New York rapper, it’s easy to see the appeal of such an original guy. When I sat down and thought about doing this interview, I have to say I had my doubts. The risk of being traumatised by what lay inside this twisted individuals brain was a fairly daunting thought. Lucky for you guys, my love for all things hip-hop dragged me through. Check it out…

Phil: How old are you now and how long have you been involved in the music

Necro: I’m 30 now and I’ve been doing music since age 11.

Phil: You started out as a guitar player in a metal band. When did you first
realise that hip-hop was the direction that you wanted to move in?

NecroNecro: In like 1990, I wanted to focus on rapping and fusing my metal influences into it. I felt my shit could be different and original, and I also felt a lot of ambition and drive to make it happen.

Phil: What influenced this change of direction?

Necro: Metal, the projects, the struggle and a strong love for original music.

Phil: Have you always written about raw and controversial subjects in your

Necro: Yeah I always did cutting edge shit. Coming from metal into hip-hop, all I could do was be sick. That’s ‘cos metal is an art form that is sick!

Phil: Do you intend your lyrics to be taken seriously or are they aimed at making your fans laugh?

Necro: It depends. When I rap about brutal, violent shit, I’d like it to be taken seriously because I ain’t playing games. At the end of the day, in real life, I ain’t having it, and that’s the reaction you’ll get if you play games.

As for the other type of shit like porn or just funny shit, it would be nice to hear a fan laugh because it hit the funny spot. Because when I’m destroying someone it can be quite funny. But not because I’m funny, but because what I’m saying is funny or the person I dissed.

Phil: Before you started your own company, were you signed to any other record companies or were they more willing to sign rappers with less controversial subject topics?

Necro: My first CD came out on my own label. I had dropped vinyl on Fatbeats under my own imprint so the whole Necro career has been funded and released by myself.

Most people didn’t get what I was about. I have had fans for years, but for some reason Necro doesn’t appeal to the gatekeepers or money people.

Phil: Have you ever had many MC’s hating on you or tryin to cause beef?

NecroNecro: Most people in person don’t want beef because I’m a no-nonsense person when it comes to the streets. I’ll joke around here and there with peeps, but when it’s serious; if you play me, I’m going to fuck you up. Forget rap and all that shit. I don’t battle rappers. I spit my shit and if you’ve got a problem, we can fight!

Phil: If so, why do u think they targeted you out of all the other rappers in New York? Or if not, why have you avoided the "beef mentality" that many rappers take on to try and make a name for themselves?

Necro: I’m not targeted. I just make moves and I’m foul so certain PC (politically correct) people want to use their power to stop me, but I’m unstoppable.

And people battle rap because most of the time, they can’t write a regular song, or because that’s the only way they can get recognition. They can’t get it from writing a hot song, or maybe they are just into that mode: Battling on stage with crowd responses. I never liked letting a crowd decide whether I’m dope.

Phil: What was your inspiration behind working with Mark "Chopper" Reid?

Necro: He is a sicko. A real life nutcase that earned his respect in the streets. He has done many brutal things in his life; he fits my music very will. Plus I bought and read some of his books and he has a gangsta sense of humour which is like myself. I felt it was a good look to do it and an honour. Something real cool for the Australian fans.

Phil: How have you been received in other countries like Australia?

Necro: I’m loved by Necro fans in every country. A Necro fan loves me. It’s not usually in the middle. If you love Necro, you love me a lot and if you hate me, you despise me.
Phil: Are you happy with your success?

NecroNecro: Not really. I mean it’s cool, but I’ve got much bigger goals. I’m glad I have been blessed to be where I am through all the hard work, but I have made many mistakes.

Having had a label for six years, going on the seventh year, I ain’t doing so bad. A Lot of the biggest companies on Earth had to fuck up for 10 years to learn. I’m learning after six to be funded by myself, to do this on my own and to be able to sell a lot of units. And to do shows in front of 1,000 fans in some cities and sell as much merchandise as major label artists. It’s enough success to show me I’ll be huge. I believe in myself the most because I know my dope shit murders my competition. That’s enough to keep me going.

Phil: What's next for you and Psycho + Logical?

Necro: A lot of touring for the first time and a new Necro album in 2007. Plus a lot more: I got a lot of plans. Just filmed a video for Who’s Your Daddy? And I Wanna Fuck in L.A. so we’ll see how they come out. I just keep it moving.

Phil: Thanks a lot for that man. I appreciate it.

Watch this space and If you havn’t heard any Necro yet, check out

By Phil Clark

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