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Skandal made a big splash at the beginning of last year with his debut Project A and Hunger Pains. But true creativity is all about re-birth and re-invention and so Skandal has metamorphosed into Rewd Adams and is back with a new LP Rewd Awakening. Read on to find out what has changed since last spoke to Rewd Adams.

Why the name change from Skandal to Rewd Adams?

Rewd Adams: I needed a change, Skandal felt worn out to me, unoriginal, and its common. Also, when I feel bad about something I can’t focus unless I deal with it. I had to change it before it was too late into my career. So yeh Rewd Adams is an anagram of my name…

Can you break down the new album and what it means to you as an artist?

Rewd Adams: Its kinda like a diary from the last year or so, a lot of struggles and hardship have gone into it due to what I was going through last year as you will hear in the music. Its also like a book end on that time in my life as well… I learnt about myself and people around me so hopefully I won’t put myself in certain positions to have to make that music again. Its time to move on.

Who’s doing the production on it?

Rewd Adams: Beat Butcha, M-Phazes, Sivey, Jetsun, Jon Phonics, Ed Strong and Loudmouth Melvin.

Rewd Adams

How has the music evolved since your Hunger Pains project?

Rewd Adams: I think I’m better at writing songs, and hooks and my style has grown a lil since hunger pains. Not to mention Hunger Pains was more about me showcasing I can spit a bar or two over different styles of beats. I made a conscious effort to focus on making songs this time around and I’m so happy with the direction I’ll keep moving in it. You won’t hear much "spitting" from me any more.

Personally I’m a big fan of your tune ‘Everyday’. What record are you most proud of and why?

Rewd Adams: A song that you may not even get to hear because of behind the scene politics. And because its a hit, literally a fucking smash… And for someone who started out as a wannabe dnb MC I’m really proud of it.

Have you ever been big into battling and if not have you ever been tempted by Don’t Flop and such like?

Rewd Adams: You know what I really rate the battle scene as a whole… I came up through open mic nights so I will always respect that circuit. I was really into it around the time Possessed (who I've known from Deal Real days) and Whashisface were in the Jump Off finals and when Mic Assassin went to the US to do his thing too, but I will always be a spectator in that field as I can’t battle for shit, haha.

Rewd Adams

Technically who do you think is the best emcee in the UK right now?

Rewd Adams: Damn… technically… can’t be few better than Ramson Badbonez to be honest. Him or Mystro.

Personally I feel like since vinyl faded from the forefront of the scene it’s harder to keep up to date with what everyone’s doing. How do you stay relevant and stand out in today’s download / anything goes culture?

Rewd Adams: Well I got a good team around me that advise me on how to do things. I try and listen to them as much as my pig head allows me too. So yeh I make the best music I possibly can leave the rest to them, and employ a good PR agent, haha.

What are your thoughts on all these guys rapping on house records?

Rewd Adams: If its good music thats all I care about… Remember when that remix came out of Run DMC 'Its Like That'? That shit was dope to me. So if its done well and its good music who cares.

Rewd Adams

Do you have any hobbies / interests outside music that may surprise people?

Rewd Adams: I’m a big Japanese anime fan… like I’m practically a geek for it. I have an interest to see the world as well but funding a music career yourself can leave you pretty broke.

Where do you see the UK scene in 10 years time and do you think you’ll still be a part of it?

Rewd Adams: I'm not sure, its definitely heading in the right direction so I’ll be interested to see where it goes. As long as the bulk of artists stay independent and creative we'll do fine. I’m not sure if I'll be a part of the UK scene I don't wanna box myself in, who knows I might be in Germany on some David Hasslehoff shit lol… all I know is I’ll be making music.

Big up Rewd Adams.

By: Max Weldon

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Rewd Adams - Rewd Awakening

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