Anyone who claims to have their ear firmly to the ground as far those hot prospects on the UK urban unsigned scene go should no doubt then have already heard of Nyomi Gray. Already at the tender age of 20 Nyomi who goes by the performer name NY and who was born and raised in Kentish Town North London, has made quite a profound impression and by all accounts is close to translating this success into the mainstream.

July 2007 will see the release of Ny's widely anticipated sequel to her massive Split Endz Volume 1 Mixtape. Split Endz Volume 2 which is set to a blockbuster includes many guest appearances and cutting edge production from the likes of JME, Purple, Wiley, Ghetto, Professor Green, Scandalous Unltd, Duncan Powell, Terror Danjah and Misty Dubs to name but a few. This mix tape will be released on the award winning True Tiger label. With many strong tracks including the already popular Fire, Willow, No One Ever Cared, Something Real and Who Is She?, this mix tape is bound to be for ever playing on radio stations through out the summer and the rest of 2007.

Why the name Split Endz for your mix tape?

NyNY: There are a number of reasons why my CD is called Split Endz. One reason is that it represents firstly my two main Characters, the girlie feminine side of Ny who likes to looks sexy and cute versus my boyish more casual side where I just love my tracksuits and chilling with the guys. In between both these characters there is also is another important side of me which is always there which is the conscious Ny which is where my deep love for animals, the environment and nature come from. Another reason to call my CD Split Endz is that it recognises the fact that I am a person of mixed parentage which is also important to me.

Are there many Grime flavoured tracks on the mix tape?

NY: There is a mixture of different flavas and yes there are some grimey tracks like 'Real Or Fake' ft JME and Ghetto and 'Gave U' which have grime sounds and tempos, both are produced by Wiley.

Are you planning on releasing a full album this year?

NY: Well probably not this year as there's still a lot to do on this project which I am really excited about, but expect one in the very near future.

Who have you been working with?

NY: The CD has many features from the likes of Professor Green, Rukus, Badness, Tension, Purple Ratio and more. I have also just featured on Faith SFX's new single 'Passion Fruit' with Maverik and we just shot the music video which is coming out in July so keep a look out for that. My work rate is very high and I like to keep myself busy so you will definitely be seeing and hearing a lot more from me over the coming months.

Willow is a really summery track. Is that going to be a single?

NY: Well remember Split Endz Vol.2 is not my album but a mix tape. However, I will agree that Willow is definitely one of the big tracks from the CD. Also, look out for a very special music video for willow which we are planning to shoot this summer.

Apart from that you will have to wait and see if we release it as a full single but it is definitely going to be available on iTunes by the 9th July 2007 when the mix tape is fully released in all good high street record stores nationwide.

How would you describe your style as a singer?

NyNY: It is important for me to also be recognised as a songwriter as I write all my own material. But as a singer I would say my style is soulful,  harmonic, fresh and different.

How did you get with True Thoughts?

NY: I met up with them when I went to record 'Fire' in a studio in Watford. I enjoyed the way we worked together so decided to some more tracks with them. True Tiger have done a lot of the production for the mix tape and so we decided together that they would be the best people to licence and put out Volume 2 of Split Endz.

Are you planning on taking your music abroad?

NY: I love performing. Music is universal and just last week I was in Amsterdam performing. This summer I'll be in Ibiza, Aiya Napa, Sweden, Denmark and Ethiopia to name but a few. Check out my Myspace page for more info on where I'll be performing next.

What do you think of people like Sadie Ama who released one track and fell by the wayside?

NY: The music industry is very hard industry and not as glamorous as people may think. I respect anyone who steps up, no matter how much or for how long they are involved.

Is there hope for Urban music in the UK?

NY: Well you have to define Urban first. I have come through the underground scene working hard at it since I was 14 and, yes, there are so called Urban artists like Wiley, Kano, Dizzee who have deals and if you go to other countries they are very well known. I think there is hope for UK music but we have to build our foundations and then we will have strong long term artists.

Mutya has said you're a leading female in the music scene to Joss and Amy. Do you think it's a bit early for statements like that?

Ny - Split Endz Volume 2NY: I have to say thanks to Mutya for saying that. Without sounding big headed I do not think it is too early because as a talented artist that has been around she knows what she is talking about. I think maybe she can see my vision and also my place as an artist within the industry.

You're still quite young. Do you have a day job or are you at college?

NY: No, I do music full time which can be really hard especially when you live alone but music is massive part of my life and I like to say it is like a marriage. You have to put a lot into it to make it work and then hopefully it should all pay off in the end.

What do you hope to achieve this year?

NY: This year I’m working to promote this CD and create awareness of my music and sound. I am understanding where my supporters are and giving them what they want. As long as I produce music that people want to buy and is still musically credible then I am achieving what I want.

Split Endz Vol.2 is released digitally and in shops on 9th July 2007.


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