Stappz is an MC coming out of Newcastle who is 24, but has been rapping for some time now. He’s been establishing himself locally but now he has his Good Writtens CD out and Danielle thought it was about time to find out more. Read on to find out more.

First of all can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

Stappz: Yo’ alright, well I’m Stappz, as you already guessed, I been rapping for like ten years, I just turned 24, damn that old, never really realized till now, hahaha. I make tunes about what I feel like at that minute could be anything from a party track, to a sit in your room zoning because you just lit up a huge joint. Either way I think my music appeals to everyone, and honestly I’m not going to change. Get me.

What is the hip hop scene like in the North?

Stappz: Its pretty weak in all honesty, there’s some amazing artists and talent for sure but there’s no structure, you either straight underground or commercial. No one seems to want to help each other out. It’s crazy!! It is getting better though, there’s a few camps starting to make a real impact, the stuff they doing it really starting to bring the scene together, it’s a pretty cool time at the minute.

Was music something you always wanted to get involved with? How did you come to be one of the North’s best MC’s!?

Stappz - Good WrittensStappz: Hahaha, don’t want to take that title yet, still got a hell of a lot to prove before I can wear that belt, ya get me. Just hard work I suppose got me where I am now, just keep doing ya thing, no matter how s**t thing look, if ya got skills eventually people will recognise. Plus I’d rather people hate me for being me, than love me for who am not, ha, that isn’t my quote but it just applies. Music is always something I was passionate about but it wasn’t until I enrolled at college doing Music Production that I really took the whole recording side serious. Before I used to just write rhymes and spit them whenever I could. Since then it’s been all-good, that’s where I met Sermstyle, and I was like whoa, this dudes sick. He made some beats and from then I was on POINT!

Your newest release Good Writtenz has had a huge response! You have even been compared to the likes of Eminem, how do you feel when such an amazing comparison is made?

Stappz: Being compared to Eminem, well that’s pretty insane, but on reflection I think it’s a bit unjust. I mean Eminem is unreal and definitely the main influence behind my music, however I feel there is a lifetime or music I got to make yet before I could realistically be listed along side him. I think what Eminem has done for the industry is amazing and pretty much any white MC, that goes hard and talk about personal things is going to get that comparison, and until someone surpasses him, its always going to be that way. He’s a legend. The main inspiration behind ‘Good Writtenz’ was just the whole situation I was going through as an artist, going solo having to rely on yourself and pretty much ‘Good Riddance’ to anyone who’s not going to bring anything to the table, if ya get me. You can cop one of the CDs from a few places really either hit me up via email ( or if ya want to download it, check iTunes, Amazon, Amie St, pretty much all the main sites. Just Google it, guarantee it will pop up. Haha.

Of all the tracks featured on the new CD which are you most proud of and why?

Stappz: Of course am going to say them all, I do have a few favourites, I like ‘Rockstar’, I go pretty hard on that, plus the beat is ridiculous. The guitarist we got in the studio nailed it, that was a fun session. Overall I think my favourite on the CD is ‘Fly With Me’ its just such a funny track, the beat is HEAVY and I just had a crease recording it. In the past what people think usually sways me towards the tracks I like best, but with ‘Good Writtenz’ the feedback has been so mixed. Everyone I speak too is really feeling it and they got their favourites, they just ain’t the same as the next person. Guess there’s tracks on there for everyone. Get me.

One track in particular “Rockstar” is having a good response; can you give us a breakdown of this track?

StappzStappz: The track is pretty much the emotions I feel toward the industry and the situation I’m at right now. We all go through s**t and its kinda like my hit at it all. It’s on a heavy hip hop / rock beat, with some SICK! Guitar solos from my boy ‘Bragg’ the guys a genius. I go in hard at the way thing look and the struggles, myself, and I can imagine a lot of other artist go through every time they try to make a name for themselves, ya get me. On the hook is ‘Tony Hogan’ I met Tony through a friend and we got in the studio and started writing and came up with so quality tracks, he got some mad ideas for tracks, definitely hear more from him in the future.

You have quite a few collaborations on your CD, artists of which most of our readers may not be too familiar with but if you had the chance to work with an internationally renowned artist who would it be? And for what reason?

Stappz: Yeah I got some excellent features on the CD, shout out to those, Livin Proof, Jaycee Payaso, Dretonio and Tony Hogan, had some crazy studio session makin magic. And I mean look, I’m down to work with anyone, there’s some huge names in both the UK and the States that I’d love to work with, unfortunately I ain’t going to say any names in case it curses me, haha. The futures bright, I’m always going to be grinding so just keep an eye out I got some sweet ideas coming, don’t worry.

What other plans do you have for 2010?

Stappz: I honestly just want to keep making some excellent tuneage and being able to put on a sick live show, that’s all I want really. I don't even really think I know for definite yet, but I promise you some good music and a lot of good crack.

Where can people check out your music and learn more about you?

Stappz: Best place to check out the tracks would have to be either the YouTube space at or even the bandcamp page, All the tracks are on there full length, its pretty cool. There’s also the MySpace, but that’s a bit old school now but its still there

Any Shout’s?

Stappz: Yeah for definite, I like to give a shout to Sermstyle (Razeone Records) for murdering the beats and production on everything I do, the guy is unreal. We go back a while now and it’s a good process just working in the studio, he making some insane beat and ill be just chilling there writing a tune. It’s good times. Also like to say thanks to those who had a feature on my CD, Livin Proof (Atlanta), guys nuts, Amazing too, definitely check him out, Jaycee Payaso (Razeone Records) absolutely killing every track he records too, BIG things coming from him in 2010 so look out. Dretonio (Musical Ego) for ‘Get to Know’ verse and hook, track was insane, guys a genius, and Tony Hogan for Rockstar hook, he got a sick voice. Also like to say thanks to Danielle (Underground Promotions UK) for the promo she’s amazing, also she keeps me right, without her I’d probably just be in studio making more tunes and forgetting about the real world hahaha.

Underground Promotion UKBy: Danielle Fear
For British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.


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