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With regard to Hip-Hop, LT is cocky, confident and smart – an element that he believes comes with territory of any successful MC in the music industry. He is the answer to the problem of Hip-Hop’s monotone and the Boston rapper is confident that he will change the landscape of contemporary Hip-Hop with his combination of lyrical talent and cutting-edge marketing.

Supastar LT has worked and recorded alongside major artists like, Fat Joe, Jim Jones, DJ Khaled, Trey Songz, Lil Scrappy, AZ, Foxy Brown, Rick Ross, the whole Cash Money family, Fabolous, and B2K to name a few.

Most recently the talented and promising Supastar LT joined forces with globally renowned DJ / Producer and TV personality Clinton Sparks and his label Get Familiar Records. As the new Get Familiar member, LT is more than ready to get into the forefront of the Hip-Hop game.

How did you get involved with Hip-Hop?

Supastar LTSupastar LT: Growing up in the neighbourhood where hip hop music was the main genre of music. Also that’s what my relatives, friends and associates listened too feel me. I can remember back when I was 12 / 13 years and a Snoop Dogg or 2Pac video would come on and I would run to the TV. As I grew older I began to understand the things they were talking about and some things would reflect to me. It seemed liked like the things they where rapping about were the same things I was going through. I remember my fist trip to New York, the first CD I ever bought was Jay-Z (In My Life Time Vol. 1). It was just something that stood out about that the cover like the flash Rolex watch, black leather jacket, white tee and the fresh cut. From there I jump head first into hip hop feel me.

You've already worked with Akon, DJ Khaled, Trey Songz, Rick Ross, Ray J, Freeway to name a few how does it feel to be working with these guys?

Supastar LT: It’s a beautiful thing. We all got at each other in a cool way and put together some lifelong classical records. Not only that I actually had a chance to really build a friendship with some of these guys. But I like the pressure of recording with a major artist because you know you gotta go hard as they do. So you know I put my game face on and go in on these record to give the world that motivational inspirational street music. Feel me.

Being signed to Clinton Sparks is pretty big how did that happen?

Supastar LT: Opportunity presented it's self and I was there to take it for its offer. I always felt like I should do thing outside of the box and also do things on a major level. I didn’t want to do nothing people in my town was already doing. That’s why I reached out to major to work with right off top. Clinton Sparks is the biggest celebrity in my city and one of the biggest DJs in the world. So it only made since to reach out to him and see if we could work something out. Clinton listened to a couple of records and loved what he heard, and everything been major since… Feel Me!

Now your new mixtape, "Voice Of The City" is dropping The First quarter tell me what it's about.

Supastar LTSupastar LT: This tape is my heart. I feel like I’m the Voice Of My City. I make music that motivate and inspire the street to go out and get your hustle on. Go out and get your grind on. Get your paper. I’m the mouth peace to the city. I do this for the people, for the hood, for the streets. I tell every n*gga in my town go get your money and don't let one of these prayer haters stop you. That’s what this voice of the city tapes about. Motivating the people to keep pushing.

What do you feel about the Hip-Hop Industry at this moment in time?

Supastar LT: It’s a beautiful game. Any place a street n*gga could get some money in a legal way it’s always beautiful. I love the style of music I’m hearing today. I think Hip Hop is well alive feel me. It’s waiting for me and a bunch of other young talent like myself to come and put our pieces to the puzzle and keep this legacy going. Nuff said.

How would you describe the way you rhyme?

Supastar LT: Swaggerish, and from there I just put real life inside the music. It’s classical…

Do Boston and Texas, (where Supastar LT's from) influence you're rhymes and music?

Supastar LT: Definitely. It allows me to be very versatile given the Southern swagger, and the East coast deep lyricism. It all meets in the middle and great music comes out. That’s a perfect way to explain the question before.

Are there any underground artists that you'd like to work with?

Supastar LTSupastar LT: My motto to that is, if you put your heart into your music reach out and we can work. I’m down with all kinds of classical music.

Where did the name Supastar LT come from?

Supastar LT: Because I do things in a supastarish way you feel me. The way I pull up and step out the car, my last impression leaving out the room, the fly egotistical sh*t I say. That’s where Supastar LT came from feel me. I feel like cockiness is boost the music. If your are a boring person no one really cares feel me. With having that say, I’m a complete Supastar. 365 days around the clock.

Any artists in general involved in different types of music that you'd like to work with?

Supastar LT: Jay-Z, Scarface, Lil Wayne, Nas, Bun B. That one might be on its way. Keyshia Cole, Gym Class Heroes, Kanye West. I like artist that really put their life into the music and make it real. So yea, there’s def more people that should be added on that list. But those are the heavy hitters.

Finally what does the future hold for Supastar LT?

Supastar LT: I got a lot going on in 2009. The Voice Of The City mixtape top of the year. I’m also putting together the album with features from DJ Khaled, Trey Songs, Tyrese, Ray J. It’s produced by Clinton Sparks. I also just shot a movie called E$pendable starring Micheal Blackson, Suny Carter. Gillie The Kid, and Omillio Sparks. So 2009 is a big year for me feel me.

By: Nikhil Sharma

Supastar LT

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