Luxembourg isn’t a place you’d immediately associate with hip-hop, but there is talented artists everywhere and S.E.B. is another young diamond in the hip-hop rough. Coming into the game with plenty of experience and solid connections, he is all about the music.

Introduce yourself and tell us about how you got into hip-hop.

S.E.B.: I’m S.E.B., 25 years old, Luxemburgish hip-hop artist. I make beats, rap and do some scratching as well. I got into hip-hop when I was 12… back in the days, I’d hang out with some blokes that were into rapping and cutting, so to me, it seemed somehow obvious that I’d try making beats. Six years later, I started writing my own shit. That’s when I started to buy some serious gear for my studio…

What is the scene like where you are at and in Luxembourg generally?

S.E.B.: Well, I guess the hip-hop movement over here ain’t that different from other countries, it’s just happening on a smaller scale. Golden era heads, garbage crunk lovers, battle rap nerds, turntablists, writers… whatever, you name it! Several groups have solid fan bases, put out records and do concerts. But to be honest, I’m not much of a Luxemburgish hip-hop head.

Did you master the beat making at a young age?

S.E.B.: As mentioned, I started at 12-13 and made my first beats using “Making Waves” on a cheap ass PC. I still use that program to arrange and mix my beats.

What is your secret to making good beats?

S.E.B.: Time, crates, good bud, my wife’s input, my cats, any drum-machine and the most groovy pair of hands since Tony Inzalaco.


Do you dig for vinyl? What kind of stuff?

S.E.B.: Actually, I’m digging for vinyl with my wifey… Lucky me, she’s fond of rare vinyls too so we both dig in the crates. I’m more the 70’s European jazz type of guy while my wife digs for rare psychedelic and progressive stuff. We’re a fine team!!! I sample from cassette decks and video tapes, too.

You are obviously influenced by the French scene. Which French artists do you check for?

S.E.B.: Well, basically, I work with French MC’s because I studied in France. I made many connections while doing concerts or producing local MC’s. I check for the many talented independent artists such as 20syl (Dilla influenced laid-back shit), Al Tarba (worked with Raekwon, Ill Bill and many more…), Rocé (grown man rap) and Phases Cachées (dub influenced acoustic hip-hop) whom I work with…

Do you listen to any UK hip-hop artists?

S.E.B.: Of course, I’m a huge fan of the Scratch Perverts, Phi-Life Cypher, Task Force, DJ Vadim, DSP, the Herbaliser… In fact, I’d love to work with some of these guys!

Where do you see hip-hop heading in the future?

S.E.B.: As long as there’ll be creative independent artists, real hip-hop has nothing to worry about. We’ll survive another r’n’b hip-pop era, no doubt!


You have worked with an impressive list of artists. How did you make the connections?

S.E.B.: Every track has it’s own little story. My man Neero from Children of Soul hooked me with that Sean Price verse. He kinda gave me this to push my work. He’s working with Shuko, an up-and-coming producer that did several joints with P, so this was an easy one. That Main Flow joint has been supervised by Piloophaz, a french MC. He got in touch with Flow and asked me to produce that track, which was an honour for me. Right now, I’m working on some stuff with Supreme (Boot Camp Click) and El Da Sensei. I contacted them some time ago, showed them my stuff and we worked something out. There’s a Masta Ace / Piloophaz collabo’ dropping soon, too. Basically, if your shit’s tight, people will work with you. Be patient. Hard work pays off.

Which artists would you most want to work with?

S.E.B.: I’d give my beats to any Boot Camp Click member, they all sick. J-live is mad nice too. R.A the Rugged Man would be great, as well as Mr. Lif and a few other Boston heads. In fact, I enjoy working with everybody, as long as you’re as serious and motivated as I am.

Forthcoming projects? When can we see a S.E.B. release? You could put ‘Worldwide’ on a 12″…

S.E.B.: I’m working with several artists and MC’s at the moment. There’ll be a 12” release of Worldwide this summer. B-Side will feature Supreme’s Joint, with cuts from DJ Fly (DMC World Champion 2009). More to come, of course. Check for Phases Cachées album dropping later this year, entirely produced by yours truly!!!

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