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Continuing our interviews with the biggest names in Texas, Miami and the South, Danielle now speaks to Dallas resident Tum Tum. With his Eat Or Get Ate LP bumping, read on to find out how the scene is expanding and what he has planned for the future.

What reaction did you get from your first release "Eat or Get Ate"?

Tum Tum: Peeps tell me it was a hard album. I received great reviews for the album. The hood loved it. Great production and everything. Most slept on album of ‘07 ya dig.

You have mentioned in the past how Dallas was over looked when it came to music, do you think people's perceptions of the city are changing when it comes to good music?

Tum TumTum Tum: Yeah its changing as we speak. Everybody is seeing the movement. We got Me, Trapstarz, Lil Shine and Lil Will doing it right now.

Where did the name Tum Tum come from?

Tum Tum: Its a nickname that I had as a youngsta. Everybody already knew me as that. That's why I didn't change it. I was already known.

Is it true you have appeared on over 190 mix-tapes?

Tum Tum: Naw not 190. Its waaaaaay more than that now… I'm killin’ ‘em.

At what age did you decide music was your calling in life?

Tum Tum: I was about 20 maybe 21 and I’ve been on my grizzy ever since, gotta work hard for it.

Do you have plans for another album soon?

Tum Tum: Yeah it’s called No Struggle No Progress. Working on that now so stay posted!

Your Myspace page is literally Buzzing with friend's, do you get online often to chat with your fans?

Tum Tum: Yeah I'm always on there ya dig. Choppin it up with the fans. The Real DJs help out a lot also, it’s nice to keep the link.

Who influences you in life?

Tum Tum: My moms… She helps me out a lot, with me being so busy it’s good to have the full support.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

Tum TumTum Tum: Playing old video games, smoking weed, and reading ya dig.

What plans do you have for the year ahead?

Tum Tum: Get these tennis shoes Yumz in stores and get my label off the ground…

Tell us about TBGZ?

Tum Tum: We working. I'm giving them a different avenue to get this money so Make Way For The Badguyz.

Of all the tracks you have recorded which one most represents you as a person?

Tum Tum: Tum off of EOGA. It tells my life story in full ya dig.

You have worked with some major names over the last few years, who have you most enjoyed working with and why?

Tum Tum: Scott Storch and Mannie Fresh. Made it fun for a nigga, made it like home for a nigga ya dig. Was definitely a great experience for me.

Any Shout's?

Underground Promotions UKTum Tum: Real DJs, Noize Mob, Algierz and Yumz… youtube.com/zillatv Zilla, Tbgz Up… Eat Or Get Ate in stores… Yumz in stores. Tum Tum Editions Feb… Algierz Spokesman… myspace.com/tumtum… Ozone Award Winner. MtvJamz, Fab 5, Your BabyMamas Favourite.

By: Danielle
Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.

Tum Tum

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