The New Boyz

The New Boyz are a young duo from the West Coast, now hailing from Victorville who have made a ripple with their You A Jerk single. Danielle caught up with them to find out about their background, influences and what Jerking is. Read on to find out more.

First of all give our readers some insight into who The New Boyz are?

New Boyz: We are Ben J (Earl Benjamin) and Legacy (Dominic Thomas) originally from Los Angeles, and moved to Victorville about four years ago for Ben J and six years for Legacy.

You look real young too, how old are you both?

The New BoyzNew Boyz: 17 years old, we were both born in October 1991, Legacy was born on the 12th and Ben J born on the 13th.

Right now there is major noise and hype surrounding “You A Jerk” did you expect as much attention as it has been receiving?

New Boyz: No we didn’t expect it to be as big as it is, we made the song messing around. We always dreamed of being famous, but didn’t know that the song would be this big.

I have to ask the killer question, what is Jerking?

New Boyz: Jerking is a dance originating from Los Angeles, it’s basically dancing anywhere, anytime, any place.

Where did the concept for the song come from?

New Boyz: We called ourselves jerks, because we liked the dance, and that’s what we did. We wanted to create a song that was different from the other jerk songs, and our original jerk song.

Have you always wanted to get involved with music?

The New BoyzNew Boyz: We always wanted to be rappers, since we were younger kids.

If we look at the likes of Soulja Boy and his Crank Dat track, do you feel you are following a similar pattern to him? In a sense of you are not just pushing the track you are pushing the dance too, as if it is one package?

New Boyz: No. Jerking is a dance that can be done with all types of music, and Soulja boy’s Crank Dat could only be done to that one song. Also, we didn’t create the dance, we just made a cool song to jerk to.

Where do you take your influence from? I’m sure you have mentioned the Cool Kids before?

New Boyz: We liked the Cool Kids dressing style, as far as lyrical influences, we like Lil Wayne, and Jay Z. But, I feel like we have our own style, that compliments the jerking movement.

What other plans and projects are you currently working on?

New Boyz: We our currently working on a movie, and our album, as well as a mixtape.
Where can your fans reach you?

New Boyz:,,, Or you can send us a direct aim message @ ib3njamin or thalegacy.
Any Final words?

New Boyz: Our single was just released today, so make sure you get that, as well as the video, our ringtones are available, and look for our album sometime in August. And we just want to thank are international fans and everyone who support the new Boyz. Thank you.

Underground Promotions UKBy: Danielle
Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.

The New Boyz

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