Treal is a group from Orange County Florida which comprises members Eliseo, Tsick, Cheeze and Poetic. They have their own Orange County Committee crew and on the back of their Don’t Worry Bout Mine single are now preparing for the release of their sophomre LP entitled Showtime. Check out what they had to say when they spoke to Danielle.

Is it true you have been together since High School?

Treal: Yes! Me- Eliseo, Tsick and Cheeze went to the same high school. Jones high in Orlando Fl, we graduated in 2000 then we all worked at Taco Bell together, thats when we met Poetic and added him as the forth member of Treal in 2003!

Which track was your first big hit?

TrealTreal: It was titled “Don’t Worry Bout Mine” a huge hit in central Florida! It talked about staying out of people business, we said “you do you and I'ma do me”, waayyyy before Rocko said it, just do ya home work and you’ll see!

You recently released a mix-tape hosted by DJ Smallz, what was that like?

Treal: It was really good the mixtape is titled “The Formula” and it has all original music on it. No wack beat jacks or phony remixes of bug artist songs, we just work on our own production and write all our own projects. The mixtape gets a lot of downloads and great reviews if you would like to download it here is the link:

Is there an album on the horizon? And, if so what can we expect from it?

Treal: Yes we have an album that dropped march of 2006 titled “Crunk Tested And Approved” it was when crunk was in big time, we did very good regionally with that album thousands of sales, that album had hits like “Don’t Worry Bout Mine” and “Swang On Everybody” and a few others that did really good on radio and in the clubs! Now we are working on a new album titled “Showtime” slated for release in 2008. It will feature hits like “I'm Not Locked Down”, “Spaceship”, “Zone’N / Fantasy Lady” and a lot more!

You can hear them all on our myspace page

How would you define your musical style?

TrealTreal: We have a new genre of music "Hybrid", we take other elements of musical styles, R&B, pop, rap, hip hop, crunk, soul, classical, electric and many more then put them all together to make a whole new refreshing sound of music!

You recently signed a deal with Universal, is that correct? Tell us about that?

Treal: We did have a single deal with them for our hit song “I'm Not Locked Down”, however they said that the record wasn’t responding well with radio and it wasn’t getting added to programming like they thought it would so the deal didn’t go any further, so now we are working on an album deal with a few other labels that are getting at us till then we just gonna keep making these hot hits!

If you were put on a desert island and allowed to take one thing with you what would it be and why?

Treal: We would take our studio! Lol, long as we got our studio then we can always get great music out to our fans and they can help keep our legacy alive.


There are so many talented rappers out there today, what makes Treal different?

Treal: Treal is different because we are not just rappers! We all can sing, produce, write, engineer and whatever else it takes to make the song a smash! We also DJ, make graphics and all other type of thing that help cover us in certain areas in the field!

Everyone needs time to chill out and relax, what do you enjoy doing when you are not pursuing your musical career?

Treal: We all love to watch movies and play video games to help keep our nerves from going bad, sometimes we jump online and chat with the fans thats always fun!

Give us some interesting facts about yourselves?

TrealTreal: We all put our money together to build a studio in our own apartment that all of us stay in and everyday we get up and make a new song. We try to sell beats and hooks to all artists of all genres local and major and we get a lot of people hittin' us up now for material!

What can we expect next from Treal?

Treal: You all can expect some great music from us also longevity! We are a group that can change with the times and keep the sounds fresh to the listeners, so mos def keep your ears open for us!

Any shout’s?

Underground Promotions UKTreal: Shouts to our label Orange County Committee, Dirty South Management also to the DJ’s that stay bumping us and as well all the listeners that play our music and get new people hip to the boyz, thanks a lot everyone, get at us any time online or if we are in your city for shows don’t hesitate to come out and holla at us y'all peace .T-R-E-A-L!

By: Danielle

Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.


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