I've not been up on my interview game in the last few weeks so I thought it was about time I brought you some more words from a few rappers and the like. Hopefully you already clocked the ABD interview and if you're reading this, you're about to check out the words of another MC – Truth:

Certified Banger: Yo Truth! For the peeps who don't know, who are you and what do you do with your time?

Truth: I refresh a lot of internet pages whilst looking for a job. Ain't NOBODY hiring right now. I'm also an MC, an inactive beat maker since my MPC broke and I promote the Rapsploitation Sessions nights in Ipswich (

CB: You just released your EP – Prorastinat(K)ing. I think I know the answer but how did the name come about?

Truth: Yeah, no clues in the title homeskillet! I've just been meaning to release something for time, and last three years being at uni I've been hella lazy so when people asked what I was doing online I'd just type procrastinat(k)ing to style shit out. Cus I'm a fly mothershutyomouth. Badaboom. It was originally meant to be called 61 Grace. But I wanted to use that for my first proper album. Hence why on your download half the tracks are apparently named that so I probably won't use that now. It also says there's a track 8 missing, that was supposed to be a cut with Ezra and Respek BA but we couldn't get it all recorded in time. Professionalism is the objective sir. Professionalism.

CB: Have you had a good response to it so far? Will that give you more 'get up and go' for an album maybe?

TruthTruth: Yeaaaaah. People have been real generous with their feedback, maybe it's my overpowering muscular physique that makes 'em say that, but it's still nice to hear. Truth be told I haven't really been writing or making music for a couple years now so to just drop some naughtys on some nuggets and them be feeling it is inspiring. I'm very grateful for the kind words, or even if you just took the time to check it at all, I know there's a lot of shit being thrown at you online.

CB: How difficult is it to be as independent as you are as an artist? Would you like to be signed to a label?

Truth: I don't know man. I don't really think about it strategically when it comes to making music. It's never been a career objective to be a professional musician, it'd be nice, but I have no intention of selling music. The traditional sense of selling records is dying quickly which to me is cool. There's a whole lot of new means and medias to get your music to people and I'm excited to see business become creative now too. Actually, that's probably the thing that would want me make to wanna try and make something from this shit as it's a challenge and would be fun to try and release it uniquely. But it's more a hobby for me. From a promoters perspective as well as an artist – I think a lot of artists in England are too desperate to make it a career instead of taking time out to build a fan base and often try to overcharge and expect a lot more than the scene makes viable. Big rock bands charge less than independent Hip Hop artists and who's got the bigger fan base? But at the same time, there's not really that next level to aspire to without switching up your style in England so I guess trying to get the duckets now can be excused – I dunno.

CB: Which is your favourite track on the EP?

Truth: I like 'Sideview', as a listener I actually enjoy that. That was written a few years ago and it's the first track I did with my good friend Jimmy Green that I really felt, from a lyrics / vocal side of things. And 'Take Time' as well; Sivey made that beat for me a while back and I was two ways about recording on it as I didn't know if I wanted to play on the 'Truth' thing much as I don't even like it as a name. But that shit's got the Sivey midas touch.

CB: Are there any tracks on there that you feel need explaining in anyway?

Truth: 'Pass That' is about not smoking weed. Thank You. Also, my friend Fatty owes me a steak for name dropping him in a song.

CB: What's the best lyric you've ever written?

Truth: I don't know, I'm pretty underwhelmed by my stuff in comparison to a lot of people. Ask me what my favourite lyric I've heard is and I could reel a few verses off. I'm just a fan, man. I'm just doing this for shits 'n' giggles man.

CB: How did the hook-up with the other MCs on the EP come about?

Truth: Well Grimlok I've known for a while now. I met him through the other Colony members when I hosted a show we booked them for. Them guys have all been real good and supportive of my shit for a while now, me and Grimlok have a similar appreciation for the observation of the art of MCing and had been meaning to do a cut for a while.

SonnyJim and Kosyne are real good people too. They've showed me a lot of love. I think I first had contact with them because of the battles we all did for Jump Off back in '05. I brought them over for a show in Ipswich a couple times too. But once again, they been real supportive of my stuff too and I'm fans of them as well so getting them on was an honour. SonnyJim was the first MC out my circle to compliment me on my beats, and I was pretty fucking geek about that. Make sure you check out and and buy the Eat Good Records compilation – it's ridiculous and I'm on it.

I've known Conflix for a few years also. We always spoke about doing something together and he started going on about how he was gonna stop rhyming and all that horrible stuff, so I said not before I got a verse from you. I put the track with him 'n sonny together originally for Archimedes (who produced it) mixtape or something, but I stole it for my shit!

I mean, I'm flattered to have all the artists and producers on it; I was fans of them ALL before I got to work with them so it's real humbling to have them on.


CB: Does it help to be in other areas of the UK scene (ie promoting shows) when it comes to putting together your own music?

Truth: Yes and no. I've been living in Manchester and London over the last three years when I started Rapsploitation Sessions so I wasn't really living here in Ipswich. But it's hard to promote the shows in Ipswich, we're basically re-building a scene. It's good for meeting other artists though and feels good when the city turns out for a show – like we're doing something for the spot I was born in. Artistically, I love being from outside of the main Hip Hop cities in the country. Gives more space to develop ideas etc, on the flip there's less people to bounce off but you know – ups and downs to everything I guess. Complaining about it ain't gonna make it any better.

CB: Ipswich eh? In two sentences sell your town to a Hip Hop head!

Truth: Come on dude, make it difficult for me! I'll give you a few combos for your money:

Rapsploitation Sessions
Reggie Rhythm
Arnie Sarnies
Roy Keane
Muddle's Teas
Cathedral Cheese – you can get that anywhere, but that deserves a shout out. I've been into that a lot recently.

Oh my bad, I just realised you said two sentences and not two words – I must have roped you in anyway right?

CB: What's next for you then? What are you working on?

Truth: I'm working on getting a job and a flal – real life shit shit sheun. Maybe an old school retro arcade machine and some gold fronts. I got a doctors appointment at 3:30 to get my ears syringed – imma have super hero hearing after that though – will be able to hear your thoughts.

Gonna just try make some good music and throw it out there. Try up my skills. I don't ever wanna say I got this n that project coming out, cus if I do, it'll never happen. Just wanna make some good music and try and get out and do some shows etc. I feature on the Eat Good Records compilation, that's definitely coming out as I've got my copy so GRAB THAT.

CB: Any last words to wrap this up?

Truth: Much love to Certified Banger for supporting – the illest Hip Hop blog in the country. Umm, just keep bugging me for a real life exclusive Cee Banger big dawg freestyle when my studio's set up. You've read enough for today children – go play in the sun, but use suncream, or wear an astronaut suit if you're truthey-albino.

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