Nu Brand Flexxx

Nu Brand Flexxx have a very unique sound and a look to match. You can spot their unusual dress sense a mile off. NBF style is like no other, the dress sense; retro, colourful and funky. Nu Brand Flexxx are notorious for their energy which can be seen in all their videos and shows.

This was noticed by Dizzee Rascal who asked the crew to feature in his new #1 hit single with Calvin HarrisDance With Me”. Nu Brand Flexxx is not just a group, it’s a lifestyle.

What is Rangoose about?

Boyadee: Rangoose is an expression of how we have felt in the past couple of years. It’s a collection of twenty tracks we think are top notch of an eclectic variety. We have tried to grasps different types of music. Rangoose, the word, means ‘assorted shenanigans’.

Do you see yourselves as Grime artists?

Nu Brand FlexxxLikle P: We originated from the Grime scene, but that’s not the be all and end all of who we are. Our mix tape draws upon different genres of music. We wouldn’t like to be stereotyped as ‘Grime artists’ because we’re only using the scene as a platform for more people to access our music.

Grime doesn't have a positive image in general. What would you say about that?

Saskilla: Nu Brand Flexxx is what I’d say about that. We’re proof it can be positive.

Boyadee: A lot of wires get crossed and people bring in issues that have nothing to do with music.

There are a lot of hype tracks. Are there any slow jams on the CD?

Saskilla: We’ve recorded everything. There’s tracks to listen to before you go out, when you come home and when you’re just chilling with a girl.

Where do you get your originality from?

Likle P: My mum gave it to me. She said take it and don’t lose it.

Do you think you're what the UK scene is missing right now?

Likle P: Maybe, possibly, who knows? We’ll see.

Nu Brand Flexxx

Where do you think UK music is heading?

Likle P: Up up up and away.

Have you met any of the people you look up to musically?

Likle P: The day I meet Prince I’ll let you know. I don’t think I’ve met anyone yet.

Boyadee: We haven’t actually met a lot of people to be influenced by, it’s mainly our peers who have elevated themselves like Dizzee and Lethal who we knew from a while ago.

Did your parents encourage your talents?

Boyadee: Definitely, they’re always in support of what we’re doing and listen to what we’re doing on radio. They know we have a fan base as well.

Where else in the world would you like to perform?

Nu Brand Flexxx - Rangoose Vol. 1Saskilla: We’d like to go to Japan, Africa and all of America.

Boyadee: I want to perform in every continent.

What's next for NBF?

Boyadee: Rangoose is due for release and we’re planning on giving away a CD called Slow Grime around Christmas time so look out for that.

Anymore words for the public?

Boyadee: Rangoose is going to be a collector’s item. We’re going to have ten volumes so make sure you start collecting from the first one.

Likle P: Stay cool, stay fly, be yourself, be original, Nu Brand Flexxx.

By:  Rashmi Shastri

'Rangoose Vol.1' is now available for pre-order from
Released on iTunes 1st September 2008.
Physical release 8th September 2008.

Nu Brand Flexxx

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