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Sterling Official is a South London MC who started off doing Grime. In 2006 his debut was titled Exceeding Expectations and he's also been in the Lyrically Scar’d crew. Now with his Still Ballin’ Entertainment company and a rosy future ahead of him Danielle Fear caught up with him to find out more.

Who is Sterling?

Sterling Official: Sterling is a UK Hip Hop artist straight out of South London, delivering a sound which is the currency of music. All in all I see myself as an artist that displays a talent that captures a wide demographic that is all about staying swagged up, taking pride in your look, chasing your dreams, and above all just enjoying life!

The UK is quite literally bursting with talent right now, do you feel you can stand side by side and compete with such artists like N-Dubz and Chipmunk etc?

Sterling Official: I truly believe that I can stand by the likes of N-Dubz and Chipmunk only because they make music which is current and extremely appealable to the masses. No doubt, my music carries the same quality and message, although my material is more based the fashionable part of music i.e. image, swagger, and lifestyle it still corresponds with the other commercial tracks coming from UK Urban acts.

What are your views on the current UK market?

Sterling Official: My views on the current UK market are more positive than they have ever been. The transition we have made as a scene over the past 10 years is tremendous. I am happy to see acts such as Wiley, Tinchy Stryder, Dizzie Rascal, Chipmunk, etc exceed in their careers. It only makes up and coming acts such as myself find easier ways that we couldn’t before to enter the scene.

Sterling Official

We are all influenced in life but who do you feel has influenced you both within your music and in your personal life?

Sterling Official: Within my music and personal life my strongest influences have been my parents as they continue to give me all the support, encouragement, and motivation I need to excel in my career and life overall. However musically, added influence comes from anyone that has made something out of nothing and I can actually believe that they worked so hard on their craft to get to where they are today, that being acts such as N-Dubz to media moguls such as P-Diddy.

You are not what we would call "new to the game" but you are embarking on your first major push as an artist, having already made the first step and probably the biggest step, what advice would you offer those still in the thinking mind frame of whether to follow their dreams or not?

Sterling Official: Simple, find time to reflect on your life, listen to your heart, do whatever works for you, and if you truly feel you want to pursue a career in music or any other field, all will work out for you if your being true to your hearts desires.

What is your most successful recording on a personal level to date?

Sterling Official: My most successful recording on a personal level is a track named ‘Making Money’. The reason in why I feel this recording is most successful is because I literally experienced a turning point of truly understanding exactly how my character is best portrayed when making music. This track allowed me to create a brand that reflects me on a personal level.

Sterling Official

The current single "Making Money" is so far having a great response! can you break the track down and tell our readers what it actually represents?

Sterling Official: The track making ‘Making Money’ is all about me getting to a stage in my life when making money became compulsory, at the same time what comes when one is making money, how to deal with it, and how to keep a smile on your face even though making money can bring problems. From a wider prospective most people from late teens to late 20’s can relate to this track as these are the prime years when we experience life’s up’s and down’s but at the same time push to really reach our dreams.

Do you have any plans for an album or maybe even a mix-tape?

Sterling Official: I am currently working on my first official mix tape collaboration with DJ Easy and Underground Promotion UK called ‘Currency Of Musik’. The mix tape should be released in Feb 2010, ‘Currency Of Music’ will truly be one of the best mix tapes to be released in 2010 from a UK artist. The mix tape will display my clever witty wordplay and focused tight flow throughout 18 tracks that will make listeners fully understand that I cannot be ignored on any level. From a fly-talker to a fly-walker, all will have adopted swag if not already an asset once finished listening to ‘Currency Of Musik’.

Where do you aspire to be with your career in five years time?

Sterling Official: I aspire to be a well established artist in the industry, working on more great material, motivating the UK scene to the fullest, and building upon the foundation of my record label ‘Still Ballin’ Entertainment’.

Sterling Official

Any other big plans for 2010?

Sterling Official: In 2010 I aim to hit all objectives which are; releasing ‘Currency Of Musik’ the mix tape, a couple more mix tapes after that, performing all around UK, working on more commercially viable tracks for radio, etc, and cementing the ‘Sterling’ brand in the UK music industry.

Any Shout's?

Underground Promotion UKSterling Official: Big shout outs to first and foremost my parents, lil sis, Still Ballin Entertainment, A-star (artist on Still Ballin’ Entertainment), Underground Promotion UK, and all my fans and followers. Sterling is finally here people!

By: Danielle Fear
For British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.

Sterling Official

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