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Ready to take the game by storm after a brief hiatus, music artist Trel Mack is back. Trel Mack, was an artist that built a solid following back in 07-08 with the release of fan favorite projects such as The Mack of The Year and The New Dynasty. Things have moved on since our first interview with Trel Mack, so read on to find out what he had to say to Danielle.

Give our readers an introduction to Trel Mack.

Trel Mack: For those that don’t know, I am a hip-hop recording artist and business man coming out of Philadelphia.

Tell us about your latest track Dreams Of A Winner?

Trel Mack: Dreams Of A Winner is a very inspirational song that talks about not letting go the vision of your dreams. This song is definitely something I experienced. There was a time in my career where I just lost sight of my dream with that being said I just wanted to shed a little light on it and hopefully inspire all the dreamers that is also trying to bring their hopes and dreams to a reality.

You had quite a big following back in 07/08 but then seemed to drop slightly off the radar, what happened?

Trel MackTrel Mack: Again, Just life and me trying to survive in it. I had a lot going on, a business to run, and I had a family to take care of. Music wasn’t really paying the bills at the time so I really had to sacrifice my dreams and take the more adult like approach to life.

You recently had some exposure in the Mediterranean too! What does it feel like to not only be recognised in the USA and UK, but to also branch further into other countries?

Trel Mack: It feels great, not to many people can make it out of their city. Philadelphia can be a tough market to break in the music world. I just decided to focus on other parts of the country and the world as a whole, get noticed and then bring it back home. Being noticed in other countries is a beautiful thing because you are dealing with a different people, with different taste, and just different personalities. To know that my music can touch stick with them makes me satisfied and keeps me motivated to do more.

How would you define your musical style?

Trel Mack: I definite my musical style to be smooth, inspirational, very expressive with a edge when its appropriate. The main thing for me is to try my best to make good music for everybody walking on this earth without compromising the truth within myself.

You have worked with my boy Q for quite some time now, how did you both hook up musically? You co-founded SKE together right?

Trel Mack: Me and Q met in a library. We were two young guys that were just hungry and passionate about taking it to the next level. I was at the library almost everyday, and so was he. So we just crossed paths eventually to find out that we both were involved in entertainment and music. Q has always been the same since I’ve known him, we both are trying to make great things happen. We both established Street Knowledge Entertainment in 2006 and just recently in 2012 we started SKE Records which is the home of all SKE music releases.

Tell us more about your label SKE?

Trel Mack: SKE is a label that is hungry for knowledge in the entertainment world, we want to be able to take knowledge and create a positive impact in the industry. We are two young brothers from the streets of Philadelphia that is hungry so the name Street Knowledge was so proper for what we represented.

What are you currently working on?

Trel Mack: Right now my E.P Inspired By Greatness is about 95% complete, Right after that I am working my new official album. I got a lot of ideas in mind and definitely would like to reach out to some great talent to be apart of this project. Its this artist out of the UK that is dope, her name is Lucie Evans, I would like to work with her, Elle Maxwell, Erin Barra, Patrick Patch Car, Freedom Hill. Just to name a few. I may not be able to get all of them, but those are just a few people I would like to reach out too.

Trel Mack

Where do you see yourself being in five years time?

Trel Mack: To keep it nice and simple Successful in doing what I love to do and that’s music and business.

You are a family man too right? How do you juggle your career with being a father?

Trel Mack: Yes I am a family man and to juggle everything is not a easy task. The best things for me to do are just stay positive and continue to mature in balancing both. I love my children and want to be able to give them the world one day.

Where can fans cop the new single?

Trel Mack: Most Definitely, you can find Dreams Of A Winner ft. Shaun ChrisJohn on Amazon and iTunes. The Official Video is out so you can check that out on the Youtube. Don’t forget to follow me on twitter @trelmack, check out my official website and if you got instagram follow me @trelmack.

Any shouts?

Trel Mack: Shout out to the whole entire SKE Family, All the DJs, Magazines that supported me and my team. I wish I can name you all out individual but its just way to many of y’all, but you know who you are and feel free to make it know on twitter, facebook or whatever.

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