When it comes to Dubstep, Sparxy is definitely a house hold name, his production has been showcased on Radio 1, 1Xtra and Rinse FM just to name a few with support from some impressive names. Already a major player within the world of music there is only one way left for him to go and that's straight up!

We all know well that familiar Dubstep sound but how would you personally define yours?

Sparxy: With dubstep hitting the mainstream recently people tend to have this pre-conception of dubstep being all "dentist drills" and horrible eardrum-piercing noises. In truth, that couldn't be further from the roots of the sound which is all about sub bass. I borrow a lot from the "roots" dubstep sound, bringing in alot of my drum n bass influences and adding a modern twist. I like to keep it deep, dark, and angry and hopefully that comes across in my tunes. I like my music to be serious.

You started music back at the age of 15 but I understand Dubstep wasn't your first choice, how did you get into the genre?

Sparxy: Well when I was 15 dubstep didn't even exist! Back in the days where DJs used vinyl and people would go down their local record shop to sift through the latest promos. I was heavily into DnB back then and was massively into legends like Bad Company, Hive and Noisia. As DnB progressed it seemed to becomoe more and more watered down. I sort of fell out of love with it circa 2004/5 and had a bit of a hiatus from DJing and production. Then one day circa 2007 I heard "Midnight Request Line" by Skream and for me it was a game changer. I "got it" immediately, such a sick tune, you can totally feel the Croydon vibes and imagine the man making it in his dark, smoky room. From there I found my feet in the genre listening to shows on Rinse FM from Skream, Plastician and N-Type. The more I heard, the more I got into it and by 2009/10 I was back on the buttons making dubstep.

Bacon Dubs was launched in 2011, your very own label, how does it feel to have accomplished something like that and who is signed to the label?

Sparxy: To be honest I started the label as I got fed up of sending demos out and hearing the same old stuff. "This is great but it wouldn't fit our sound" and "Good production, not for us". I came to the conclusion that if I wanted to get my tunes out there, I'd have to do it myself! It started as a platform for me and my mates to put our tunes out, but its grown into more than that now. We're like a family, a movement of guys all pushing in the same direction. I can't lie, it feels great to be making such an impact on the scene. At the moment the label consists of myself, Reamz, DubApes, Hiloxam with newcomers Deafblind and Format. Looking into 2013 we have some really exciting artists joining us such as ID and Genetix, so watch this space!

For any DJ events are a major part of the business. You have secured gigs all over the world it seems, from London to the Ukraine and still have a pretty healthy list of ones to come but, do you get the same buzz at each event as I imagine you did at your very first?

Sparxy: Yeah definitely. Playing out is what it's all about to me. Being able to showcase my favourite tunes and just having a bunch of people totally vibesing off it and feeling it too. It's all about the music and the way it effects people and you never see that more clearly than when you're in a live situation. It's great dropping something brand new no one has heard and gauging the reaction. I still get the same jitters everytime I step up to the decks, it takes me a couple of mixes to get into it and fully warmed up!

Sparxy Bacon Dubs Tee

Which artists gave you inspiration at the beginning of your musical path?

Sparxy: I have very eclectic tastes, and I have my Dad to thank for that. I grew up listening to a wide selection of rock from the likes of Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana… I could go on listing rock bands forever! But what really got me into making and being involved in music was the first DnB I picked up. The first vinyl I ever bought was in 2000 – "The Nine" by Bad Company, such a banging tune that still destroys raves today. In case you didn't know, Bad Company was formed in the late 90's composing of DJ Fresh, D:Bridge and Vegas. DJ Fresh went on to basically drive the entire DnB scene forward and his early stuff (including Bad Company) was a massive inspiration to me. I guess I have a lot to thank DJ Fresh for. Bigup Dan J.

What can fans expect from your next release, the "Gravitation EP"?

Sparxy: A selection of some of the favourite tracks I've made over the last six months to one year. There's a collab on there with Fused Forces which has had massive support and a track I did with a good friend of mine, Mannix. Expect dark, twisted basslines and lots of drums! Finishing off the EP is a remix by Area Zero of my tune "Mr Robot" from earlier this year. It will be available on December 3rd on all good online music stores, so get that in your diaries!

An artist obviously takes pride in his work but some stand out more than others, which on a personal level has been your most successful release and why?

Sparxy: The first tune of mine to ever get serious support was "Full Throttle". I was just listening to Skream's show on Radio 1 one evening and completely forgot I'd event attempted to send him the tune. Suddenly it dropped and I couldn't believe what I was hearing! It also fuelled me to make more tunes and helped push me forward. It's the track that helped me break through and I'd have to say I owe a lot to that tune and Skream playing it, without that I probably wouldn't be doing this interview.


As in life music is always evolving and looking for new talent. What do you look for in a featured MC or vocalist?

Sparxy: You know I've never worked with a vocalist or an MC. I'm keen to do both! If you do vocals and have some sick bars or an emotional voice and are looking to get yourself on some decent tunes, get in touch with me!

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Your logo is pretty awesome I have to say, so I guess that means I need to plug the T-Shirts for you! Where on earth did the name and logo come from?

Sparxy: Haha, it's quite silly actually. I've loved bacon since I was young. And by love, I mean I REALLY LOVE BACON. It's sort of become a running theme throughout my life. So when I came to create a label it was naturally going to be related to bacon! I asked a friend to design me a logo, she used an existing template and sprinkled her magic onto it to create the Bacon Dubs pig rocking headphones!

If you're interested in a Bacon Dubs T-Shirt, email us on They go for £12 + free P&P if you're in the UK and we have both female and male sizes available. Limited stock!

Where do you see yourself being in five years time?

Sparxy: It's hard to say really. Right now I'm just loving making tunes and playing out and that's what I'm gonna focus on. For me the biggest reward is getting recognition from people I take influence from, and people just enjoying listening to the tunes. It's all about the music and the culture that comes with it for me.

Any Shout's?

Sparxy: A massive shout to all the Bacon Dubs crewdem! You know who you are! Also want to give a shout to N-Type, Skream, Lara at MakeitGood, Wil at FatKidOnFire and anyone who has ever listened to any of our tunes.

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