I’m sincerely happy to chat to one of the most liberal MCs in the game, He isn’t afraid to embrace new genres, or speak his mind, he’s the force behind one of the most hyped videos in UK hip hop and he’s not afraid to admit he likes rock. Sincere’s business mind is evident when it comes to how he is represented on the scene, he has garnered respect from many artists who’ve featured him on some of the biggest mixtapes of the year so far, but he’s keeping a tight lid on his own material until the hype that already surrounds him reaches a colossal status.

“I don’t feel the hype around me is big enough or I have a big enough fan base. I’m a perfectionist, I feel that I want to make music to change the game for the better and have a life time impact.”

SincereThe impact Sincere has had so far is to barrage the UK hip hop scene with a motivating attitude: “I am taking a positive step towards changing my life for the better. Don’t let negative people get you down and always follow your heart” and a willingness to embrace other genres of music, his love of rock is evident from his work with in-house producer Blak Jak beats whose often punk-sounding beats are inspiring other artists to follow suit, (think Akala).

“I do like rock. I’m not sure if I will be embracing it on this album though. Because I want to establish myself as a real rapper first but second album definitely. The Cherry Bombers are making an album and I will be featured on it.

I feel it’s good to do to cross genres because it helps to create new sounds, watch out for my track with DEE it’s going to be massive it’s called Repping London, it’s the first example of this.”

Considering the title, it’s fair to say Sincere is paramount in insisting UK hip hop is that, a product of the UK and not just London, “I feel it is important to big the whole UK because I Rep the whole country from London to Cardiff.”

What he doesn’t big up is the current state of Channel U, a subject that’s often been thrown about the proverbial urban boardroom…

Sincere“I don’t rate the quality On Channel U because I feel it makes people not respect the channel or the UK on a music scene as a whole but I love the fact that it’s given artists a chance to heard.”

Which really is the whole point of the channel, without it, many aspiring artists would struggle to get seen. Sincere however doesn’t need to worry about that, he’s been getting about with some big boys in the game, featuring on Frisco, Akala & Ms Dynamite and the soon to be released Bigz mixtape. “I felt it was a positive step for the whole scene for me to collabo with Akala, Bigz and Frisco, it makes the scene bigger.”

I’m sure the scene is bound to blow for Sincere, make sure you look out for the album, and visit his Myspace page for updates!

Any last words?

Big the hole YE family and all the DJs that support me and all my fans and friends on Myspace: one love cool cool.

Written by Rachel White

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