Romey hails fom Chicago and names himself the Mid-West King. He names hova amongst his influences and has been likened to being the Michael Jordan of the rap game. After his Sickamore mix CD he has a new tape to drop and another 36 heaters ready to go. Lady Jay UK caught up with him to find out about his background and plans for the future, so read on.

Lady Jay UK: You call yourself the Michael Jordan of the rap game. That's a big statement. What makes you think you deserve it?

Romey: Yep that is what I call myself! Lol! Over the last three years since I've been calling myself Mike with a Mic there’s now thousands and thousands of others across the world who feel that what I'm proclaiming is true. I know it’s a big statement but I feel I'm big enough to make such a claim. I know it probably makes y’all wonder “who does this guy think he is” which y’all should think that but once you hear me rap you most definitely won't feel what I'm saying it far fetched.

It's not so much that I deserve the title now but in my heart I feel the rap game will be mine. Every king gets his shot at the throne and I'm working towards my shot as we speak. You have to understand that this is merely a pre-season prediction by me. In the end, I can look like a fool or a genius but honestly I'm loving my odds, I'm making incredible music and I'm a Independent artist with a major machine behind me.

Lady Jay UK: It seems you've had a difficult upbringing. Do you think this has benefited your music?

RomeyRomey: I had a very difficult upbringing but I would never dwell on it. I’ve always been able to smile in the midst of poverty drugs and violence; I’ve actually thrived in those conditions. If you study music you can take Kanye and 50 Cent for examples, one got into a horrible car accident and the other got shot nine times, them overcoming those harsh obstacles and being able to put those life altering moments into musical forms is what put them over the top and that knack to do that is also my forte.

It’s my bread and butter because in the hood the rights and the wrongs help you write the songs and struggle on top of adversity that you overcome, builds strong character and that’s why you see so many artists come from that element and succeed in the Industry because we've already faced so many challenges like staring at death in the face on a day to day so that when we make it from that space in life we literally feel like we can make it through and do anything we want to do.

Lady Jay UK: When and how did you start rapping?

Romey: Well I got my first real introduction to hip-hop music from my uncle Tony when I was very young like seven years old because he had every single tape that came out and he kept them in his old Nike shoes boxes on the corner of his room. When he would leave the house I would sneak into his room and listen to all the great rap albums – LL, Run DMC, Slick Rick, Rakim the list goes on and on. At that stage in my life I think it really planted the seeds for my pure love of hip-hop because I had a chance to be influenced by the Golden Era's greatest rappers.

So I would go to school and rap battle perform at recess and once I got older I would hustle on the block and kick rhymes to the fellas and that translated into me being heavily influenced by Jay-Z, Biggie, Tupac, Nas, Snoop, Eminem in my teenage years because they were the next great batch of hip-hop royalty and nowadays I listen to a lot of Kanye West, T.I, Lil Wayne, Game, Ludacris Lupe Fiasco because I think these are the artists that will continue to keep hip-hop as the #1 genre of music.

Lady Jay UK: How did you get close to Chicago's top mixtape makers?

RomeyRomey: I got close to Sean Mac, DJ Pharris, V-Dub and all those guys from grinding my manager Rick, the whole Get Rich Staff and I were going extremely hard from the streets to the magazines to the net, so once I was placed in that situation and met up with these guys they were already familiar with my movement and willing to do anything to help me progress.

Lady Jay UK: What's the best mixtape you did?

Romey: I personally think it's the Chicago Takeover Mixtape I did with Sickamore almost three years ago it was everything an album should be. From front to back it flows so smooth and you can tell I really went in with something to prove but if you ask anyone around me they'll tell you whatever mixtape project I'm working on at that moment is the best, so I guess it depends on who you ask. Lol.

Lady Jay UK: What are you working on right now?

Romey: Right now I'm working on a mixtape that's top secret for now and I'm finishing up my first official album. I got 36 songs I'm bout to take out the oven that will change the game as well as my life.

Lady Jay UK: Who's co-signed you?

Romey: Wow, I have so many Just Blaze, No I.D, Kanye West when you wanna talk producers. Lenny S, John Monopoly, Sickamore as far as Major Label execs. DJ Pharris, Sean Mac, DJ G-Spot, DJ Chuck T, on the DJ side. Twista, Lupe Rick Ross, and Young Jeezy on the artist side. I really have too many co signers to name honestly. Lol.

Lady Jay UK: What's been the biggest influence on your career so far?

RomeyRomey: I think my hustling back ground has been the biggest influence on my career. Now as far as who, I have say Jigga because I didn't wanna actually pursue a career in rap until one of my buddies let me hear Jay-Z's first album Reasonable Doubt. When I heard those lyrics and flows and how he captured the good and bad of what he and I both lived through it so vividly, that motivated me to study him and what makes him such a unique artist. I wanted to start going in the studio and record full length songs I started learning what makes an artist an actual artist instead of somebody that just raps. I felt like if I became a good enough student of hip-hop and worked really hard, one day I can make music like Jay and the other Rap Icons.

Lady Jay UK: Tell me about Get Rich Records…

Romey: Get Rich is my Record label I started the company back in 98 and now we the Royal Court! Lol! You got B-Ezee aka the Fresh Prince, Unit-7 the in house producer / artist, Big Ten, Boo Baby and Devante my R & B sensation. You can say we the music version of the Yankees and I'm the rap George Steinbrenner.

Lady Jay UK: Tell me 3 things we need to know about Romey!

1. Romey is one of the most loyal and focused individuals to walk planet earth.
2. Romey would rather not live if he couldn't do music the way he feel it should be done.
3. Romey will break your neck if you touch his fries or his licorice.

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