T.R.O.N. Is a Southern USA business man / artist who has apparently penned an astounding number of songs. Our reporter Danielle talked to him to find out his business plan and to have him detail what his music means to him. Continue reading to find out more…

Who is T.R.O.N.?

T.R.O.N.: Hip Hop artist, product of the concrete, product of America and also the future of rap music.

You have gained a lot of recognition for your talents, how do you keep on top of your PR movement?

T.R.O.N.: Well its all word of mouth networking with different DJ’s and people who love Hip Hop music and also they root for the underdawg, we all love the underdawg only bad thing bout being that is they will hate you later, but its all good.

Your debut release is just around the corner, what content can we expect from the release?

T.R.O.N.T.R.O.N.: My album Da Arrival… Jus Day Away is available now at www.cdbaby.com and also myspace.com/tron3r. Its raw, street, deep and a lil political with what I would call a universal somewhat mainstream appeal, its pretty diverse. Even the legendary Teddy Riley co signed by LP.

You have written over 1,000 tracks, is this right?

T.R.O.N.: No doubt, its closer to over 1,500 now and counting, as of right now its all about promo / marketing my LP / single, but I'm also working on my second LP titled Da Sequel…Etched In Stone, I wanted to release these albums both together but I figured I separated 'em and release 'em solo since I'm a new artist, just made better business sense, so first I give you Da Arrival then I drop Da Sequel.

Where do you take your musical influence from?

T.R.O.N.: Scarface / Geto Boys, Notorious B.I.G., 2Pac, N.W.A., Wu-Tang, Dr. Dre,  Nas, Outkast and so, so many more, I grew up on that 90’s raw sound.

What are your views on today’s Hip Hop, is it really dead?

T.R.O.N.T.R.O.N.: Hell nah it ain't dead, just ain't no more quality albums like it used to be, its like how ya had so much quality and depth in the 90’s and now its not like that no more, it reminds me of the way the NBA is and how the Western Conference is so strong and deep and everybody dissing the Eastern Conference but they still doing they thang and it will be interesting but its just not the West where you have more thorough teams and that’s the way I look at the 90’s artists / albums compared to today.

Where do you aim to be in three years time?

T.R.O.N.: Rooted in the game in a variety of ways, but always putting my all into my albums as well as the artists on my label, music will also come first but I do want to branch off and start entities like 3R clothing, films, restaurants, etc.

With so much talent in Hip Hop right now how do you manage to keep your own thing moving against what must seem like a brick wall of other highly talented artists?

T.R.O.N.: Cuz I feel like I got A.I. game, I call myself the Iverson of Hip Hop cuz I feel he don’t get the credit he deserves and he’s one of the best to ever do it and he brings it every night and that’s how I feel I bring it on all my songs / albums, just go all out and not worry about nobody else, while I respect what everybody is doing from rapping to working a regular 9 to 5, I keep the mind frame of being peerless and that’s what keeps me moving along and focused.

Are you currently working on any other projects besides the album?

T.R.O.N.T.R.O.N.: Yeah I got the 3R: Da Birth group double album coming after my debut, then we dropping my second LP and then coming with my brother Klassik solo and then mixtapes in between albums or maybe after just to keep that buzz and stay sharp, we ain't gonna leak too much cuz you can over saturate the market and that’s not a good thang.

A lot of artists now branch out into other areas of business like clothing lines and perfume etc, is this something you see yourself doing in the future?

T.R.O.N.: No doubt, I marvel at the Percy Miller’s / Russell Simmons / Suge Knights and J. Princes of the game, they some true trend setters and legends of the Hip Hop music world and to a certain extent I will try and pattern my company after those moguls.

Who do you think your music most appeals to? Or is it versatile for everyone?

T.R.O.N.: Its for the concrete, but I feel its crosses over and appeals to everyone and that’s what I do music for, not just for my people, but for everybody cuz we all go thru the struggle, well at least a vast majority of us do, so I do that type of music they can relate and bond with and I also give the people something to dance and also something to ride to, just keep it diverse for the masses cuz people are different and some are cut from the same cloth.

Any Shout’s?

Underground Promotions UKT.R.O.N.: Big up to the whole 3R / Bethel / Beatpros fam, Klassik, Shon V, Greg D, Rafay, Ponytime, Cunnell, D Bo and the whole Quad City area, all my people in Iowa and Texas, stay on ya hustle… One Luv.

By: Danielle

Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.


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