There are few female rappers out there with the ability to addict you to their music but Rasheeda has got that down to the bone. With the highly addictive flow of “My Bubble Gum” and “Type of Gurl” the self professed Georgia Peach is reading to literally take the South by storm!

I recently caught up with Rasheeda to get the low down on what’s to come in 2008 and how life is treating her in general…

You have been around the music scene for some time now; since you first started out how do you feel you have progressed as an artist?

RasheedaRasheeda: I’ve grown as a woman experiencing life, being a mother, learning and understanding the business and through out the years I have come into my own and the shows all around.

Your 4th album “Dat Type of Gurl” was released to much anticipation; did you get the reaction from it you were hoping for?

Rasheeda: Hell no it wasn’t the reaction I wanted, I had way bigger expectations, but when you are dealing with a label who doesn’t make you a priority and properly market and promote you fall short.

How would you define your musical style?

Rasheeda: It’s Sexy, Ghetto fabulous, confident, female driven street music.

Was music something you always wanted to be involved in?

Rasheeda: Yes, Every since I was little girl!

Your track “My Bubble Gum” was an instant club hit, how would you break down the meaning behind the song?

RasheedaRasheeda: Bubble Gum is that something special that a woman has that a man can’t get enough of… When I wrote that I wrote about my bubble gum… LOL!

Do you have any other projects that you are currently working on?

Rasheeda: Yes I do, me and Kandi (formally of the group Xscape) have an album coming out together called Peach Candy we are bringing the female hip-hop and R&B combination to the forefront. I’ am also the host of a new BET show called The Boom Bap looking to air in April 2008.

You have had the pleasure of working with some great artists over the years including Akon, Birdman, Fabo of D4L and many more, who has been the most influential person you have worked with and why?

Rasheeda: I would say Akon he is very talented and his vibe in the studio is great we collab very well together.

There is a lot of female MC’s out there trying to make it within Hip Hop, what advice could you offer to those seeking some extra guidance?

Rasheeda: If you are not 100 percent dedicated then I would say don’t waste your time it is such a hard business and real cut throat. Is not built for females so just be ready for a ride. Make sure you ‘u do u’ and try to surround yourself with good people.

Being a mother and rapper must be a lot of hard work, how do you find any time for yourself?

RasheedaRasheeda: I really don’t, being a mother is a 24-7 job and my job is so demanding too, so I figure work hard now and play hard later!

Musically what is the biggest obstacle you have had to overcome and how did you get through it?

Rasheeda: I’m still trying to overcome the obstacle of having a number 1 hit and being the number 1 female hip hop artist. And mainly getting with a record company that is willing to market and promote me. I haven’t had that luxury, 95% of what you seen or heard from me has been done independently through D-LO Entertainment, the other labels I’ve been with cover the other 5%, they have never pushed me or given me a chance like a lot of other artists get.

What else can the fans expect from you in 2008?

Rasheeda: A new Rasheeda album that I’m completing now, The Peach Candy project, me and Kandi dropping an album this year and the new TV show I’m hosting with BET. I have a lot of things I’m doing this year looking to break new grounds.

Any Shout’s?

Rasheeda: Yes to all my fans thanks for the love and support. Shouts to D-LO Entertainment,, my girl Kandi and make sure you hit me on www.myspace.com/rasheedagapeach and t check out some of me and Kandi’s music check out www.myspace.com/peachcandyga. Thank you.

Underground Promotions UKBy: Danielle
Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.


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