Paul White

Paul White is one of the new breed of beat makers for whom there are very few boundaries. His debut album “The Strange Dreams of Paul White” is set to become a classic with its soundscape encompassing everything from soundtracks to prog-rock with a big dose of leftfield Hip-Hop. Max Weldon caught up with the man for a few words to find out whats up.

Give us a brief history of Paul White’s musical development?

Paul White: Had piano and guitar lessons as a kid, but when I got to sixth form I found the wonderful world of samplers, synths, reel to reels etc! Started making dance music, more ambient on my own but made techno, trance and happy hardcore with a guy at sixth form. At University started to muck about a bit with Drum n Bass but was never very good, then electronica, I was mixing alot of DNB, and Hip Hop a bit. Then thanks to a guy at uni got crazy, crazy into beats. That was it, I was hooked!

What equipment do you use?

Paul White: MPC, SP1200, records, couple of fx boxs, analog desk, a computer to record into basically.

Your style is quite left field and psychedelic; do you plan it this way? What’s your beat making process?

Paul White: I never really plan anything, just sit down and get into the sounds and the feel of the old records. I love to experiment and try different things to keep myself from getting bored. Then just do what you feel!

How does your job as a library composer affect your beat making? Having a broad musical aptitude must be an advantage?

Paul White: I haven’t done any library work for a while, but it definitely helps you think visually which is what I like to do.

Who are your top three Hip Hop producers and why?

Paul WhitePaul White: At the moment, in no order:
Karriem Riggins – incredible musical, soulful, ill style, amazing grooves!
Georgia Anne Muldrow – she can do everything, so soulful!
Madlib – so many styles, all ill as hell!

Who’s your biggest musical inspiration?

Paul White: Apart from old records, I have to be honest joint Madlib and Dilla… incredible work ethics.

Any plans to work with any emcees?

Paul White: Definitely plans – hopefully I’ll get something done soon.

Paul White’s music is made for the: (Please choose which are applicable)

A) Club
B) Beach
C) Sitting Room
D) Asylum
E) Badger Sanctuary
Paul White:
F) None and all of these! It’s not really specifically made for anywhere.

What new music are you currently feeling?

Paul White: The artists I mentioned in my top three, Kankick, Tightface, Bullion.

The kind of stuff you’re doing is off on a tangent from the more straight up UK Hip Hop scene. Do you consider yourself part of a scene?

Paul White: I don’t really think about that type of stuff to be honest! Maybe?

Can you briefly break down your discography so far and what’s coming in the future?

Paul White: Two Democustico remixes for Far Out, a Frank n Dank remix with Dopeness Galore, Dragon Fly 7" and For You And For Me 7" on One Handed, Rude Effort remix for Bullion on One Handed, Payroll white label 7" with Bullion, One Eye Open EP on One Handed, The Strange Dreams Of Paul White album again on One Handed. A remix for Natural Self on Tru Thoughts is out very soon, got another 7" ready, another EP ready, another 12" in the works, another remix coming out.

What do you play out when you DJ?

Paul White: As much as possible, I try to play as much music as I can – a mixture of beats and crazy old records basically. There’s just so much amazing music out there.

Let’s end on a negative note; what is your least favourite musical genre?

Paul White: Might have to be country music… but I bet there’s a couple of dope country breaks hiding out there somewhere!

By: Max Weldon

Paul White will be performing at The Doctor's Orders 4th Birthday Spectacular on Friday 3rd July 2009 at Herbal 10-14 Kingsland Rd, London E1. On the night there will also be live sets from Guilty Simpson, Phat Kat and Big Tone as well as DJing from DJ Vadim, Spin Doctor and DJ Khalaas. Tickets are £7 in advance or £10 on the door. Advance tickets available from

Paul White

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