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For those unfamiliar let us introduce you to Sincere Sosa one of the members of the internationally known TRU record label home to C Murder. Sosa is currently pursuing many projects with the TRU family and alone so we thought it was time to catch up with the New Orleans native and see what has been going on recently and what we can expect from himself and the TRU team in the near future.

What are you working on at present?

Sosa: I have two mix tapes coming out and I just started working on my album.

You are part of C Murder’s TRU label, that is a big family! How long have you been with the team?

Sincere SosaSosa: I’ve known Cee for about ten years. I always tried to be on the TRU label, he told me just be patient I got you I just had to pay my dues until the time was right. He actually thought I was two different people for a long time (laughs) I was like Sincere and the Peurto Rican kid! (laughs)

Who influenced you whilst you were growing up?

Sosa: God, C Murder and of course 2 Pac!!!

Was music something you always wanted to pursue?

Sosa: Yeah definitely, music is my life and always has been. No matter what I had to prepare for in life there was always a song that I could put on and it would motivate me, good or bad.

If you were given the opportunity to work with anyone of your choice, who would it be and why?

Sosa: Kid Rock. I like to make different music.

C Murder being incarcerated not long ago must have added tremendous pressure to the team to keep things moving, how did you deal with that?

Sosa: Well we are a family so we stuck together. I did lose touch with some folks but god brought us all back together. I was in Atlanta and Montez (Deadly Soundz) linked me back with CEE through Kernell (V.P. of TRU records) and we did everything we could to hold big bruh down.

What can we expect from yourself and the TRU team in the near future?

Sosa: Man. It's going to be TRU thousand and eight. Ya Dig. (laughs) We have a DVD THE MOVEMENT coming out Dec. 11, 2007. I'm all over that thang.(laughs) I'm on Cee album "Screamin 4 Vengeance" dropping in Feb. 08. The Cutt Boyz album should follow that. Cee book in stores now called “Death Around the Corner”, he writing more now. They talking about movies and everything. Also look out for TRU publishing. We signing authors now too.

You are originally from Puerto Rico, how did you come to descend on New Orleans?

Sosa: My pop from PR. I was born and raised in Louisiana. I am from South Baton Rouge. So it was only a matter of time before I moved to the City of New Orleans Ya dig. It was always right next door. I been around though. Cali. NY. Atlanta. Houston. So when you listen to my music you'll notice that my slang is all fucked up. (laughs)

Your track “Keep Grindin” is telling the story of a struggle, what advice can you give to those struggling with the day to day right now?

Sosa: Keep pushing. Keep Grinding. Hustle as hard you can, as much as you can. SLEEP ON MONEY. WAKE UP BROKE. Let no man separate you from your dreams.

C Murder has a new DVD out in December, tell us more about that?

Sincere SosaSosa: Yeah. The Movement. It's introducing the world to the new artist on TRU Records, as well letting you know what Cee has going on now. But what I really like is how Cee also gave a lot of other local New Orleans artists the opportunity to do their thing on there, you know, get their music heard.

You helped write some new material for Jon B’s upcoming album, including the track featuring Paul Wall, do you enjoying writing for others? You never feel the urge to keep the lyrics yourself?

Sosa: If you read the fine print under the DEADLY SOUNDZ logo, it says production and LYRICS. Ya Dig. (laughs) It's a big business baby. That R&B money is lovely. And I really enjoy seeing other people sing and rap stuff that I've written. Kinda gives you a sense of pride. Shout out to BRYAN MICHAEL COX, he put me on with all that, he taught me a lot about the business whilst I was in Atlanta.

Tell us a little about New Orleans, being more or less a native to the Calliope what was it like growing up there? How is the city rebuilding since Katrina?

Sosa: I been going to the YO (Calliope projects) since I was 15. It’s like no other place you have ever been! It really is another world filled with drugs, money and murder. But there are a lot of good people back there, C Murder is one of them. That is why Cee is doing a lot for the kids back there and kids from other poverty stricken areas of the city. We really focus a lot on doing more for the kids and Cee is working with the NFL and other celebrities, through his non profit organisation to try and show these kids a better way of life!

As far as the City, Well That's a long political discussion that I'll save for another day but they trying to keep the minorities out!

Underground Promotion UKSosa: They even raised the cost of living by over 40% since Katrina. Example: lets say you had an apartment before Katrina and you were paying like $500.00 a month for rent. That same apartment rents for close to $1,000.00 a month now. Shit is fucked up, but they wont’ tell you that on CNN!

By: Danielle
Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.

Sincere Sosa

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