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Rick Ross is known in the music industry as a man to come to if you need a hit. Just ask Too $hort, Bird Man, Daz Dillinger, R. Kelly, Snoop, and the host of other MC’s that have requested his husky vocals on their tracks. Jay-Z signed him to Def Jam Records following a large bidding war with other big boys like Interscope and Atlantic Records.

This move clearly paid off because Rick Ross’s huge hit, Hustlin’, sold by the bucket load. He is currently recording a follow up to his platinum selling debut album ‘Port Of Miami‘ with a record called ‘Trilla‘ which will feature cream of the crop talent which will be sure to secure another chart position for the rapper.

Rick RossI interrupted the recording of his new album for a hot second [naughty me] to discuss what we can expect from him in the future.

What are you recording right now?

Rick Ross: I’m working on a new track for the Trilla album. I’ve got a track featuring Usher which may be the biggest record of the year. It’s about living in the fast lane, partying, clubbing and enjoying everything. I also talk about other things on the album and I’m trying to go in another direction musically.

Who have you got on this new album?

Rick Ross: I’ve got Kanye [West] and Pharrell [Williams] who made amazing contributions to this album. It was real cool working with Pharrell, he’s a real fly dude. He was dedicated and made sure he gave me a super hot record. I’ve also got a record with Marsha from Floetry on the album, her voice is incredible. She’s a London girl too so ask her about the Rick Ross joint she just did!

You’ve named the album Trilla. Is that anything to do with Michael Jackson’s Thriller album?

Rick Ross: When I was young, I bought a Michael Jackson album on vinyl. I remember I bought the album and it folded open like a book and I played the record over and over again. The new, fresh sound got to me and that’s what I want to do with my music. My first album, Port Of Miami, went platinum and I want to make sure this album is just as fresh. The other reason for calling this album Trilla is because Trill is a word we use in Miami for something that’s real and official.

Who else has influenced your music style?

Rick RossRick Ross: Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Run DMC. When I was in elementary school I started listening to music more seriously and I saved up my money just to buy vinyl with nice covers on them. I was a fan before I was an artist. I met Jam Master Jay in Miami before he passed away, Ice Cube, Luke Skywalker and Russell Simmons. I can take advice from all of these people. Sitting in the studio and touring with Jay-Z you can learn a lot. Going to other countries and speaking to fans can also open your mind.

Do you have a certain process you go through when you’re recording an album?

Rick Ross: I pretty much like it to be private. I have me lot to drink and a lot of good weed to smoke. It’s a big party basically.

I heard that you wanted to start up a magazine. Have you got any plans for that?

Rick Ross: Not yet, but I’m talking to a few people about it. There’s nothing concrete yet but it’s something I want to get focussed before I start getting the details together.

Tell me about the film you have a part in.

Rick Ross: The shooting for Days Of Wrath wrapped a couple of weeks ago. It features Laurence Fishburne, Wilmer Valderrama and Amber Valletta.

What attracted you to the script?

Rick Ross: It’s about coming up and having aspirations in East LA in a gang neighbourhood where you have to fight to survive. I understand the role and that’s what attracted me to the film in the first place.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve learned in the business?

Rick RossRick Ross: You gotta stay focussed. It’s kinda like a horse on a race track – keep your blinders on and stay on track.

What has it been like for you in Miami since Hustlin’ came out?

Rick Ross: It’s been wonderful just watching the city. My whole thing was to help the music scene out there in Miami. People are starting to blossom and I’m reppin’ that. Trilla is the new word now.

Why should people buy Trilla?

Rick Ross: It’s the best music, best producers, new flows and great party music. It goes without saying that my music is street music but I’m taking it to the next level, the London level, all levels. Trillaaaaa!

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