Wordsmith first came to the fore in 2005 with his debut mixtape and his creation of the Nu Revolution Camp. After a preiod of building he is set to release several projects this year with some well known big names. Check out what he had to say when he spoke to Danielle.

What can we expect from your debut album release ‘Vintage Material’? is there a date set for it yet?

Wordsmith: When I wrote this album in 2005, my goal was to make a project that would represent how Hip-Hop would sound if it never veered off its path and became so pop. There are singles on there, like “Special Request”, but they can still be categorized as Hip-Hop. You will hear lots of 90’s undertones and classical rhythms that will surely captivate your attention for the duration of the disc. Expect to hear a project that runs more like a score to a movie as I had my brother Professa make interludes to transition each section of the album. There is no talking or rapping over these interludes, it’s just great instrumentation that refuels your mind for the next phase of the album. Unfortunately, I do not have a release date for the album yet as I am securing either a label or distribution deal as we speak. The album will definitely come out this year, so please keep checking wordsmithmusic.com for updates.

You have moved around a lot in your life, even living in Europe at one point. Do you feel your travel has shaped you into the lyrical genius you are today?

WordsmithWordsmith: Definitely, I grew up around so many cultures that it gave me a universal appeal to my music. I am able to write music for the world and really think outside of the box rather then pigeon holing myself into one form of Hip-Hop. I believe my music is Alternative Hip-Hop and the world will see more and more of that as I progress. My first album Vintage Material scratches the surface, but it’s my second album “The Next Level Experience” that really shows the consumer the level I am taking Hip-Hop to.

Before you release the album you have 2 other projects planned, give us the low down on these?

Wordsmith: I actually will be dropping three, maybe four more projects before my album. At the end of May I will be releasing HipHopdx Presents Wordsmith “The Revolution Begins with a Takeover” Vol. 2 and my man DJ Denox out of Canada will be handling the mixing / blending of the project. That will be followed by my “Mid-Year Review” mixtape that will highlight all the top audio section tracks I put out the first six months of the year. Next, Chubb Rock and I will be releasing our collab album called “Bridging the Gap” in stores and for digital download. I will end the year with “The Revolution Begins with a Takeover” Vol. 3 and the “End Game” Review Mixtape.

To date which of your releases has been the most successful for you on a personal level?

Wordsmith: Well, I have only released my first mixtape back in 2005 called “Statements & Stipulations” and that did well enough to be chosen as a Notable Selection on MTV’s Mixtape Mondays. I love that mixtape because it was a concept mixtape, but up until January of this year I have not released anything because of a bad management situation. Now that I am free of that, I can and will drop a nice amount of material for my fans and new fans.

You have some good production behind you! Who has been the most influential producer you have worked with?

WordsmithWordsmith: Yeah, I have been blessed to probably meet the best unsigned producers around the world. Currently, my in-house producers are my brother Professa out of Vegas, Strada out of Canada, Capish out of Poland, Street Level out of Sweden, Lucki Handz out of Pennsylvania, and All-Biz out of New York. I have also done recent outside work with Rednaz Beats for my first album single “Special Request”, and Asesay for a few tracks on my next mixtape. Out of these guys probably Professa has been the most influential because he makes music that could be a score to a movie. He makes music that evokes emotions and deep thought patterns. Overall, all these producers are great in their own right, so props to them for believing in my musical vision.

Tell us about ‘Nu Revolution Camp’?

Wordsmith: I started the Nu Revolution Camp back in 2005 officially and right now it consists of six MC’s named Kontact & SoL, Black Knight, RhymeZwell, All-Biz; five producers named Professa, Strada, Capish, Street Level, & Lucki Handz, a Promoter named Cactus, a Web Tech / Graphic Designer named DJ Andrew, a Voiceover Specialist named D-Dub and a Resident Deejay named DJ Dublee. My camp basically runs like a full fledged label and everything we do is of the highest quality. We prided ourselves on being professional and most of all making innovative music that will spark a revolution in Hip-Hop. As I continue to progress you will see and hear more from the The Nu Revolution Camp, but right now they are featured on my “Revolution Begins with a Takover” Mixtapes and numerous other projects.

You're pushing your newest single ‘Special Request’ right now, give us a breakdown of this track?

WordsmithWordsmith: “Special Request” is basically a song about doing something special for your significant other. The catch is the request has to be out of the norm and something that will catch your lover off guard. In the track I am a radio DJ who has a late night radio show and I take calls from guests that would like to leave a special request for their lover. It was produced by Rednaz Beats and it has a real alternative vibe to it. A friend of mine named Kamia Collins a.k.a Chyna Doll sung on the hook as well, she can really blow and needs to be checked out as well.  It will be a long road pushing this single, but it has been received well so far, so I am looking to push it for a few months until I am satisfied with the radio adds.

You have recently started working with a PR team in the UK called RVUP (Rhythmic Visions PR & Underground Promotion UK), why did you decide to branch out overseas for PR work?

Wordsmith: That is easy, I am a universal artist and I already have a decent fan base in the UK. I love it over there and I was fortunate enough to do two shows out there in November of last year. I just feel like my music needs to touch so many people and I want to be a mainstay in the UK because I feel like they will really understand my alternative approach to Hip-Hop. By forming a relationship with Rhythmic Visions PR & Underground Promotion I am gaining a valuable asset to the push of my music abroad. I have to thank Nina and Danielle from RVUP for believing in my music and potential as a top notch artist. I know we will all blossom and progress together as a team. On a final note I want to say whutsup Sam and Shocka B for their support while I was overseas as well.

Do you feel there is enough support out there for artists like yourself?

WordsmithWordsmith: Oh no, of course not. There is a certain cookie cutter look and sound labels want right now and I am not that. Sorry, but I am interested in making quality music, not fast food hits that are here today and gone tomorrow. Seriously, they should start selling those cheap gimmick songs on info commercials now. Artists can still put out commercial singles, but they have to find a way to do it without selling their souls. With that said, the way to get support for good Hip-Hop is to be relentless on pushing that music out to the masses, radio stations, and DJ’s. Easier said then done when most of the things I mentioned catch a deaf ear before they are given a legit chance.

You have had a fair amount of press coverage since the start of your career, how does it make you feel when you see your name and face in print for all to see?

Wordsmith: The best part about seeing some of the press I got is it lets me know I’m on the right path musically. People want change in Hip-Hop just like a Presidential race, but in the end it’s up to the people to make that happen. I know if I keep captivating the listeners with an inventive music and a theatrical stage show, I will be successful in this business.

What other plans do you have for 2008?

WordsmithWordsmith: Well, I am looking to do a School Tour in May, a few College tours, hopefully some overseas shows again this year, and continue to build my buzz as an artist. My hard work will never stop, so I would say 2008 will bring even less sleep, haaaa.

Any Shout’s?

Wordsmith: I want to shout out my God, my parents, my brother and his wife Michelle, my grandparnents, The Nu Revolution Camp, The Middelton family, the Guzman family, the Wilson family, the Smith family, Juanita, Harold, Malika, Chavon, Gerald, Lil G., Garth, Bob, Joel from HipHopdx.com, Dub MD from Raptalk.net, J.B., Q the Question, Kai from YoRaps.com, Trel Mack, T from HipHopHavoc.com, DJ Soundtrax, DJ Heat, D-Lott, Kev, DJ Excel, Dayana from Mixtapekings.com, Liz from Rap-Dome, L Boogie from Bronxrap.com, Konan from 92 Q Jamz, Chubb Rock, Nina, Danielle, Kamia Collins, Chad, Jeannie, Aleisha, Poot from OC 104, Zory, Deedaman, Tracy, Soulstice, and Shaun B. from Vintage Clothing Limited. Sorry if I missed anybody, God Bless…

Wordsmith is currently being represented in the UK by RVUP.
For all enquiries or if you have any questions please contact:

Underground Promotions UKNinanina@rhythmicvisionspr.co.uk

By: Danielle

Interview for British Hip Hop courtesy of Underground Promotion UK.


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