Growing up with hip hop in Freeport, Long Island during the 1980s and 90s, Perfected couldn't really have picked a more suited occupation. What makes Perfected stand out from your cut of the lace MC is his realisation that an overwhelming majority of mainstream rap was below his own abilities and beliefs. After dropping us some fresh cut tracks off the debut album, Perfected was more than willing to talk. And we hope y'all take the initiative to listen.

Nino: So, could you describe the first time you picked up a mike and what made you decide hip hop was the right thing for you?

Perfected: When I was 15, I was already known as the nicest MC in Freeport New York just off spitting rhymes in the street and school. Public Enemy and De La Soul had come from around my way, Rakim and EPMD was also from Long Island, so that was saying something. This industry producer brought me through the studio, threw on an ill beat, and put me in the booth. It just felt right, like this is what I’m born to do.

I never spat on a mic before, but I was so on beat it felt like I was physically inside the beat, controlling and manipulating it, like sex. Greatest feeling I’d ever felt. He tried to sign me to a production deal, but I wanted to go to college first so I’m not at these labels’ mercy. I don’t need rap to live, I live to rap. Then he tried to get me to ghostwrite, said I’d make great money. I turned it down, told him I’d never let anyone spit my rhymes.

Nino: What were some of your favourite hip hop tracks that really got you into it?

PerfectedPerfected: Nas’ “Memory Lane”, “The World Is Yours”, “NY State of Mind”, “Life’s A Bitch”, “One Love”, “I Gave You Power”, “The Message”, “Take it in Blood”, “Street Dreams”, “If I Ruled the World” and more, Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones”, “Survival of the Fittest”, “Frontlines” and more, Wu-Tang’s “7th Chamber”, “Bring Da Ruckus”, “Da Mystery of Chessboxin”, “Triumph”, “It’s Yourz” and more. Too many to name, it was dope albums coming out every other week back then. No reason it can’t still be. Rap was so much better when I was a kid than it is now, it’s no comparison. That’s what I’ma bring it back to, but take it to an even higher level like it should be.

Nino: Do you think there are many classic tracks around nowadays? Who is really impressing you?

Perfected: None on major radio or in most stores. Saigon, Papoose and Cormega are the only incredible MCs I’m hearing right now besides me – not bragging, just agreeing with your Review on me. Not everything Saigon and Papoose do impress me, they got to do hundreds of mixtape joints just to get on these days, but Papoose’s “Alphabetical Slaughter” is one of the greatest works of art in human history, and his “Justice” is one of the best songs I ever heard. Saigon’s “Say Yes”, “Contraband” and some of his other bangers are the closest level of lyrical flow today to what I always do. Both them was signed to major labels and now unsigned cuz they wouldn’t do the bullshit labels force all these other rappers to.

Saigon’s “Pain In My Life” got good radio burn here in NY at least – I don’t know about elsewhere, and a interesting video. It wasn’t even one of his best joints, still much better than anything else on radio, but it didn’t promote sex, materialism or violence, or dumb down the audience, so Atlantic didn’t push it. Both them still got the biggest management in the business and some of the biggest names behind them, Saigon got a hit waiting to happen in “Believe It”, I believe some label will be smart enough. They each got over a album’s worth of classic material. Nas’ “Sly Fox” impress me, but of course Def Jam won’t push it as a single. Lupe Fiasco’s “Dumb it Down” was by far his best joint I ever heard, but of course Atlantic didn’t push it cuz it didn’t have some sung hook or big-name producer. The beat was better than most of what the big names do, and the hook was interesting, which all these same-ol’ sung hooks ain’t.

I’m feeling TI’s “No Matter What”, his first song I can listen to since “Be Easy” five years ago. I knew he had potential if he stoped trying to be commercial and just let his art flow. It’s starting to get back to that, everyone trying to be lyrical again. That wack shit stopped selling, so budgets cut, so they can’t get over on top-shelf models and rented mansions no more. Lil Wayne considered the “Best Rapper Alive” cuz they say so on radio and TV all day. He’s trash, but at least heads is buying him cuz they THINK he’s the best rapper, not biggest gangster. He fronts that gangbang shit with all the Blood references and three dry tears he got on his face AFTER being a rap star, but even most of his fans don’t believe he murdered three people after becoming famous.

Big Boi’s new joint with Mary J. Blige is alright. Talib Kweli’s “Listen” and “Hostile Gospel” are good. Common’s “The Game” and “The People” were peace, though I don’t dig most of his recent work. There ain’t been as many joints the last ten years getting burn I could feel as it is the last year, so I see it coming back. Still a long way to go, but I’m leading the revolution of true MCs to return rap to greatness. All it takes is one true MC to sell mills, and the floodgates open. I can be that one. Saigon can be that one. Nas opening #1 on all charts, crushing David Banner and all these wack commercial rappers that get hourly spins on every station for months when he only got one video barely pushed for two weeks, says the people want quality again.

Nino: What is it about hip hop that you think makes it so universal?

PerfectedPerfected: Oppressed people always produce the most gripping art in history. 19th Century Russian writers, Native American sculpture and pottery, ancient Chinese sword makers, Egyptian slave hieroglyphs and pyramids, the list go on. In the world’s richest nation, we got the widest disparity in wealth and highest murder / incarceration rate. We took the only things we had – our mouths, hands and minds – and created an art form you can’t re-create with the most expensive instrument. It’s the maximizing of human potential, like sports, that’s what make it so appealing to everyone.

Nino: Do you think your music can be appreciated by a non hip hop audience?

Perfected: flew me to Florida twice to record they two albums. White rock fans down there who don’t listen to rap was flippin out when they heard my joints. “Dude, you’re awesome! You kick ass!! You fuckin rock!!!” I don’t blame anyone for not listening to rap. If all I heard was all the trash on radio the last ten years, I wouldn’t listen to rap either. Everyone appreciates great art when exposed to it. I got passionate MySpace fans all over earth. Fans from Africa, South America, Australia, Europe, Asia, some who barely speak English, send me friend requests asking to add and download my songs, saying I was the first rapper they liked this much.

Nino: What are you trying to achieve with your music?

Perfected: Bring rap back to being real and a great art form again, and take it to the next level like it should be.

Nino: Who are you working with on the production front?

Perfected: The Arkitects did my first four MySpace joints. They gave me ten free beats, produced at Sony Music Studios NYC, cuz they believe I can take them to the next level. They already got a publishing deal with EMI Music Group – Virgin Records, Capitol Records, etc. and won a ‘08 BET Award for Missy Elliott's lead single "Ching-a-Ling" on the ‘Step Up 2 The Streets’ Soundtrack and her album coming in September with the Remix featuring Jay-Z, Ciara and Busta Rhymes. They already had platinum plaques from producing everyone in the industry, but like most big producers they not famous till they get that string of huge radio hits. It’s starting to happen for them now, and that’s why they looked me out, to take them to the top.

I didn’t give you any of their tracks for your Downloads section cause they don’t want those beats distributed yet. The beat for track two on my MySpace, “Yall Don’t Pop”, was being considered for The Game’s album, and track one “My . . .” was used by one of the Destiny’s Child girls, but hasn’t come out yet. They still might be sold to major artists, so I can only use them as displays of my ability for now. My first Download on your site, "Burn It Down", was produced by one of France's top Hip-Hop producers, Niroshima, for his compilation album 'True Story' coming soon.

Nino: Do you like to get your fingers into the production side as well?

PerfectedPerfected: Never had the equipment. Once my first album drops, I’ll mess with it. I got a great ear for Hip-Hop beats, I usually predict a hit. Don’t know if I can make them cuz I never had a chance. When recording second album, which is coming soon, I sat with the producers as they made my beats, described what I wanted and we tailor-made almost exactly the beats I had in my head for each joint. Those three is in your Downloads section, “Who Better?”, “You Alive” and “Aint Nothin Change”. I be having these ill beats in my head that sound like nothing I ever heard, so I think once I’m taught how to use the boards I might could be a great producer and DJ too. Some DJs let me mess with they tables, I’m nice at scratching! Plus being so lyrically inclined I know exactly which lines to cut and how to.

Nino: Do you play an instrument at all? If you had to start learning one today what would it be?

Perfected: Grew up broke, no instruments or nothing like that. That’s why my instrument became my mouth, which is why Hip-Hop got so strong in the first place. If I had to learn 1, drums, cuz I can rhyme to just that.

Nino: If you had to pick one track of yours to get across Perfected as an artist, which would it be and why?

Perfected: “My . . .” As you said in my Review, I interacted with the sample. Billie Holiday, one of the greatest singers ever, starts off, “If you could’ve known: how sad I‘d be alone, you’d reach across the stars”. Sounded to me like Hip-Hop asking me to save her. That’s why my intro jumps in on that: “I got you, promise I’ma make it right / [My] heart true, mind designed to save ya life / [My] faithful hyped, patience heighten our sense / [My] spot set, Hip-Hop is not dead”. Then she sing, “My friend, my friend if you could only see me / I’m lost amid the music and the wine / I only know I love you, although the memory of you: is all I’ve left to warm this heart of mine”. The [My] before every bar is The Arkitects cutting her voice, so I used it to describe the different qualities about me as a MC. I also began each verse to rhyme with the end of her sample I was coming off of, and ended each verse rhyming with the beginning of her sample I was leading into, so it’s like a duet. Billie Holiday and all the greats of the past are the foundation of Hip-Hop, so it was only right one of the present and future greats pay homage.


Signature of my style, I ain’t just use it to brag, I also addressed the state of Hip-Hop and society. I rarely brag in rhymes, and when I do it’s only how dope my rhymes is. I understand it’s part of the tradition, and the beat was laid out for me to, so I took advantage, but I usually keep it to a line here and there cuz it’s way too much bragging rap these days. Especially since most them is wack, so it water down the effect when a dope MC say it, so I usually let my work speak for itself. But for those who don’t know, I’m actually telling the truth when I say I’m the best MC ever, and “My . . .” show you why. Then again so do all my joints, but “My . . .” makes you focus on it. That’s why I named it “My . . .”, and at the same time it’s like, “My God, this kid is incredible!” Even I be catching myself thinking that when I hear my lyrics, and I’m a humble dude.

Nino: Why the name Perfected? Do you think anyone can really be perfect?

Perfected: I ain’t perfect as a person, just as a MC. My rhyme name Perfected cuz every word in every verse rhyme perfectly. That’s something no other MC ever even approached. Some have come close for a verse, but I got albums’ worth of material that’s 100% perfect. Plus the beginning of every line rhyme with the end of the onebefore it, so it’s all fluid. It’s so advanced some industry dummies can’t comprehend it and told me, “That’s dope, but it must be mechanical if you’re doing that”. I got the purest, most naturalest flow ever. These rappers that’s struggling to spit two-syllable rhyme patters sound mechanical. I got lines that’s 16 syllables, all flowing in perfect sequence with the 16 before it and interweaving at the beginnings and ends with the lines before and after it.

No one can sit with a pen and force that to happen, it come from my heart. I don’t know what God is, but it feels like divine intervention when I’m writing, on some real I can’t explain it. One major-label A&R recently told me, after banging my joints in a meeting, “That’s great, but creativity doesn’t sell”. They afraid I’ma make all they other acts look trash, which I do. If you shot 100% in ball, you’d be the first perfect shooter. I’m the first perfect MC. Just like ball, the next best is gonna be around 50%.

Nino: What is the most perfect old school hip hop beat in your eyes?

PerfectedPerfected: Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones” and “Frontlines”, Wu-Tang’s “7th Chamber”, Raekwon’s “Icewater”, Ghostface’s “Motherless Child”, Method Man’s “Bring The Pain”, Black Moon’s “Slave” and “How Many MCs?”, Smif-N-Wessun’s “Hellucination” and “Sound Bwoy Bureill”, Jeru the Damaja’s “Come Clean”, Gangstarr’s “Mass Appeal”, “Code Of The Streets” and “Above The Clouds”, Nas’ “Memory Lane”, “NY State of Mind”, “Represent”, and “The World Is Yours”, Pete Rock and CL Smooth’s “They Reminisce Over You”, too many incredible beats back then to pick one.

Even the beats are weak these days! There’s still some heat out there, Just Blaze, The Arkitects, and some Kanye beats, but the only crazy ill beats like what I just named is coming from underground producers now – peep the Downloads your site got of me. Beats is hard to pick one best, it’s all opinion. Lyrics is opinion too, but rap flow you can measure by percentage of syllables in each line that rhyme. That’s one of the things I love most about it, it’s a challenge you can measure, like shooting ball.

Nino: How do you define perfection?

Perfected: When something’s as good as it can possibly get, 100%.

Nino: What’s the opposite of perfect?

Perfected: When something’s as bad as it can possibly get.

Nino: Who is the opposite of Perfected?

Perfected: All these wack, fake rappers out today. Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, you know the list. It’s too long to name.

Nino: What upcoming projects have you got then… heard the words Rap City…?

Perfected: Word, I’ma be on Rap City’s "Spit Yo Game" segment soon. Don't know if you get BET in UK, but it’ll be poppin on YouTube. Yall gonna post it on Video Channel. Spit Yo Game is replacing “The Booth”, their legendary segment for over a decade where rap stars would spit a verse. Today’s rap stars can’t rap that good, so now Spit Yo Game shows the best unsigned and upcoming signed MCs they can find throughout the US. They’ve had J Records’ Rhymefest who won a grammy for writing Kanye’s “Jesus Walks”, Baby D who’s got a video out now and album on Koch, mixtape heavyweight Skyzoo, Virgin Records’ Sha Stimuli. My verse destroy anything they air, video or otherwise.

I’m on the Cover of ReBirth Magazine’s Premier Issue coming soon – peep the Interview in my MySpace blog and Cover in Pics. ReBirth, Inc. new Clothing Line also got a photo of me on they first Item – Perfected hoodie, also in my MySpace Pics. To order yours, message my #1 MySpace Friend “Mr. and Mrs. CEO”, the owners of ReBirth, Inc. I also got “Empires Fall” – in your Downloads of me – on the Movie Score and Soundtrack to ‘The House Of Love,’ available throughout the US and Canada at Blockbuster, NetFlix, Target, Amazon, BestBuy, WalMart, everywhere. You can also get it by international shipping. See info on it in the Bio under my Song Player and the cover of the DVD / CD in Pics page one on my MySpace. It plays during the opening scene.

VIBE Magazine printed a verse of mine, also in my MySpace Pics. I’m on a compilation album you can order by mail internationally at Their second album coming soon got “Who Better?”, “You Alive” and “Aint Nothin Change” in your Downloads of me. My first Download on your site, "Burn It Down", is gonna be on Niroshima’s compilation album 'True Story' coming soon here and in Europe.

Nino: Do you think rap and hip hop have differing cultures?

PerfectedPerfected: Rap’s the music, Hip-Hop’s the culture. Most rappers today grew up on rap videos, I grew up in Hip-Hop culture. The boomboxes blastin, breaking contests on my block and graffiti on walls is my earliest memories of life. Heads used to cut open a cardboard box and lay it flat on the corner, doing windmills and headspins as KRS or Rakim was bumpin so loud the whole street couldn’t help but listen. It was like them movies, but real.

Europeans be like, “How come I come to New York and it’s not like that?” It was when I grew up. Maybe that’s why I’m so true to the culture, it raised me as the parents I never had. Everything changes, if you ain’t changing you dead, so I understand it’ll never be that again. That’s why I don’t try to sound like the past, I’m the sound of the future, but I’m bringing the rules back. No biting, no wack MCs, no sellouts. That’s why MCs were so much better then, it ain’t like we all got dumb.

Nino: Could you drop us a few lines to sum up your good self…?

Perfected: I really can’t pick, all my verses is Hip-Hop classics, so I’ll give you the first few bars of “My . . .” [My] flow is so amazin, it’s makin ya brains blow / [My] name Perfected, the rest is the same ol / [My] face show: realness real recognize / [My] bass low, hear this, feel mesmerized / By [My] special style, blessin minds, movin bodies / [My] rhymes be smoothest, fans askin ‘Who this lively?’”

Nino: If you had to learn a language for the day and rap in it, what would it be and why? And you can’t say Spanish!

Perfected: I only speak English, but the little Spanish I do know from growing up in NY, sometimes I write a few lines in Spanish and the scary thing is I’m almost as nice in it as I am in English! If I can’t do English or Spanish, then French cause that’d be the way to reach the next most people. I want everyone on earth to know my rhymes.

Nino: Have you ever rapped your way out of a fight?

Perfected: Nah, I fight my way out of fights.

Nino: Do you think you know a great deal about the British hip hop scene living in the US? Any names you’re feeling?

Perfected: US media’s so US-centric, we don’t hear nothing else. I heard a few names, can’t remember any. I heard some UK rap on MySpace, but can’t understand it. I think y’all call it Garage, it’s a different music. I’m sure it’s great artists there, it’s great artists everywhere. Just like people think it’s no more great New York MCs, they just ain’t heard me and them others I named yet.

Nino: Would hip hop have been the same now if it had started out here in England?

Perfected: Nah, it flow out from New York ghetto culture. It wouldn’t be the same if it started in Atlanta. It’s ghettos all over the world, which is why heads everywhere can relate, but the fast talking, big words, thorough rhyme patterns, that’s NY street culture.

Nino: What are the biggest problems in your local hip hop scene?

Perfected: Most kids only check radio and video, they not checking the streets like we did. We used to pass around and dub what we called DJ Mixtapes. They was actually DJing – mixing, scratching and everything. These so-called “mixtapes” these days is controlled by the industry and they just burned CDs, it’s no DJing or Mixing. They think they getting the streets, but they not. Whoever we bumped most in the streets got on radio, now it’s backwards. That’s why rap got so strong in the first place, we had the power. That’s what I’m working to take back.

Nino: What are the biggest achievements?

Perfected: Creating Hip-Hop. The biggest achievement of the NY scene now is producing next-level MCs like me that’s gonna dominate the future of rap.


Nino: What do you as an artist fear for the future of hip hop?

Perfected: That it’ll die completely. It ain’t dead, I’m living proof, but it’s in a coma, on life support. Me and the other dope MCs, DJs and producers out there can bring it back to being stronger than ever, which the art form really is, but what’s on radio now is weak as it can be. If great MCs like me don’t get out soon enough, it’ll die for real.

Nino: What has been your favourite live experience so far?

Perfected: First show I ever did. It was my first year college. This was Virginia, so they ain’t heard of me as a MC. It was thousands there, and when they saw me on stage I could hear everybody going “Joe?” I tore it down, could feel the whole crowd controlled by my flow, hanging on my every word. I literally saw jaws dropped, people who knew me speechless. Chicks who only spoke to athletes came up to me afterwards telling me how great I was. I went to eat after, they lined up while I was eating, about 100 deep, just to say ‘hi’. Even some dudes! Most these people knew me but hardly spoke if at all before that. I heard some saying, “Oh my god, he’s better than Jay-Z! Much better!!” I wasn’t open off the groupieing, just controlling the beat and the crowd.

Nino: Do you ever use a live band?

Perfected: I perform at this nightclub weekly, they use live bands behind me. It’s dope, I start off spittin to a drumbeat, then all these other instruments come in one at a time, they all play to the rhythm of my flow. Feel real natural, the crowd loves it. It should be done a lot more. I also did a show with this Australian beatboxer, Meta Bass-N-Breath, on some long tube wind instrument. Duke is ill, he created some crazy sounds and I tore down the spot. Jean Grae, who’s on Talib Kweli’s Blacksmith label through Warner Music, was hosting. After I stole the show, she said to the crowd, “I wish I could rap like that!” Rappers with records out don’t say that in public.

Nino: What’s the worst freestyle line you’ve ever come out with?

Perfected: I don’t spit weak lines, it’d have to be the least dope of all my lines. The one you quoted from ‘Aint Nothin Change’, “Stay up out this: life you ain’t want a part of / I'm not dumb, you ain’t happy to see me, you star-struck”. I was surprised you picked that, I felt I got much doper lines all through that joint and all my joints. That’s as simple a line as I’ll spit, and what today’s rap stars’ best lines come closest to.

Nino: If you had to pick three rappers to do a track with right now, who and why?

Perfected: Saigon, Papoose, Inspectah Deck. I told you Saigon and Papoose is the most incredible MCs now besides me, and Deck was the best ever before I took it to the next level, like he did off Nas and Rakim.

Nino: If you had to pick three non rappers to do some politikin with right now, alive or dead, who and why?

Perfected: Malcolm X, George Orwell, Nelson Mandela. I’d ask Malcolm how he organized people to force change in such a closed society, which we still got in different ways today. That’s what I want to do with Rap. I end the first verse of “Empires Fall” in your Downloads of me: “You stupid slackers fessin, power kept in Communist catalog / Sovereign state in disarray, as the populace sabotage / Galvanized, by styles of rhyme that I now perfect / Rap’s Malcolm X, voice for all malcontents”. ‘The Autobiography of Malcolm X’ was my favorite book till I read ‘1984’. I’d ask Orwell how a UK dude in the 40s predicted what’s happening in the US now. If you can see the future, you can change it or at least prepare for it. I only see the future of how rap lyrics will be written, don’t know what else is coming. Mandela for how he led an oppressed people to take they power, and how he stayed focused after all those years in prison to come right out and lead his nation. We need someone to do that for Hip-Hop, I’ll be the one. I feel like watching all these slaves misrepresent and mislead my culture, obviously it’s nothing to what Mandela suffered, but it feel like a type of imprisonment.

Nino: Where do you see yourself in five years time?

PerfectedPerfected: Leading the return of Real Hip-Hop, which will be a volcanic eruption. Bringing more incredible MCs, producers and DJs to the world.

Nino: If G Unit offered you a support slot what would you say?

Perfected: I’d be like “Nah, I’m good”.

Nino: Is the whole gangster pop thing just a mirage? Don’t gangsters wear suits and hire goons? Are there any real gangsters in hip hop?

Perfected: Gangsters don’t rap, and rappers ain’t gangsters. These dudes is in studios and tour buses year round, when they got time to be bangin? Why would you do that when you gettin paper legally? Lyrics is admissible evidence, so no criminal with any street in em would incriminate theyself voluntarily. That’s why they rap about all the murders they did, cuz they know it’s no bodies. Coke, no weight. All these rappers is callin theyselves “goons” now. The Italian Mafia got goons. Y’all rappers is actors.

Nino: Do you think the US or UK has a bigger problem with violence?

Perfected: Don’t know, I hear it’s gettin ugly in UK, but from what I read US still got the highest murder / incarceration rate. You never know if statistics is true though, you got to travel to see. Around the world, it all depend what area you in anyway, not even what city.

Nino: What about racism?

Perfected: From what I hear, it’s not nearly as bad as here, though y’all got y’all problems. The image that American racism ended when Martin Luther King marched on Washington is a front.

Nino: Sexism?

Perfected: Don’t know, but it’s still big here. Look at rap. If you not acting like a prostitute these days, you can’t be female rapper.

Nino: What is the average age of most of the talented rappers in your scene?

Perfected: 25-30. The younger heads grew up on wack shit, and the older heads done gave up.

Nino: What colour of the rainbow are your lyrics?

Perfected: Powerful music makes me see auras, like everything in sight got a certain tint when I hear it. My songs make me see blue auras more than anything. “My . . .”, “Burn It Down”, “Ain’t Nothin Change”, “Take 3 Minutes”, that’s just from my joints in your Downloads and Review on me. My other joints make me see other colours, but blue’s the most common of mines. In “Who Better?” I spit: “. . . make room for a new order / Few saw the future forming through a true author / Who cause a blue aura: on ya vision lyrically / Delivery: sinfully simple, a mystery”.

Nino: What action hero do you identify the most with?

Perfected: I don’t. None of that’s relevant to real life.

Nino: What special power do you wish you had?

Perfected: To stop all suffering, except for those that deserve it.

Nino: Does hip hop need to diversify in order to evolve?

PerfectedPerfected: No question. Everything needs to diversify in order to evolve. Everything needs to evolve in order to survive. That’s why it’s dying, it’s gotten so one-dimensional. It got so powerful in the first place cuz it was so diverse. Everybody was different cuz they was just being theyself. That’s all it takes. Now everybody is trying to sound the same so they can sell like the #1, but that’s what makes them not sell.

Nino: What other kinds of music do you enjoy?

Perfected: Reggae. Damien Marley and Buju Banton are incredible. I want to record with Damien, I know we could cook up something amazing. Most heads don’t know reggae is one of the forefathers of Hip-Hop. Hip-Hop’s first DJ, Kool Herc, brought the sound systems and turntables over from Jamaica. The park jams and battles, that come from the ragga soundclashes. There’s so many cultures that combined in New York to form Hip-Hop. Latin, black people that came up from the South not too long ago. Some jazz, a little R&B, the Blues – Sam Cook. You can listen to “A Change Gone Come” and hear the fathering of Hip-Hop! Same with Soul – so many early rap records sample James Brown. I dig some of what I’ve heard in almost every music.

Nino: What is the last thing you do at every gig?

Perfected: Let the crowd know where they can get my music. They’d always ask afterwards, so now I just announce it.

Nino: Do you still get nerves before a show?

Perfected: A little. That good adrenaline that let you know you about to tear it down.

Nino: When will we see you in the UK?

Perfected: When one of these labels become smart enough, or better yet stop being too dumb, and stop trying to make me sell out. You got to let talented artists be themselves, the sales will be much better, that’s proven through music history. I been meeting with most of the major labels, and these idiot A&Rs tell me, “You’re an incredible talent, I believe you can go platinum or more, but we need you to commercialise your music”. I tell them that ain’t gon happen, and that’s that. That’s the only reason y’all ain’t heard me years ago. A DJ who tours overseas told me I can tour Europe for months, but I’m laying down the foundation here, can’t go for that long. Promoters that want to offer shorter stints, get at me.

Nino: Where can we hear your stuff?

Perfected: Y’all can cop the compilation album I’m on and second album coming soon at with international shipping. My joint “Empires Fall” on the Movie Score and Soundtrack to ‘The House Of Love’ is available, also with international shipping, at NetFlix, Amazon, all major DVD outlets. It’s also in your Downloads of me. My first Download on your site, "Burn It Down", will be on Niroshima’s compilation album 'True Story' coming soon here and in Europe.

Nino: Have you got any shout outs and hip hop head words of advice for us?

Perfected: Jimi Hendrix couldn’t get a deal for his groundbreaking music in the US until he broke out in Europe. Y’all distributing and promoting my music while American labels is frontin just like they did on Jimi and so many others. Those who don’t learn from they history be doomed to repeat it. Most labels could’ve signed most of the biggest artists today, and now regret it forever. I’m going to be the world’s biggest rap artist, and all the labels that tried forcing me into they formula that don’t even sell no more is gon be kicking theyselves. Lots of A&Rs is gon be out the business forever. Some of those labels will fold. One company will profit tremendously. One person will move up big time for signing me.

By: Nino


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