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Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Rasheeda - Hot Chick
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Written by Danielle Fear   
Saturday, 30 May 2009
Rasheeda - Hot ChickWe caught up with Rasheeda at the beginning of '08 when she was riding the My Bubble Gum and Type of Gurl tracks. Now she is back with Certified Hot Chick LP and Boss Chick single and Danielle managed to get a few more words with her.

What can fans expect from the "Certified Hot Chick" release?

Fans can expect good music with substance. I hit so many different subjects that women and men can totally relate to. This album is definitely a manual for both women and men letting the men know what we want and what we will and wont settle for with joints like “Show Ya To The Door” and “Where Ya Been” then I have the songs for the good men like “Thang For You” and “Your Girl”.  And of course I have the hard hitting, ghetto, classy empowering, sexy music as well like “Boss Chick”, “Juicy Like A Peach” and “Drip Drop”.

The current single doing the rounds off the album is "Boss Chick", how would you define the song?

Rasheeda - Certified Hot ChickRasheeda:
It’s a sexy, confident, independent women, empowering song that I feel like is need for us as women right now just reminding people that we make moves and hold things down too.

Are there any guest appearances on the album?

Yes, Kandi, Diamond (formally of Crimemob), Cherish, and two up and coming artist The 2/9 Boys and Selasi.

The album hits US stores August 18th but where can your overseas followers purchase the album?

Online of course at iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody or where ever you get your music and in-stores.

On a personal level which of your albums do you feel has been your most successful and why?

I would say “Dat Type Of Girl”. Its still doing well and my biggest single to date “My Bubble Gum” is on that album and is still selling really well to this day.

What other plans are in store for 2009? Maybe another album with Kandi?

Rasheeda - Hot ChickRasheeda:
PeachCandy which is the name of Me and Kandi’s group. We have not dropped a album yet it will be release later this year. My plans are to promote the hell outta my new album “Certified Hot Chick” and continue to get my songs placed in movies, TV and video games. I may also venture into acting as well.

Give us an idea of a typical day in the life of Rasheeda? Is it all Grind!?

LOL. Mostly… I wake up get my son off to school and work out - do like 5 miles or so and hit light weights then I go to the office and answer all my emails, calls, request go over schedules and etc. I usually have a few interviews then go in studio and work on songs or mixtapes. That’s if I’m not on the road and I’m usually on the road Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon…

Your in the middle of doing some heavy shows in the US, being on the road must drain you but do you always get a buzz when you go on stage? Is there ever a moment you sit and think i really don't need this today?

Yes I do still get a buzz, every show I do I love performing I get a super buzz when the crowd is singing my lyrics!!

Give us some background info on D-LO, I mean you have been with them since day one, not many artists out there can say that they are still with their original label so how does it work for you?

Yes It works for me we have a great understanding and we believe in each other when you have a label that has your back and you can count on to represent you to the fullest it’s a great thing we have respect for each other and have grown together over the years and things are only getting better.

How can fans connect with you?

Any Final Comments?

Rasheeda: Thank to all my fans and much love to all y’all. And of course, don’t forget the new album “Certified Hot Chick” in-stores and online August 18th 2009.

Underground Promotions UKThanks & Much Love…

By: Danielle
Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.

Rasheeda - Hot Chick

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