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By the age of thirteen Smokey Roomz was a renowned Garage MC and DJ in his local area of Sheffield, South Yorkshire with his sights on a wider audience. So he formed a group called The Young Offenders, recorded (with some friends) an album and a mix tape with a selection of Hip Hop and Grime Music. He has a new EP entitled Phoenix which is released on TMI Records and will be available for free download right here.

Where did the name Smokey Roomz originate from?

Smokey Roomz: The name came kinda naturally and most people get it twisted but it's nothing to do with you know what! It simply means that when I get on the mic, there's a lot of HEAT.

The new song Inna Killa has a particularly 90's feel to it, is this a sound that's close to your heart?

Smokey Roomz: Definitely, my younger days made me what I am today and Snoop, Dre, Tupac, Biggie and Big L are the reasons why I started on this road in the first place.

What inspires you to write?

Smokey Roomz: Life in general. Everyday experiences and memories from being young and future plans and what not.

Smokey Roomz

What can we expect from the upcoming Phoenix EP?

Smokey Roomz: Expect the unexpected, mixed with a bit of a familiar sound but a nice variety of different styles from old school rap to the more new sound but I always add my own style and try to be different.

You appeared on Westwood's show, that must have been a big boost, how did that come about?

Smokey Roomz: That was a real experience; I was young, fresh and fly plus balled down there with the full squad. We did a quick interview and ended the show freestyling live on air. We even got pics with the man himself and some 'drops' that we used on our next mixtape.

Tell us about your crew Young Offenders?

Smokey RoomzSmokey Roomz: When I was about 13, I formed a group of MC / rappers with a few friends and we were kinda good so we started going to the studio and ended up recording a mixtape and an album with a couple of the videos hitting underground music channels.

What's the scene in Sheffield like right now?

Smokey Roomz: If you mean hip hop then not much unless you go to student nights cos thats about the only place you'll find any hip hop nights on but there's a lot of MC's and the odd night when big artists come to the O2 and the Arena.

What other UK artists are you rating at the moment?

Smokey Roomz: Tinie Tempah is doing his thing and obviously, Chipmunk and Wretch 32 are really repping.

You also act and are appearing in an upcoming film, can you tell us how that transpired and what to expect from it?

Smokey Roomz: It's my first role but I was invited to the official casting of an up and coming film "Freshers" co directed by Ashley Walters (Asher D), directed by Luke Biggins who I have known for quite a long time now. It was fun and I met some nice people. I think I might want to do more.

By: Max Weldon

Smokey Roomz

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