Willie the Kid

The brother of La The Darkman, Willie The Kid is stepping up and is planning to run his grizzle hard in 2009 with a plethora of projects set to come to fruition. Read on to find out what he had to say to Danielle with regard to where he is from and what he has got on.

First of all give our readers some background info on yourself?

Willie The Kid: I'm from Gun Rule, MI (Grand Rapids MI). Home of boxing champ Floyd Mayweather and soul / gospel legend Al Green. I'm a son of a DJ and the younger brother of a hip hop great. Moved to Atlanta to pursue an education and a career in music. Linked with a Don Cannon, DJ Drama and DJ Sense and along with my older brother began the Aphilliates. Recently released a mixtape album entitled Absolute Greatness, its banging!

When did you first start rapping?

Willie The Kid: Honestly, since I could remember. Always was a fan of hip hop and recited the lyrics of the greats. Began creating my own compositions when I was in kindergarten but I actually began writing and taking it serious when I was about 12.

Your brother raps also right? Did he guide you and influence you over the years creatively?

Willie the KidWillie The Kid: Absolutely. He is a direct student of one of the most prestigious hip hop academies in music history – the Wu Tang Clan. So I definitely pick up on a few mechanics and ideas from him, he was and still is a great inspiration.

How did the link with DJ Drama come about?

Willie The Kid: Drama is like my brother, we family first, before the music. I met him thru Don Cannon. We were all trying to make a name for ourselves here in Atlanta. We linked together as a team and moved forward with this music thing, Cannon, Drama and Sense would DJ and Me and La would be the rappers. Proper planning…

What projects are you currently working on?

Willie The Kid: We pushing my mixtape album 'Absolute Greatness', recording for a new Gangsta Grillz mixtape 'Living Notoriously' featuring me and La, putting the finishing touches on DJ Drama's Gangsta Grillz 2 The Album, working on my man Lonnie Mac (newest Aphilliates / Embassy signee) mixtape and album, on the road touring and gigging, got a reality show in the works, designing for the new Embassy clothing line… tryna make it do something out here.

If you had not taken up rapping what else do you think you would be doing with your life now?

Willie The Kid: I would’ve took up entertainment law and would probably be representing the legal interests of DJ Drama and the Aphilliates / Embassy Entertainment.

What are your views on Hip Hop today? Is there too much violence within the genre?

Willie The Kid: Nah… the level of violence in hip hop pales in comparison to level of violence in other forms of entertainment, i.e. Movies, video games, etc. I think that society places a special interest on us a hip hop artist in terms of violence and other 'negative' themes that are prevalent in all forms of entertainment. I guess we're lucky!

Who would you compare yourself to lyrically? I mean we all have someone we look up to and admire, who is that person for you?

Willie The Kid: Lyrically… ummmm.. .Langston Hughes.

What's next for Willie The Kid?

Willie The Kid: "I want what's coming to me, (what's that?), the world chico… and everything in it." – Al Pacino 'Scarface 1983'

Any Shouts?

Underground PromotionWillie The Kid: All my people on the opposing side of the legal system, hold ya head. And to all the listeners out there, support quality street music!

By: Danielle
Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.

Willie the Kid

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