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Swazy Styles is a New York artist who after 10 years in the game is now based in Florida. Lady Jay UK caught up with him to find out what he is up to, his new LP Hustle Life and what his plans are for the future.

Lady Jay UK: Who is Swazy Styles? Introduce yourself to the audience…

Swazy Styles: I am the Swagga General fresh out the box like a brand new pair of Nike dunks! Bronx born and now the new face of Miami, my government name is David Smith, my style is full of energy, talent, creativity and originality. Over the years I have developed star presence that is still rapidly on the rise. I have been writing, producing, and performing original tracks since 1999 and have performed over 200 shows locally, and will continue to tour nationally.

Lady Jay UK: Tell me about your music, and what you write about.

Swazy Styles - Spend this Money With MeSwazy Styles: My music depicts my life, my grind, my struggle. Swazy makes feel good music. Music that everyone can relate to. I feel being versatile in this industry is a very important asset to the game. Money is a major issue in this economy. I speak a lot about getting money cause it’s the only way to promote change.

Lady Jay UK: What made you move to Florida from New York and what is your style? More that East Coast flavor or are you South inspired?

Swazy Styles: My fam came down to Florida to visit and before I know it we were packing and moving. Just like that, LOL. I’d have to say growing up in the Bronx and spreading my wings down South gave me a universal swag. You know, take a lil bit of both and you got excellence. We all know that hip hop originated in NY and now it’s taking over the South. So I would have to say I’m mutually inspired.

Lady Jay UK: You came up battling on the streets. Is this still relevant to your career now?

Swazy Styles: Good question. Well we all heard the saying never forget where you came from. I’m a strong believer in that. Swazy Styles originated from battling on the streets and all that when I started out. However, I feel as though I have graduated from a battle rapper to a professional song writer and lyricist. I mean, if you’re not making progress in any field or profession then what’s the point. Nah mean.

Lady Jay UK: What are you working on right now?

Swazy StylesSwazy Styles: Right now I’m currently working on completing my Hustle Life project which is the title of my debut album. It’s scheduled to drop in August. In addition, I just released my highly anticipated single “Sounds Like Money” off the album. I’m also working on an old school mix tape called House Party hosted by DJ Epps. And I’m also working on a new school mix tape called Swazy’s Swagga Radio and I’m working on getting Bigga Rankin to host that.

Lady Jay UK: What can people expect from your upcoming album “Hustle Life”?

Swazy Styles: Originality for one. Expect to have a good time. This will be one of those rare albums that you can just put in and let it ride from start to finish which is hard to find nowadays. Also I speak a lot about what everyone is doing this year getting money.

My album depicts me as a solo artist, exploring my options in the field of music. My album is versatile; something for everyone to enjoy. I’m a true hustler at heart and I focus on the grind work that we gotta put in to change. Take your mind off the recession; work hard and change will come. That’s what Swazy Styles and my debut album ‘Hustle Life’ stands for.

Lady Jay UK: Any collaborations people should look out for?

Swazy Styles: Yes look out for features from Pit-Bull, Casely and Tripple C’s.

Lady Jay UK: So you've been writing and performing since 2002. What's changed since then? How did your career develop?

Swazy StylesSwazy Styles: Well actually I’ve been writing since 99. As you know in the beginning you gotta find yourself, it’s sort of like growing up. I always had nice lyrics but in the beginning I had trouble finding my style of delivery. I’ll say it took me two good years of practice before I began to evolve into Swazy Styles. But once I found my flow I was able to capitalise on it. Now I’m exploring my artistic ability!

Lady Jay UK: You've opened for some great artists. What's the best show you did? List some names…

Swazy Styles: I’ll say my favourite was when I went on tour with Swizz Beats and Fabulous in Va. I have opened for Luda, Flo-Rida, Rick Ross,Young Jezzy, Brisco, Piccalo, Snoop, Trick, Cash Money, TI, Pit Bull, Special Ed, Jt Money and more.

Lady Jay UK: Anything else to add?

Swazy Styles: I want to thank all my supports for the luv and support. This game ain’t easy it takes a lot of sacrifice and dedication. If you believe in yourself then you can achieve for yourself. Like Pac said, ‘only god can judge me and control my destiny’. Shout out to all My DJ’s Shout out DJ Epps, G- Unit, Shadyville, Core DJ’s, Hitman DJ’s, Bigga Rankin I see you, DJ Nasty I see you, 718-212 – all the way to da 954-305 I do this.Nightbreederz, Hustle Life we in here cheeeeea.

By: Jay Diamond | www.unityradio.fm Tuesdays 10pm till Midnight | www.myspace.com/ladyjayuk. Check out my podcast for interviews.

Swazy Styles

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