Vicious Circle

Some UK rap fans out there feel uncomfortable when references are made to street life, crime and drugs in UK hip hop music. Which is strange when you think about it. Because crime is rife in many estates in the UK, looming over young lives daily with hands holding juicy fruits of temptation. Young rappers such as 10 Shott & Size 8 feed off what they see around them as a base to launch their rhymes from.

Vicious Circle
Vicious Circle - 10 Shott
Vicious Circle - Size 8
Vicious Circle
Vicious Circle - Wolftown Committee

Staying true to the raw homegrown sound of Wolftown the Debut LP BAGGED OUT has so far been doing well for the rhymers. HHC gave the LP 5 stars, TV stations like Rapture and MTV Germany have been playing their "TOLD YOU" Video, giving them the always essential promotion they need. Young and confident both rappers come across as focused but still have the buzzing energy of youth. They got signed to their label in perhaps the most natural way for a rapper that is possible. Simply rhyming and then luck struck. "We linked Tricksta in the flats. SIZE 8, WAYNEY G & LEE DEE lived in the same block. We started having freestyle sessions and practicing, and then LATE asked us to collaborate on a few tunes on the "Welcome To Wolftown" album. We liked what VILLAINS was doing, and they liked our flows and idea’s and shit, so this just turned into VICIOUS CIRCLE get me?" Influenced by life, the things around them and what simply what they know, they realize they still have a way to go and are trying hard to promote their music daily. It’s common for some UK rappers who rhyme about the kind of topics Vicious Circle rhyme about, to drop into a Queens Drawl when spitting, but even though Vicious Circle are rhyming in their own accents, they still have strong views on the famous UK accent never ending debate. "Any one from the UK who raps in an American accent who is from the UK is obviously a beginner and is getting influenced by US artist and trying to replicate the slang and vocal tones. But ya keep it real, and bwoy I don’t see any professional UK rappers rapping in a Yankee accent. Oh yeah… and how come European rappers can get away with rapping in an American accent & flow and sell 100,000 but in the UK it’s such a crime?"

BAGGED OUT Reviewed on this very site, is a mixture of Crime tales, interesting concepts and a dash of humour thrown in on one or two tracks for good measure. When asked of their influences it reflects on the LP almost blindingly. "Pussy, weed, drugs, cars, music, playstation, football, basketball & sports, big dances with gal with big bumpers, and big things (innit LATE?!), and living life like it’s the last day on earth". One particular stand out track on the LP was the incredible Burglars. A track based around breaking and entering, and the many adrenalin led responses that could happen in such a situation. "Mans have got to be able to protect there shit – ya get me? Bwoy, if a man has come on your property he has to be prepared to suffer the consequences. The track has inspired that that farmer geezer in the news." Even thought the track (one of the LPS highlights) was co produced by 10 shott, he still wishes to concentrate on rapping and song writing for now. Future production by him however will be in the form of his own co produced track on the COMMITTEE LP. 

The future for Vicious Circle and Wolftown is bright "The album is the next thing. October 29th, so make sure you go and get it. It’s distributed by Shell Shock through Pinnacle, so order your copies now and support UK rap. All of us are on the next album too Wolftown Committee "Legendary Status" which drops March. SIZE 8 is doing a track with LATE and PQ & ROACH (from SOCIAL MISFITS) for the "International Rhyme Spittin EP" by LATE, which drops June. 10 SHOTT has collaborated with LATE, CEE ROCK THE FURY (from NYC) and PROMOE (Sweden’s number 1), and an MC from MAIN SOURCE (Wild Pitch Records). We are working on the next album already, and the new video. Mad shit, we gonna be around for a while so look out for new shit on Wolftown." 

Love them or hate them, it’s clear VICIOUS CIRCLE the VILLAINS and WOLFTWOWN RECORDINGS don’t plan to go anywhere. Continuing to put out full CD, Vinyl and Video track releases as well as their own RAGO Magazine. With many many projects extending into the far future constantly being worked on, their un spoke of plan for UK dominance may one day happen. Even on that day opinions on them will always remain mixed but just by doing this short interview, it’s plain to see they’re not watching the haters. Just trying to get on with releasing Music.


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