East London head Teef has had two CDs out and has shown a steady progression in terms of development. With another on the way he now hosts some radio shows and we managed to get a few words with the man before he blows up. Check out what he had to say here…

Give us a brief history of your involvement within the music scene?

Oh my days, what a question, err, check out www.myspace.com/dontekz… there’s a little bio there. But honestly I will stumble trinna tell you the things I’ve done. Seriously,  wait… actually let me try a little suttin at least… basically my name is TEEF, I’ve got 2 serious mix CD’s on road HONOUR AMONGST TEEF VOLUME 1 AND 2. Volume 3 on the way so watch for that. Got some mix CD’s I’ve got coming with DJ GONE, yeah… www.teefonline.com.

I didn’t want to ask this but I know the readers are going to be intrigued by the name. I can imagine you’ve been getting corny jokes about being a thief or having problems with your teeth. Let them know where it came from?

TeefHaha, you basically answered my question, thanks. Look, my boys from the mannor used to call me TEEF from when I was very young… it just stuck since then.

It sounds like you’ve been rhyming for a considerable amount of time. What direction do you feel the scene is moving in? How do you feel it has progressed?

Haha, thanks… I think that’s a compliment, err, I can’t predict the future and tell what direction the scene is going in, but at least it feels like the scene is going in a direction which ever way that direction is. When before shit was a bit stale, even though we still had some big rappers back when I was a bit younger, people wasn’t generally clocking onto rap in the UK too tough. I had a lot more rappers to look up to back then compared to now, but still, as I said at least it’s moving.

A lot of MC’s outside of London don’t feel they are getting any love from the industry. Do you feel there is any truth in this?

Whatever man. Whoever thinks that… I think you need ta step your game up… your time will come.

What are the ingredients to make good hip hop to you?

Honesty, soulfulness and intelligence… and some green… but don’t rely on it.

What artists are you listening to right now?

In terms of rappers… not too much heads to be honest. I like to hear instrumental albums a lot though. I love to get into a well produced beat and… wait that ain’t the question… err… I still try and listen and hear what other heads on the “so called grind” are doing though. Certain guys I see about are okay.

Having released ‘Honour Amongst Teef volume 2’ last year can we be expecting a follow up anytime soon?

Yep very soon… Volume 3 watch out…

I’ve seen your video for ‘Perfect Fit’. Where did the concept for the tune and the video come from?

Kaybelrex is my boy, so we got him in there. Sloth got the camera and it was on. Basically we just said walk… wave your hands a little and try and look cool. It was mad though ‘cause bare people were bothering him because they couldn’t believe what they were seeing. Haha. Shouts to Kaybelrex.

What do you do when you are not doing Hip Hop?

TeefWhen I’m not doing hip hop… haha… I’m always doing hip hop. Haha… that sounds soo corny. I’m never not living music man. Its installed in my blood’s chemical structure when they built me, but other than that, err… I read manga, watch anime, blaze green, and do what other guys do, just in a different way I guess.

Being the host for Kung Fu on Itch FM and Pyrotechnics radio must have a lot of perks. What’s the downside to being a host? When can people catch the show?

I don’t know you know… haven’t really thought if there was a down side, errr, one sec, maybe because I have to turn up at least twice a week when  might not feel like it… dunno… I love what I do. Remember to tune in…

Kung fu international www.pyroradio.com Tues 7 – 9 (if you miss a show you can search through the archives).

Kung fu show Itch FM Fri 8 – 10.

Where can people pick up your stuff?

Soon on www.teefonline.com
Soon on www.kungfu-london.com

And the ROADS GUYS… big shouts to all the heads on road shotting my CD with or without my permission… its all love…


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