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We only just spoke with Swazy Styles, but with his LP Hustle Life about to drop we got a few more words and an update from South Florida. Check out what he had to say to our Hip Hop Informant Nikhil Sharma.

How Long have you been Involved in the Game?

Swazy Styles: I been entertaining for about 14 years, making music for about 10 years.

You’ve opened for some heavyweights in Hip-Hop (Swazy Styles has opened for Pitbull , Ludacris, DJ UNK, Lil Jon and more) how did it feel to know you were opening for these artists?

Swazy Styles: It's a feeling of joy to know that my music style and appearance is up to that level where I was put in the position to open up for heavyweight headliners. It shows great progress and it keeps me motivated.

How would you describe you sound to someone that hasn’t heard you before?

Swazy Styles: I would say I swagg between Jeezy and Nas.

You’re originally from the Bronx but moved to South Florida, do the two places influence your sound and music?

Swazy Styles: Well it does influence my swagg. I feel like it gives me the advantage to capture both markets being that I’m from up North and live in Miami now.

Tell me about your debut album “Hustle Life” (drops August 15th).

Swazy StylesSwazy Styles: My debut album “Hustle Life” is my introduction to the world. It describes what we are all doing right now. Hustlin’ to make a change. I speak a lot about enjoying life, entertaining ourselves and staying on the grind to get it and make a difference in your life. We should live for happiness and spend less time complaining.

How did you get the name Swazy Styles?

Swazy Styles: Well  I started out in a group called Megga Bite Productions. It was four of us and when picking out our names I was always the ladies man with that cool smooth Swazy swagg so I was like yeah Swazy. Then we split up and it was just two of us the new name of our group was called Amped Up. We was banging for about 6 years until we split and I went solo. At the time I was finishing school to become a barber and was gonna open a shop and call it Swazy Styles. Ever since then I been rollin’ wit that. It also describes my flow because I got several different styles.

What do you think of the Hip-Hop Industry now?

Swazy Styles: Hip Hop is different. It’s going back to dance and party… no need to really make quality great songs to get radio play. Nowadays we got songs like GS Boyz’ “Do Da The Stanky Leg” and F.L.Y.’s “Swag Surfin” doing big numbers where lyrics and metaphors don’t matter anymore. I think that's wack. But it is what it is. What happened to excellents and classics?

Are there any underground artists that influence you and your music?

Swazy Styles: Well being that I have been rockin’ the underground, most of my influences come from Hip-Hop pioneers such as Special Ed, KRS-One, Jay-Z, Nas, AZ, Big L, Black Moon, D Block etc.

What do you think is the way forward for Hip-Hop?

Swazy Styles: Well the fans need to stop the bootleg madness and support your artist. Also, I feel like the true hip hop fans are not supportive of the club\dance  music that has taken over the industry. That goes back to the fact of being versatile if you have a verity of different flavor's in your catalog to attract all different crowds I feel that gives you more of an edge than it does for artist that sound the same all the time!

What does the future hold for Swazy Styles?

Swazy Styles: My goals are to make a difference to the rap game. Bring it back to where the game left off with real music that people of all different creeds and cultures can enjoy. Being a versatile artist, being the next rap icon and to win a few Grammys [laughs].

By: Nikhil Sharma | http://hiphopinformant.blogspot.com

Swazy Styles

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