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Will Traxx is a Bronx brother who is down with Funk Master Flex. He's on a bit of a party vibe and released the hugely successful One, Two, Three single and is set to release a full album in 2008. Our reporter Danielle had to catch up with the artist to find out more, so read on…
Hailing from NYC the home of HIP HOP, competition must be fierce, how did you manage to climb the ladder so quick?

Will Traxx: I have been able to climb the ladder in the Hip Hop game pretty rapidly by making good music, staying active in the studio, and keeping the confidence in myself that my work is relevant. It's really about putting the hard work and effort behind my life long dream of making hit music.

Tell us about your single “One, Two, Three” it has been receiving air play worldwide yeah?

Will TraxxWill Traxx: I made the single One,Two, Three for the ladies! It was about giving them a song they could feel good about, and showing them love and respect.

Your track is also the official theme for the Harlem Wizards, how did you manage to get this link?

Will Traxx: I was able to do the official theme song for the Harlem wizards, because my partners in Black Butta Entertainment Jamel Thompson and Eric Jones serve as the MC and showman  for the team. The owner heard my music and asked me to put it together, and the rest is history.

As we know HIP HOP was born in New York, who of your fellow New York rappers has inspired you the most?

Will Traxx: Some of the New York Rappers that inspired me were KRS 1, Jay-Z, Notorious B.I.G, and LL Cool J. All of these artist made a major impact on the hip hop game, and they all consistently put out good music. I feel the mark of a great MC is to be able to make relevant music, be able to rock shows, and of course sell records.

Tell us about your previous CD releases?

Will Traxx: My latest release was a mix CD called United We Stand Indicted We Fall. That CD was my wake up call to the hood. The title is self explanatory, if we unite we stand tall, if we fall to the negativity that exists in our society, we will become victims to the system.

Do you have an album planned for 2008?

Will TraxxWill Traxx: Well I have enough material for 6 albums, and I am still recording daily. My management team and I are just looking for the right situation to put out my music.

How would you define your musical style to those who have not yet heard your music?

Will Traxx: My musical style can definitely be described as feel good music. I want to make the music that you can listen to on your ipod at home, work out with at the gym, or dance to at the club. Its definitely about being well rounded and appealing to a broad audience.

Is it true you have worked with Funk Master Flex in the past? And he recently gave you props for the “One, Two, Three” single?

Will Traxx: I have known Flex for a long time, but it was just recently that we connected in the Bronx and really got to know each other personally. He took a liking to me and my music, and was the 1st one to play my single on the radio. Much love to Flex for showing me that kind of support.

What else can the fans expect from “Will Traxx” over the coming months?

Will Traxx: You can expect more good music, plenty of live shows and appearances, God willing an Album release in 08.

Any shout’s?

Underground Promotions UKWill Traxx: First and foremost I want to shout out my daughter Paige, I love you. Big shout outs go to my team Black Butta Entertainment for their support and work they have put in on this project. Special thanks goes out to all the DJ's playing my song in the Club and on the radio. I definitely have to shout out my thorough Borough The Bronx, BX Stand up! To all my fans you can down load my song on my mypsace page for .99c at www.myspace.com/traxxstarrblvd.

By: Danielle
Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.

Will Traxx

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